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Back To Vidyya A Point-of-Care, Disposable Theophylline Test

An Easy Way To Acquire Accurate Measurements Of Theophylline Levels In Asthma Patients

AccuTech, LLC, the personal diagnostics company, announced today that it plans to offer FDA-approved AccuMeter Theophylline test kits to global pharmaceutical and medical markets. AccuMeter Theophylline is a patented, palm-size, non-instrumented, disposable cassette test system that physicians use to acquire accurate measurements of theophylline levels in asthma patients.

AccuMeter Theophylline is an in-office test, using fingerstick whole blood or plasma as specimens, which can accurately measure inadequate or toxic theophylline levels in 15 minutes. Physicians use resulting measurements to provide proper treatment for the patient. Asthma patients on theophylline therapy require frequent monitoring to achieve appropriate dosing and to reduce adverse side effects.

The AccuMeter Theophylline test for accuracy, precision and specificity compares comparably to standard laboratory testing systems such as the EMIT and the Abbott TDX. Multi-center clinical trials showed excellent results with the AccuMeter Theophylline test.

AccuTech holds 15 U.S. patents on the AccuMeter technology, which has broad applications in both general chemistry and immunoassays. New products, which AccuTech plans to introduce, include tests for HbA1c, fructosamine, TDM, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease markers.

Other highly successful AccuTech products include CholesTrak (the first and only FDA-approved home test kit for total cholesterol) and HDL cholesterol. Both products use the patented AccuMeter technology.

AccuMeter Theophylline has received approvals from the Japanese Ministry of Health and is reimbursed by the Japanese National Insurance system. A prominent international distributor, Mr. Hattori, Managing Director for Jokoh Co., feels that the AccuMeter Theophylline test will fulfill a definite need in Japan.

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