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Volume 2 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    31-January-2001      
Issue 31 Next Update - 14:00 UTC 08:00 EST    01-February-2001      

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Vidyya Medical News Service For 31-January-2001:

The following stories appear in full on today's Vidyya Medical News Service Web site.

Information regarding a newly FDA approved implantable cardioverter/defibrillator (ICD) makes an appearance in today's issue. This new ICD is a system that can detect different abnormally fast ventricular heart rhythms (tachyarrhythmias) and deliver an appropriate shock to restore a more normal heart rhythm. It can also detect and adjust for an abnormally slow heart rate in both the atrial, as well as the ventricular heart chambers. The device is approved to market. Get information for your patients in today's issue plus, follow outside links to professional level information on the device.

For more information: New Device Approval: Photon DR Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator

A genetic mutation appears to produce eyelid defects in newborns and trigger early onset of menopause decades later. The finding could help researchers decipher how genetic processes during fetal development can have immediate manifestations at birth and also lead to certain age-associated changes later in life.

For more information: Scientists Isolate Premature Ovarian Failure Gene

Research reported in the February issue of Nature Genetics that mice lacking the gene for iron regulatory protein 2 (IRP2) develop iron deposits in key areas of the brain. The progressive deterioration of the mice's nervous system is like that seen in people with Parkinson's Disease and Multiple System Atrophy

For more information: Mouse With Iron Disorder Offers Clues To Parkinson's, Similar Diseases

Today the Food and Drug Administration announced the results of tests taken on feed used at a Texas feedlot that was suspected of containing meat and bone meal from other domestic cattle -- a violation of FDA's 1997 prohibition on using ruminant material in feed for other ruminants. Results indicate that a very low level of prohibited material was found in the feed fed to cattle.

For more information: Mad Cow Watch: FDA Announces Test Results From Texas Feed Lot

An inquiry by Chief Medical Officer Professor Liam Donaldson found that more than two dozen other UK NHS institutions have each stockpiled more than 500 organs, body parts or corpses of stillborn babies and fetuses.

For more information: UK Hospitals Apologize For Organ Stripping

Today's Vidyya articles are:

As always, we hope you enjoy the issue.

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