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Canadian Government To Sponsor Clinical Trials Of Novel New Agent

Canada will fund clinical trials of an "invisible condom," a liquid applied to the genitals, to prevent HIV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases, Health Minister Allan Rock said on Friday.

The Infectious Diseases Research Centre at Laval University in Quebec City will receive C$350,000 ($235,000) to test the treatment, which has been developed over seven years by Laval researchers.

The new "invisible condom," a non-toxic polymer-based liquid, is applied to a woman's genitals before sexual intercourse and transforms into a gel at body temperature.

Laval said tests showed the gel forms a waterproof film that dramatically reduces transmission of the HIV virus responsible for AIDS, and could also block the virus responsible for genital herpes. It can also be used as a contraceptive.

"The development of microbicides constitutes one of the most important new areas of prevention research and is sure to have a major impact domestically and abroad," Rock said.

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