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Volume 2 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    09-January-2001      
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Back To Vidyya Rapid Response Authority Set Up To Tackle Poor Doctor Performance In UK

Group Will Tackle Poor Doctor Performance In UK

A new national body to provide a rapid response to concerns about doctors' performance will get underway from April.

The National Clinical Assessment Authority (NCAA) is at the centre of the Government's plans to ensure patients have better protection and doctors, better support.

The authority will deal with concerns about the performance of doctors and give extra training and support to doctors where necessary.

The NCAA will advice hospitals and health authorities so they can take action to check poor performance, ensure doctors are practising safely and discipline or suspend doctors whose practice gives rise to serious concerns.

The chairman of the authority will be Jane Wesson who has been chairman of the Harrogate Healthcare NHS Trust since 1993. The chief officer and medical director of the authority is Dr Alistair Scotland, currently the director of medical education and research at London's Chelsea & Westminster Hospital and a senior lecturer at Imperial College School of Medicine.

The Department of Health today published a report - Assuring the Quality of Medical Practice - detailing progress in providing better support for doctors and protection for patients.

Health minister John Denham said: "The NCAA is a new approach to the problem of poorly performing doctors. Instead of waiting until a problem becomes a scandal or disaster, instead of allowing out-of-date procedures to grind on while patients are at risk, the NCAA will spot problems early and work with doctors and the NHS to get doctors the right support and training to enable them to reach a good standard of practice as quickly as possible. This new system will be fast and effective for patients and fairer for doctors."

Get the report in today's Vidyya.

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