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Back To Vidyya Hospital Stays For Childbirth And Mental Disorders Are Often Uninsured

Childbirth The Number One Uninsured Visit

Three mental conditions—alcohol-related mental disorders, depression, and substance-related mental disorders—account for about 135,000 hospital stays a year that are not covered by either private insurance or public insurance programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid.

These three conditions together are second only to childbirth in the number of stays in U. S. hospitals that are uninsured.

  • Five percent of all hospitalizations for childbirth—roughly 191,000 hospital stays annually—are uninsured.
  • Nearly 23 percent of all stays for substance-related mental disorders are uninsured, as are about 19 percent of alcohol-related mental disorders, and roughly 8 percent of stays for treatment of depression.
  • Asthma and diabetes mellitus together account for 65,000 uninsured hospital admissions each year. These two chronic diseases, if appropriately treated in primary care practices, do not ordinarily result in hospitalization.

Principal Diagnoses Number of Discharges
(in Thousands)

Percent of All Hospital
Stays for Condition
that Are Uninsured

1. Infants born in the hospital 191 5.0
2. Pneumonia 51 4.0
3. Alcohol-related mental disorders 47 19.3
4. Depression (affective disorders) 45 7.6
5. Substance-related mental disorders 43 22.5
6. Hardening of the arteries of the heart (coronary atherosclerosis) 41 2.8
7. Nonspecific chest pain 40 7.3
8. Asthma 34 7.9
9. Diabetes mellitus with complications 31 7.5
10. Trauma to perineum due to childbirth 30 4.1

The public can obtain other statistical information on hospital care nationwide and from selected States by visiting HCUPnet ( and following the instructional prompts.

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