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Local, State, National & International Law

The Legal Information Institute was established in 1992 with a mission "to connect the full resources of the Cornell Law School with the legal profession, with other law schools and with the world." When you visit the site, you realize this mission statement is an understatement.

The site has information from the United States Constitution and federal codes, as well as state constituions and laws. If you look under the "Law By Source Or Jurisdiction" section, you'll find information about laws from around the world. The site also provides step-by-step instructions for finding and accessing a multitude of types of information--not just legal information.

According to statistics kept on the site, the site is visited over 2.5 million times a week with visitors from 70 foreign nations. There are over 50,000 links to Legal Institute materials and the Web at large.

The site is almost Zen-like in its approach to information. There are no bells & whistles, just lean and mean menus and stripped down information pages. Unlike many Web sites, the LII doesn't reach for or build what cannot be sustained.

Medical professionals will find several items of use on the site. You can review recent rulings regarding the Americans With Disabilities Act or you can visit the Medicaid/Medicare or Mental Health Law areas.

Another interesting tidbit, the LII is responsible for keeping up the technological components for the US Peace Corps, the Lawyers for Africa Program and is a backup resource for the Zambian Legal Information Institue--the first comprehensive digital law collection in southern Africa.

If you'd like to visit the site and see for yourself, visit Just a few minutes into your visit and you'll realize this law site isn't just for legal eagles but for anyone interested in self education and realization.

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