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Tools For Your Trade

Please Note: Some of the files on this page are in Power Point format. If you do not have Power Point a PDF alternative is provided.

The following "tools" have been specially designed to make outreach easier for the Medicare/Medicaid programs. These files duplicate the hard-copy materials provided in the outreach kit. You are encouraged to download or print these files and adapt the material contained in them to meet the needs of your own outreach and education activities. All of the materials can be localized, for example, through custom printing, a stamp, or labels.

Glossary: The glossary is a list of terms and names used throughout the kit materials. You can refer to it to clarify or explain any confusing terms.  (PDF - 134 KB) (Word file - 27 KB)

Train-the-Trainer Presentation with Talking Points:  The 30-minute presentation is designed to educate your staff about savings for Medicare beneficiaries. It emphasizes the benefits of enrolling in real-life terms like how much money the programs can help beneficiaries save. The presentation features colorful overheads and down-to-earth text. It also includes a script keyed to the overheads to make it easy to present. You can customize this presentation for beneficiaries if you feel it would be helpful to them. You can also distribute hard copies of the overheads to your staff as a take away. (Slides and Talking Points in PPT 13,934 KB) (Slides Only in PDF 635 KB)

Beneficiary Presentation with Talking Points: This very brief presentation is designed to motivate beneficiaries to apply for Savings for Medicare Beneficiaries. Its format is highly visual and offers just enough information to let beneficiaries know they may be entitled to save money on their Medicare expenses. It also includes a script keyed to the overheads to make it easy to present. This presentation is most effective when trained individuals or state workers are available afterward to help potential beneficiaries apply. You may wish to distribute hard copies of the overheads to attendees as a "take away." (Slides and Talking Points in PPT 211 KB) (Slides Only in PDF 165 KB)

Poster: The poster features a simple message that is used consistently throughout the other materials. It was designed with a "pocket" to hold related brochures. You can display the poster in high-traffic areas such as enrollment sites, common areas, reception desks, kiosks, community bulletin boards, lobbies, or in conference rooms where presentations are held. (PDF - 339 KB)

Brochure: The brochure contains straightforward information about the programs, who qualifies and how to apply. Include the brochures with the poster display at enrollment sites, in high-traffic areas, and at presentations. Mail it with a letter to potential beneficiaries or add the brochure to a newsletter or other scheduled mailing. Remember to replenish the brochures in the poster pocket. (PDF - 277 KB)

Direct Mail Letter: The direct mail letter offers a brief description of the program and is most effective when mailed with the brochure. You can customize the letter to add your personal touch, copy it onto your organization's letterhead, and mail it to potential beneficiaries. (PDF - 25 KB) (Word file - 22 KB)

Newsletter Article: The newsletter article is a 350-word feature on the program and its benefits. You can add your by-line, contact information, and other personal touches and run it in the next issue of your newsletter. By adding a newsworthy lead, you can also turn the article into a press release and distribute it to your local media. (PDF - 31 KB) (Word file - 21 KB)

Scripts for Public Service Announcements (PSAs):  The 30-second and 60-second PSAs can be customized with your name and phone number. Then you can print them on your letterhead and mail them with a cover letter to the PSA directors at your local radio stations. (30-second PSA in PDF - 18 KB) (30-second PSA in Word file - 19 KB) (60-second PSA in PDF - 19 KB) (60-second PSA in Word file - 21 KB)

Beneficiary Screening Tool:  The beneficiary screening tool is the initial form potential beneficiaries should use to determine if he/she appears to be eligible for one of these cost savings programs. They should need little, if any, help in completing this form. (PDF - 104 KB)

Intermediary Screening Tool: The intermediary screening tool is a preliminary form to determine if a beneficiary appears to be eligible for one of these cost savings programs. We recommend a trained individual work with the beneficiaries to fill this out. (PDF - 27 KB) (Word file - 23 KB)

Model Application: The application is an example of what your state's application may look like. This is not the official application to apply for one of the programs. We've included this example to show you the types of information beneficiaries will need, the types of questions they'll need to answer, and as a model for states to use as they design their own application. (PDF - 34 KB) (Word file - 45 KB)

Order Form: An order form is provided to order additional posters and brochures. (PDF - 97 KB)

Evaluation Form: If you have any comments for HCFA about this resource guide, you can use this evaluation form and either e-mail it to Gwen Talvert at or mail it to her at Health Care Financing Administration, Center for Medicaid and State Operations, Mail Stop S2-14-26, 7500 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD  21244-1850. (PDF - 94 KB) (Word file - 21 KB)

Please note that the materials shown in the remainder of Resources for Reaching Out are provided as examples only and are not intended for reproduction. However, in many cases copies or permission to reproduce may be obtained by contacting the publishing agency or organization.

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