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Back To Vidyya Delays In Production Could Lead To A Flu Vaccine Shortage

Virus Strains Aren't Growing As Fast As Expected

One of the virus strains chosen for this year's supply of flu vaccine is stubborn. The strain is not growing as fast as expected in the lab and is delaying the manufacture of the influenza vaccine.

Delays in the manufacture of the flu vaccine could lead to a shortage in this year supply.

Two of the four companies charged with creating the vaccine have reported problems with lab creation of the strains that comprise this year's seasonal mix. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta and the Food and Drug Administration are working with the manufactureres to find out when and how much vaccine will be ready in time for this year's flu season.

According to officials at the CDC and FDA, there will be enough produced to vaccinate those populations at high risk. However, unless the situation is resolved, the healthier portions of the population who don't necessarily need to be immunized, might not have the shots available during the peak of the influenza season.

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