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Volume 2 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    10-January-2001      
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Good news for congestive heart failure patients. A new miniaturized ventricular-assist device is preforming well in clinical trials.

Proceed To Article FDA Approves Expansion Of The Micromed Debakey VAD® Clinical Trial
MicroMed Technology, Inc. today announced that it received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to expand the US MicroMed DeBakey Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) feasibility study from its initial site at The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas to three sites and 20 patients. More...

Proceed To Article Campylobacter Vaccine Exhibits Significant Immune Responses In Phase II Clinical Trial
Antex Biologics Inc. has announced that a recently completed Phase II clinical trial of Campyvax, a vaccine to prevent Campylobacter infections, showed significant immune responses that correlate with protection against disease. Development of the vaccine is proceeding; the US Department of Defense will support clinical trials through Phase III. More...

Proceed To Article Study Says Overuse Of Antibiotic In Animals Poses Risk To Humans
Antibiotic use on the nation's farms dwarfs the use of the life-saving drugs in human medicine and may play a much larger role than expected in promoting the spread of drug-resistant microbes, a new study of US agriculture shows. More...

Proceed To Article The Coming Plague: A Surge In Mental Disorders Predicted
Mental health disorders ranging from depression to epilepsy, will be the second most common cause of death and disability by 2020, say experts. The World Health Organzation estimates the numbers affected by mental and neurological disorders will surge over the next 20 years. More...

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Blood Clots And Air Travel - A Deadly Mix
Information about the risks of so-called "economy class syndrome" is to be distributed with tickets by British Airways. The public have become more aware of potentially-fatal deep vein thrombosis following a number of deaths among long-haul airline passengers. Now British Airways is sending out leaflets containing health tips on preventing the illness to anyone booking a long flight. It is also distributing leaflets and posters to GP surgeries. More...

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