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Back To Vidyya Multiple Tumor-Specific Cancer Vaccines In Development

Trials Expected To Begin This Quarter

BioPulse International Inc. will develop a multiple tumor-specific cancer vaccines based on its dendritic cell cancer vaccine technology. BioPulse expects to begin clinical trials of the tumor-specific cancer vaccines outside the US in the first quarter, to be followed by clinical trials inside the US. These new vaccines will potentially offer additional alternatives to cancer patients.

Cancer vaccines that have been under investigation by BioPulse previously utilized only patient-specific tumor antigens. This approach provides a customized and specific vaccine product for each patient. The new tumor-specific vaccines utilize a combination of tumor antigens designed to target a class of tumors. This strategy potentially allows for a single vaccine to be useful to a variety of patients that share a common tumor type.

"The significance of this development is that it offers the potential of an off-the-shelf vaccine that can be available immediately to a cancer patient," said Loran Swensen, president of BioPulse. "For some patients, tumor-specific vaccines may be sufficient. In other cases, a combination of tumor- and patient-specific cancer vaccines may be warranted."

Several biotech companies are researching cancer vaccines using bio-engineered tumor antigens. The BioPulse tumor-specific cancer vaccine technology is based instead on natural tumor antigens, consistent with the BioPulse approach of utilizing the best that nature and biotechnology have to offer. The company reported that pre-clinical studies have been promising. Biopulse expects to begin clinical trials of the tumor-specific cancer vaccines outside the united states in the first quarter of 2001, to be followed by clinical trials inside the united states.

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