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Table of Contents - Medical

 Abbreviations (Medical)
 Addiction & Substance Abuse
 Algorithms, Calculators, Decision Rules, Diagrams, Scores & Tables
 Allied Health Journals
 Allied Health Resources
 Alternative & Complementary Medicine Journals
 Alternative Medicine Resources
 Anatomical, Biological & Medical Images & Illustrations
 Arthritis & Rheumatism Journals
 Associations by Specialty
 Biological Science Libraries
 Biotechnolgy Companies
 Bioterrorism Information
 Books (Medical)
 Cardiology Journals
 Chiropractic Journals
 Clinical Research Organizations
 Clinical Trials
 Conferences (Medical) - Databases & Search Sites
 Continuing Medical Education
 Critical Care Journals
 Dentistry & Orthodontia
 Dermatology Journals
 Diabetes Journals
 Dictionaries (Medical & General), Encyclopedias, Thesauri, Spell Checkers & Quotation Finders
 Disaster Associations
 Drug Information, Safety Warnings & Alerts, New Drug Approvals
 Emergency Medicine Resources
 Endocrinology & Disorders of Metabolism
 Endocrinology Journals
 Epidemiology Journals
 Evidence-Based Medicine
 Family Medicine
 Forensic Science & Pathology Journals
 Gastrointestinal Diseases & Conditions
 General Internal Medicine Journals
 Government Health Sites
 Grants & Grant Writing
 Health Insurance Information (U.S.)
 Heart Diseases & Conditions
 History of Medicine
 Hormone Replacement Therapy
 Hospitals, Physicians & Health Systems
 Infectious Disease Journals
 Infectious Diseases
 Journals (Online Medical)
 Libraries (Medical) & University Departments (Medical)
 Medical Economics Journals
 Medical Informatics Journals
 Medical Student Associations & Resources
 Medical Technology Journals
 Medico-Legal Information
 Medline Sites
 Microbiology Journals
 Nursing Journals
 Nursing Web Sites
 Nutrition - US Government & International Organizations
 Pain Management Journals
 Palm Pilots & PDAs: Resources & Programs
 Patient Education Resources
 Pharmaceuticals & Pharmaceutical Industry
  Plastic Surgery Journals
 Poison Control Centers
 Practice Guidelines
  Prescribing Information
  Psychology Journals
  Public Health
  Publishers (Medical, Health & Science)
 Reproductive Health - Obstetrics & Gynecology
 Skin Diseases & Conditions
  Sports Medicine Journals
  Supercomputing and Parallel Computing Sites
 Supersites (Medical)
 Surgery Journals
 Vidyya's Patient Pages

Table of Contents - General

 General Interest Libraries
 Newsgroups & Mailing Lists Search Engines
 Search For Images

Ex Libris - An Excellent Library of Free Internet Resources
  • Abbreviations (Medical)

      Not sure what GnRH means? Stumped by FENa? Don't worry. Vidyya has the answer.

  • Addiction & Substance Abuse

      Need to recommend an association or help group to someone struggling with a substance abuse issue? These organizations have Web sites with concrete information about where and how to get help.

  • Algorithms, Calculators, Decision Rules, Diagrams, Scores & Tables - Tools For Clinicians

      Try these E-medicine tools. More than 50 clinical decision support tools: calculators, scores, scales, tables and more. Live and interactive from the NCEMI Web site.

  • Allied Health Journals

      Allied health journals from A to Z. Including occupational medicine, respiratory medicine, physical therapy and more.

  • Allied Health Resources

      From physical therapy to laboratory practices, this list will help you find what you need.

  • Alternative & Complementary Medicine Journals

      Links to alternative and complementary medicine journals to keep you in the "know" about this growing field.

  • Alternative Medicine Resources

      There are many alternative medicine Web sites available, however, most of them are not peer-reviewed and the majority are trying to sell you something. We've put together a small list of sites that may be helpful, but keep in mind, most need more research.

  • Anatomical, Biological & Medical Images & Illustrations

      Find illustrations, clip art, and images from a variety of public and private resources specializing in anatomical, biological, and medical images.

  • Anesthesiology

      Vidyya features a collection of some of the most reliable anesthesiology information available. Follow this links and be your own judge. Includes professional, case-based and patient information.

  • Arthritis & Rheumatism Journals

      From ACR News to Zeitschrift für Rheumatologie, if it's a journal about arthritis and rheumatism you'll find it in this list.

  • Associations by Specialty

      This list of specialties will grow each week, so be sure to visit frequently. Three new associations were added just this week. You can navigate to them by visiting the image links on the right hand side of this page.

  • Biological Science Libraries

      Use this handy list to find botanical libraries, horticulture libraries, agriculture libraries and more.

  • Biotechnology Companies

      Almost 2000 biotechnology companies appear on this list. Enjoy browsing some of the most innovative innovators in the world. This international compilation of biotechnology companies includes firms from Finland to the US.

  • Bioterrorism Information

      Vidyya features a collection of some of the best bioterrorism information on the Web. Check our list and see for yourself.

  • Books (Medical)

      There are many medical books available on the Web, although many of them are available only through subscription. Find out where you can find some of your favorite medical texts by following these links.

  • Cardiology Journals

      Cardiology journals from A to Z. Need we say more?

  • Chiropractic Journals

      Information about the art and science of chiropractic medicine can be found within the journals listed in this set of links

  • Clinical Trials

      Whether you want to sponsor a trial, be in a trial or just find out more about how clinical trials work, you'll find the answers in this set of links.

  • Conferences(Medical)- Databases & Search Sites

      Search for conferences, take a conference and a sea cruise, look for CME online sessions, search, search, search and find... through this set of medical conference links.

  • Continuing Medical Education

      You will find a wealth of continuing medical education information and modules by following any one of the links on this page. From the AMA's CME locator to WorldWide Learning's CME generator, the education you need is but a click away.

  • Critical Care Journals

      Find the information you need in the field of critical care medicine by searching through this comprehensive list of journals.

  • Clinical Research Organizations

      Many biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms facing the daunting road to market with a new drug are opting to get help from contract research organizations, or CROs. These service companies specialize in providing all or part of the necessary clinical trials; they also manage regulatory reviews. Their participation in the drug-development process is growing dramatically as the number of candidate compounds coming through the research pipeline climbs.

  • Dentistry & Orthodontia

      From the American Academy of Sports Dentistry to the World Federation of Orthodonists, you'll find them here, in this list of links.

  • Dermatology Journals

      Discover links to over 70 dermatology journals.

  • Diabetes Journals

      You can find journals about diabetes self management, diabetes research, diabetes nursing, diabetes and metabolism... need we say more?

  • Dictionaries (Medical & General), Encyclopedias, Thesauri, Spell Checkers and Quotation Finders

      Practical, easy to use references. No spelling ability required.

  • Disaster Associations

      You know these organizations. This list includes links to the Red Cross, FEMA, and much more.

  • Drug Information, Safety Warnings & Alerts, New Drug Approvals

      Black box warnings, FDA approvals, oncology drug approvals, withdrawals, etc. (For prescribing information, see Vidyya's "Prescribing Information" page, which appears lower on this list.)

  • Emergency Medicine Resources

      This list of links will direct you to some of the best emergency medicine information available. The links include algorithms, guidelines and tutorials for professionals, plus case-based information as well.

  • Endocrinology & Disorders Of Metabolism

      Get directed to some of the best endocrinology sites on the Web. The links include guidelines and tutorials for professionals, information for consumers and case-based information as well.

  • Endocrinology Journals

      Get directed to some of the best endocrinology journals on the Web. The links include obesity, diabetes, metabolism journals and more...

  • Epidemiology Journals

      Investigative, infectious disease journals that detail investigations and the "hows and whys" of outbreaks, all for you, courtesy of Vidyya.

  • Evidence-Based Medicine

      We don't mean to brag, but this is one of the best evidence-based medicine collections on the Web.

  • Family Medicine

      This list of links will direct you to professional and consumer level family medicine information on the Web. The links include clinical information about a variety of conditions and information for patients.

  • Forensic Science & Pathology Journals

      Forensic science journals, pathology journals, diagnostic pathology, wound ballistics, and more in this list of links...

  • Gastrointestinal Diseases & Conditions

      This list of links will direct you to professional and consumer level gastroenterology information on the Web. The links include clinical information about a variety of conditions, case-based studies and information for patients.

  • General Internal Medicine Journals

      This list of links will direct you to over 50 top-rated internal medicine journals.

  • Government Health Sites

      From the NIH to the CDC and everywhere in between. Get your hands on the latest government health information by following these links.

  • Grants & Grant Writing

      Whether you're trying to find a place to submit your grant, have the need to learn about grant writing, or need to know where the new proposal requests are, you'll find this list of resources helpful.

  • Health Insurance Information (U.S.)

      This list of Web sites serves many functions. The information in the links can direct the reader to information about how to choose insurance, or show a practitioner the way to a list of health insurers by state. The links include statistical information, where to find free insurance for children, and how to understand the scope of health insurance coverage through COBRA.

  • Heart Diseases & Conditions

      This list of links will direct you to some of the best cardiology information on the Web. The links include clinical information about heart conditions for professionals, case based information and information for patients.

  • Hematology

      Links on this list include hematologic clinical information, case-based information and information for patients.

  • History of Medicine

      Think of this list of links as a gateway to quality Internet resources relating to the history of medicine and allied sciences, covering all aspects of the history of health and development of medical knowledge.

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy

      New findings from the Women's Health Initiative and other studies offer important information about the risks and benefits of long-term menopausal hormone therapy. The links on this page point to information resources, including the most current from the NIH, on both long-term and short-term hormone use, and other concerns related to women's health during and after menopause.

  • Hospitals, Physicians & Health Systems

      The top hospitals, physicians groups and health systems listed for you in one convenient place.

  • Infectious Disease Journals

      Link to 170 infectious disease journals. Find what you need to know, courtesy of Vidyya.

  • Infectious Diseases

      This list of links will direct you to some of the best infectious disease information on the Web. The links include clinical information about diseases for professionals, case based information and information for patients.

  • Journals (Online Medical)

      Vidyya features one of the most complete lists of electronic journals available on the World Wide Web. Need to find an issue of Spine? JAMA? NEJM? Our list of electronic journals is an excellent place to start.

  • Libraries (Medical) & University Departments (Medical)

      Libraries are excellent resources for medical information. Often, the medical librarians and these sites have compiled their favorite resources for you. If you're starting a knowledge quest or if you're compiling your own set of important resources, take a look at what these medical libraries and university departments have already put together for you.

  • Medical Economics Journals

      Find journals that explore the economic health of hospitals, physician practices and health care in general by browsing through this list of links

  • Medical Informatics Journal

      Computers in medicine, medicine meets computers...

  • Medical Student Assocations & Resources

      Information for medical students, from finding an association in your country to locating a textbook online. These resources have been reviewed by students for students.

  • Medical Technology Journals

      From Artificial Organs to Telemedicine Today, if you need a journal that informs and educates about medical technology, you'll find it in this set of links.

  • Medico-Legal Information

      Learn more about the law, get a legal question answered and more...

  • Medline Sites

      Search Medline in a variety of ways; some sites are free, some require registration, some want your money.

  • Microbiology Journals

      From A to Z, if it's a microbiology journal, it's listed here.

  • Nephrology

      Learn about kidney diseases and conditions from both the health professional and the consumer standpoint. Links include those that will lead to case-based studies, patient education and clinical information.

  • Neurology, Neuroscience, Neurosurgery & Neuropsychology

      From Acta Neurochirurgica to Year Book of Neurology and Neurosurgery, if it's a journal and it's related to neuroscience, you'll find it in this comprehensive list of links.

  • Nursing Journals

      Nursing journals for all types of nurses, engaged in the broad spectrum of nursing opportunity and employment.

  • Nursing Web Sites

      This selection of nursing resources includes information about reading an ECG to to information on care planning.

  • Nutrition - US Government & International Organizations

      This list explores nutritional information from governments in Australia, Canada, Europe, United States, Central America and more. International organizations are included. Use the list as an excellent starting point for locating anything you need to know in the field of nutrition.

  • Orthopedics

      Browse over 120 journals from around the world--all about the subject of orthopedics.

  • Pain Journals

      If it's a journal that addresses anesthesiology and pain management, you'll find it listed here. If you know of ones we missed, write to us and we'll add them. Mail to Vidyya Editors.

  • Palm Pilots & PDAs: Resources & Programs

      Link to resources for your Palm or PDA. The list includes text books like Harrison's and the Washington manual, bioterrorism info, drug updates and more.

  • Pathology

      Pathology sources in the form of online links can be found by following this link.

  • Patient Education Resources

      This set of links will provide you with information for your patients from a variety of places. (For actual hard copies of public domain patient education handouts, see "Vidyya's Patient Pages" which appears below on this list.)

  • Pediatrics

      From APGAR scoring to vaccinations, you'll find what you need among these links to peer-reviewed pediatric Web sites.

  • Pharmaceuticals & Pharmaceutical Industry

      Need to know more about Schering? Perhaps you want the prescribing information for Lipitor? This list of pharmaceutical industry giants will help lead you to the answers you seek.

  • Plastic Surgery Journals

      Aesthetic? Reconstructive? Plastic? By any name, you'll find the journal you need...

  • Poison Control Centers

      Poison control centers provide a valuable public health service. This list contains most of the centers in the United States.

  • Portals

      If you need a list of places from which to start a search, use this list of portals. These sites link to some of the best information on the Web. Some of them have excellent resources of their own.

  • Practice Guidelines

      Evidence based guidelines to help with the practice of medicine can be found by following these links.

  • Prescribing Information

      Vidyya presents this list of prescribing information for your use. This list contains newer drugs and those that have been covered by the Vidyya Medical News Service.

  • Psychology Journals

      This list contains links to over 400 behavioral and psychological journals.

  • Public Health

      Take a peek at Vidyya's A-Z links to global public health resources. We think you'll like our collection.

  • Publishers (Medical, Health & Science)

      From A. Deepak Publishing to World Scientific, you'll find the medical publisher you need in this set of links.

  • Reproductive Health - Obstetrics & Gynecology

      This list of links will direct you to some of the best obstetrics and gynecology resources available. The links include clinical information about female reproduction for professionals, case based information and information for patients.

  • Skin Diseases & Conditions

      This list of links will direct you to some of the best dermatologic information on the Web. The links include clinical information about skin conditions for professionals, case based information and information for patients.

  • Sports Medicine Journals

      Athletes suffer from spine trouble, trauma, podiatric problems, hand problems, knee problems, orthopedic problems, musculoskeletal problems and more. These journals contain the information to mend them and get them back in the game.

  • Supercomputing and Parallel Computing Sites

      This is a list of Web sites that may be of interest to members of the high-performance computing and parallel computing communities.

  • Supersites (Medical)

      Find your way to sites like WebMD, MDConsult, MedScape and MedMatrix. These sites usually provide daily medical news and alerts, drug updates and conference information for busy professionals. Useful articles, online forums, searchable archive, bookstores and indexes of links.

  • Surgery Journals

      An excellent list of surgery journals for you to visit, read and subscribe to.

  • Urology

      This list of links will direct you to urology resources available on the Web. The links include clinical information for professionals, case based information and information for patients.

  • Vidyya's Patient Pages

      Public domain patient education, yours for the taking, courtesy of the US Government and Vidyya.

Selected General Information Resources Resources

  • General Interest Libraries

      Need to find a book on Catherine the Great? Perhaps you need to know how many book on Elvis Presley exist at the Library of Congress? These links will help you find the answers.

  • Newsgroups & Mailing Lists Search Engines

      Lists of Listservs, search for a listserv, find a mailing list and more by visiting any one of these sites.

  • Search For Images

      This list of search engines will help you look for just images. Find images to augment your Web site, find that graphic you need for your presentation...