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Volume 2 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    28-January-2001      
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The NIA releases a winter exercise program for seniors.

Proceed To Article Medication Warning: FDA Issues Urgent Notice Of Recalled Injectable Drugs
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is urging individuals, health care organizations and medical product distributors to stop dispensing and/or distributing certain injectable medications marketed by Phyne Pharmaceuticals of Scottsdale, Ariz. AMRAM Inc. of Rathdrum, Idaho manufactured these products for Phyne Pharmaceuticals. The list is extensive and can be found in today's issue. More...

Proceed To Article National Institute On Aging Releases Exercise Tool For Seniors
Older people who hibernate during these chilly months could lose stamina, strength, and flexibility. To counteract the problem, the National Institute on Aging has released an inexpensive, at-home exercise program. Exercise with the National Institute on Aging, the 48-minute video, is based on medical research and "road-tested" by scores of older Americans. More...

Proceed To Article A Comprehensive Guide To The UK NHS
The UK NHS Plan, which the Prime Minister launched in July 2000, describes how increased funding will be used to improve the NHS. This guide helps explain how these changes will affect the consumer. The plan will take time--not the least of which is to train the extra doctors, nurses and other staff the NHS needs--but extra resources will produce better services for patients. Download the guide that sets out what can be expected from the NHS today and what new services are planned for the future. More...

Proceed To Article Health Differences Among Ethnic Groups Highlighted In Survey
Health inequalities have been revealed in the most extensive survey ever undertaken among ethnic minority groups. The survey was also the first UK review to include ethnic minority children as well as adults. Altogether, 6,800 adults were interviewed and 3,400 children from black Caribbean, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chinese and Irish communities took part in the survey. More...

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New Device May Help Decrease Unnecessary Breast Biopsies
A new device that uses beams of light to check suspicious lumps and could reduce unnecessary biopsies. The "Smart Probe" uses a very thin needle--smaller than the kind used in routine blood tests--to probe suspect lumps. The probe sends out light which bounces off the tissue, providing measurements of optical, electrical and chemical properties that are fed back to a computer screen. More...

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