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Volume 2 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    02-January-2001      
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Food Girls
Conflicting nutrition information leads to consumer backlash as Americans overeat in response to changing dietary instructions.

Proceed To Article Management Of Infection Guidance For Primary Care: UK NHS Draft For Consultation & Local Adaptation
How to manage various infections in the age of antibiotic resistance has become a serious science. To help British primary care physicians the UK NHS has released a guidance that covers antimicrobial treatment for the infections most frequently encountered in general practice. Download the document from today's Vidyya. The template is designed so that the antibiotics and advice given may be changed to suit local circumstances, for example to reflect laboratory resistance data and cost. In some instances two macrolides, tetracyclines or quinolones are quoted. These may be changed to suit local opinions and guidance. This template is based on several GP antibiotic advice documents developed by general practitioners in consultation with pharmacy advisers and microbiologists. More...

Proceed To Article Upward Trend In Sexually Transmitted Infections In The United Kingdom Noted
Over the last 10 years the number of consultations at Genitourinary medicine clinics (GUM clinics) in the UK has doubled, which can in part be attributed to the clinics being more accessible to patients and a heightened awareness of testing for infections like chlamydia. STD diagnoses have risen dramatically over the last 5 years in the UK and this is even more disturbing when viewed against a background of decreasing or stabilized reports during the 1980ís and early 90ís. It suggests that changes in sexual behavior, thought to be related to the extensive safer sex messages in the wake of the HIV epidemic have not been sustained. Complacency over safer sex has unfortunately led to severe increases in all STDs. Get a full report on the trends in sexually transmitted infections in the United Kingdom as seen seen at genitourinary medicine clinics. More...

Proceed To Article New American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines Indicate People With Diabetes Can Prevent Stroke With Ramipril
New guidelines issued yesterday by the Stroke Council of the American Heart Association (AHA) and published in Circulation and Stroke recommend use of ramipril -- Altace® -- in at risk people with diabetes to prevent stroke. These recommendations are based on data from the HOPE (Heart Outcomes Prevention Evaluation) Study, which demonstrated that people with diabetes can reduce their risk of stroke by 33 percent, even if they are already taking other medications. More...

Proceed To Article Prescribing Information: Altace® Capsules (Ramipril)
When a medication appears in the news, Vidyya obtains the prescribing information for you. Get the info you need about Altace in today's issue. More...

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Conflicting Messages About Healthful Diet Result In Unhealthy Eating Habits
First, butter is the enemy. Then solid margarine is on the forbidden list. Next, beta-carotene supplements are thought to prevent cancer -- until they are found to increase the risk of lung cancer in smokers. Later, tomatoes are the darlings of the prostate-cancer prevention community -- until broccoli, cabbage and other crucifers take center stage. Confused consumers are increasingly deciding to eat whatever they want and ignore diet advice. Who can blame them? More...

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