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Back To Vidyya 140,000 Indonesians Die Of Tuberculosis Every Year

Of Indonesia's 583,000 Tuberculosis Sufferers, 140,000 Die Every Year

Out of Indonesia's 583,000 tuberculosis (TB) sufferers, 140,000 die every year, according to Health and Social Prosperity Minister Achmad Sujudi.

The high mortality rate was the result of sufferers' negligence or failure to undergo treatment at public health centers in their respective neighborhoods, the minister said after closing a TB- prevention training program here on Friday.

Due to this serious condition, two years ago, the Health Ministry had launched a national campaign to combat TB to an extent where the number of TB sufferers in Indonesia would decrease by 50 percent within five years.

Sujudi said the government has been providing victims with free medicine through public health centers throughout the country. The sufferers must take the medication continuously for six months.

However, it was not easy to monitor and encourage sufferers to complete the recovery process because many of them did not continuously drink the medicine, the minister was quoted by the Antara News Agency Saturday as saying.

Indonesia has the third largest number of TB victims in the world after China which has two million sufferers and India with 1. 5 million sufferers. The total number of victims in the world was eight million. At least two million of them die annually.

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