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Back To Vidyya Australian Rugby League Imposes Measures To Kill AIDS Virus On Bloodstained Clothing

Will Other Sports Teams Follow?

After commissioning studies that revealed traces of the AIDS and hepatitis viruses can survive on clothing for several days, Australia's National Rugby League has ordered that players must have bloodstained shirts soaked in bleach on the sidelines.

A study conducted by St. Vincent's Hospital's Center for Immunology in Sydney found traces of the HIV virus on bloodstained clothing after it had been washed in normal detergents, Australian media reported Wednesday.

NRL chief medical officer Hugh Hazard said while the HIV virus could survive for up to 28 days outside the body, there was no evidence HIV had ever been contracted through contact with blood-soaked clothing.

The NRL-commissioned research found that a simple solution of 0.5 percent bleach and two percent household detergent completely eliminated the virus from all fabric.

Consequently, the league has ordered that all players with bloodstained shirts must leave the field to have the uniform treated. Any garments saturated with blood must be removed and replaced under the new guidelines.

This safety procedure could be applied to all body contact sports, including American football, basketball and ice hockey, the league said.

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