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Back To Vidyya The World's First Arm Transplant

Malaysian Infant Receives Twin Sister's Arm

Chong Lin Ying was born with a severely deformed left arm. Chong's identical twin sister died shortly after birth. Salvaging some good from a sad situation, daring physicians in Malaysia decided to attempt the first arm transplant and give the surviving girl a chance at a normal life with two normal arms.

Six hand transplants have now been carried out around the world--all in adult patients. These adults have all had to take potentially harmful antirejection drugs.

Chong's physicians are very hopeful that the limb transplant will be very successful. Because Chong's twin sister was identical, Chong will not have to worry about graft-vs-host disease, a common problem in all types of transplants.

The world will be watching as Chong grows up. She is expected to have some limitations in motion, but time will tell.

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