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Volume 2 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    24-February-2001      
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According to a new study, American's don't take their vacations and put their health at risk as a result.

Proceed To Article Product Approvals For Cancer Indications: February 2001 Through June 1996 Listed By Approval Date
Often drugs used for cancer indications were once approved for another use. A list in today's Vidyya identifies approved oncology drugs since 1996 and gives a history of previous approval, package inserts (where available) and a copy of the approvable letter. More...

Proceed To Article Understanding Lifetime Probability Of Breast Cancer In American Women
A report from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) estimates that about 1 in 8 women in the United States (approximately 12.8 percent) will develop breast cancer during her lifetime. This is risk over a lifetime. The actual risk for a 30-year-old is one in 2000. More...

Proceed To Article Australian Rugby League Imposes Measures To Kill AIDS Virus On Bloodstained Clothing
After commissioning studies that revealed traces of the AIDS and hepatitis viruses can survive on clothing for several days, Australia's National Rugby League has ordered that players must have bloodstained shirts soaked in bleach on the sidelines. More...

Proceed To Article AIDS Ravages Zambia's Educational System
The HIV/AIDS pandemic has weakened the educational system of Zambia with the death of trained teachers, administrators and other key personnel, the Zambia Daily Mail reported on Wednesday. Education Minister Godfrey Miyanda said the high cost of morbidity and mortality also implies the resources which should have been spent on education provisions have to be diverted to medical and funeral expenses. More...

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Employees Need A Break
One in six US employees is so overworked he/she is unable to use up annual vacation time, despite the fact that Americans have the least vacation time in the industrialized world, a landmark national survey released on Thursday reveals. More...

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