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Treatment For Adolescents With Depression Study


The NIMH is conducting a clinical trial to study teenagers (ages 12-17) with depression. Treatment for Adolescents with Depression Study, TADS for short, will compare how effective different treatments and combinations of treatments are for depression in teenagers. A second part of the study is to find treatments with the most immediate and long-lasting benefit in the alleviation of teenager's symptoms of depression. It is the hope of the researches that the overall study results will improve the future care of adolescents with depression.

TADS is taking place at multiple centers across the U.S. For more information or to see if there is a participating site near your practice, visit the TADS website:

picture of three adolescents

For more information on other NIMH clinical trials:

Depression Questionnaire For Adolescents

Are you depressed?

Are you sad or do you cry a lot of the time?

Does stress hit you hard and do you sometimes feel worthless?

Do you get irritated or mad often?

Have you stopped wanting to do the things you used to enjoy?

Do you want to be left alone most of the time?

Do you have trouble sleeping or sleep more than before?

Do you have a friend or a family member who is a teen with some of the above symptoms?

DEPRESSION affects teenagers in all of these ways and more. Maybe you think it is only the blues or the due to a romantic breakup or some family trouble, but it could be major depression, also known as major depressive disorder. Major depression is caused by many factors, including brain chemistry, environment, and ways of thinking.

For more information on depression in children and adolescents, visit the NIMH web site:

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