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Volume 2 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    21-February-2001      
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Back To Vidyya Cool Therapy Used To Treat Myocardial Infarction

Experimental Procedure Intended To Reduce Injury Caused By Heart Attack


Radiant Medical, Inc. announced the world's first treatment of a heart attack patient with cool therapy. The patient was enrolled in an ongoing clinical trial, COOL MI, designed to investigate the feasibility of cool therapy in heart attack patients. The experimental procedure is intended to reduce the injury caused by a heart attack by reducing the heart's need for oxygen and preventing cell death.

Dr. Robert Whitbourn of St. Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia, was the first to employ cool therapy to treat a heart attack patient. The treatment involves cooling the heart during and after the attack. A heat exchange catheter is placed in a large vein leading to the heart. The catheter cools the blood, which in turn cools the heart. The new therapy may offer improved outcomes to the more than two million patients worldwide each year that suffer heart attacks. Hypothermia has long been used as a tissue protectant during cardiovascular surgery.

Dr. Whitbourn, Director of Coronary Care and Cardiac Research at St. Vincent's Hospital, performed the treatment. "The procedure went smoothly and according to plan and the patient is doing well," said Dr. Whitbourn, " I am excited to be involved with this clinical trial, therapeutic hypothermia has the potential to significantly improve outcomes for heart attack patients."

The treatment was delivered by Radiant Medical's novel new technology, the SetPoint(TM) Endovascular Temperature Management System. The SetPoint(TM) System couples a heat exchange catheter with a microprocessor-controlled drive unit. The drive unit controls the temperature of the catheter and thus controls the temperature of the heart. The SetPoint(TM) System offers rapid patient cooling or warming and precise achievement and maintenance of a target temperature.

In a press release, Radiant Medical, commented, "This is a significant milestone for Radiant, the culmination of a lot of hard work by the Radiant and St. Vincent's teams. We are very pleased to have launched this exciting clinical trial. The first phase of this study, designed to assess the feasibility of the treatment, will enroll patients at major U.S. and International centers. We expect to enroll our first heart attack patient in the US this week. Dr. Whitbourn and his colleagues are pioneering this promising new therapy; together we hope to improve the outcomes and quality of life for heart attack patients throughout the world."

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