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Volume 2 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    21-January-2001      
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Over The Internet And Into The Patient's Record


Infor-Med Medical Information Systems, Inc., a developer and supplier of the best selling Praxis Electronic Medical Records announced a joint agreement with AssistMed Inc., of Los Angeles California, to provide on demand immediate transcription through the Internet.

Developed by Infor-Med, Praxis is an Electronic Medical Records currently adopted by thousands of physicians. Praxis claims is it the only EMR using artificial intelligence to expedite charting while increasing the quality of written output.

AssistMed connects physicians with medical transcriptionists using state-of-the-art Internet technology.

DictaLinktm works inside Praxis to capture dictation and send it as a package with the incomplete SOAP note through the Internet to a transcriptionist through the AssistMed Site. After transcribed using the DictaLink transcription, the resulting record is automatically sent back into the originating Praxis patient record to be reviewed and approved by the physician.

The Concept Processor within Praxis ensures that the amount of transcription performed for a given practitioner dramatically decreases over time as the program learns how the doctor charts. This results in very significant savings and improves the quality of each note.

"Our group of four Internists has been using Praxis with DictaLink transcription for about 12 months," said Antonino T. Dimarco of New York. "The combination of the Concept Processor and DictaLink has dramatically improved the quality of our write-ups, and saved us more than 60% in transcription costs. It does this with great ease, without changing the habits of my colleagues. We all sleep better at night knowing our cases are so well documented for billing and clinical purposes. No template system can do this!"

"Many physicians prefer not to type," says Raul Kivatinetz, CEO of AssistMed. "Certainly there are voice recognition systems out there which Praxis interfaces with, but nothing substitutes a live transcriptionist." Richard M. Low, MD, CEO of Infor-Med added that "although Praxis works for many physicians, Praxis with DictaLink is the solution for the rest of our colleagues who do not care to type, and who don't yet see in the computer their strongest practice ally. DictaLink is a wonderful way to get them there fast."

For the medical transcriptionists on the Vidyya list, you may find information about DictaLink and Praxis by calling 800-985-6016, or visit

Transcriptionists, physicians and health care professionals using transcription systems can contact AssistMed transcription solution at 818-337-7336 or visit

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