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Multiple tumor-specific cancer vaccines based on dendritic cell technology are gearing up for clinical trials in the US.

Proceed To Article Fourth South African Province Reports Cholera Case
As World Health Organization experts prepared Friday to help South Africa combat a cholera epidemic, local health officials reported a case of the disease in a fourth province. More...

Proceed To Article Multiple Tumor-Specific Cancer Vaccines In Development
BioPulse International Inc. will develop a multiple tumor-specific cancer vaccines based on its dendritic cell cancer vaccine technology. BioPulse expects to begin clinical trials of the tumor-specific cancer vaccines outside the US in the first quarter, to be followed by clinical trials inside the US. More...

Proceed To Article Unverified Rumours Of Viral Haemorrhagic Fever (VHF) In Democratic Republic Of Congo The onset of the outbreak of Ebola in Gulu, Uganda  has heightened awareness of viral haemorrhagic fevers in the region. As a result, WHO has been investigating periodic rumours of similar outbreaks in the surrounding countries. In Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), WHO has investigated rumours in Dungu, Bengadi, Isiro, Buta, Nyankunde and Bunia, and samples have been negative for Ebola. More...

Proceed To Article UK Hospitals Told To Clean Up: One In Three Hospitals Fail Hygiene Inspections
Politicians and patients groups are calling for the National Health Service to get back to basics after one in three hospitals failed recent hygiene inspections. Out of 700 hospital buildings assessed as part of an ongoing government survey into NHS sanitation, 250 were given the lowest grade for basic cleanliness. The checks were launched after an official report estimated that 5,000 patients a year died from infections they caught in hospital. More...

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Estrogen's Protection Against Dying From All Causes Measured In American Cancer Society Study
Women who use estrogen after menopause have lower death rates from all causes than those who do not, reports American Cancer Society researchers, and this reduction in death is greatest for coronary heart disease and for thinner women. More...

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