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Volume 2 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    19-February-2001      
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This map traces the progression HIV/AIDS in the US from 1983 to 1997

Proceed To Article Researchers Find Sexual Behavior Of HIV-Infected Individuals 'Alarming'
Studies of HIV-infected people in Los Angeles show disturbing trends in behavior that could lead to the rapid spread of the HIV virus. Researchers hope the studies will help explain January reports of rising HIV infection rates in San Francisco as well as in Sydney, Australia, and Vancouver, British Columbia. More...

Proceed To Article Prevalence Of HIV And Hepatitis Infections In The United Kingdom 1999
The UK Unlinked Anonymous Prevalence Monitoring Program which began in 1990 aims to measure the distribution of infection, in particular HIV, in accessible groups of the adult population. The program has a number of objectives, including assessing the effectiveness of voluntary confidential testing for clinical diagnosis of HIV infection. The data obtained are used to target and evaluate health promotion, to inform estimates of the numbers requiring treatment and care in the future, and to plan services for those affected by HIV and AIDS. This report summarises program data to the end of 1999. More...

Proceed To Article AIDS/HIV Infected Health Care Workers: Guidance On The Management Of Infected Health Care Workers And Patient Notification
In March 1994, the UK Health Departments published guidance from the Expert Advisory Group on AIDS, AIDS/HIV Infected Health Care Workers: Guidance on the Management of Infected Health Care Workers. That guidance has now been revised to reflect changes in the NHS, experience of patient notification exercises and the report of a working group set up to consider an independent review of the risk of transmission of HIV from an infected health care worker to a patient, commissioned by the Department of Health. More...

Proceed To Article UNAIDS Praises Thailand For HIV/AIDS Prevention And Control Policies
Nearly one of every 60 Thais are infected with HIV, however, the country has instituted policies and procedures to help halt the spread of the disease. In particular, the government of Thailand's campaign encouraging the use of condoms has been praised by the United Nations. More...

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Drug-Associated HIV Transmission Continues In The United States
Since the epidemic began, injection drug use has directly and indirectly accounted for more than one-third (36%) of AIDS cases in the United States. This disturbing trend appears to be continuing. Of the 46,400 new cases of AIDS reported in 1999, 13,833 (30%) were IDU-associated.

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