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Back To Vidyya BMJ Study Finds New Nicotine Inhaler Can Achieve Sustained Smoking Reduction by 50%

Reductions Reported Among Those Smokers Who Reported Being Unwilling To Quit

A new study published Friday in the British Medical Journal suggests that a nicotine inhaler effectively and safely achieved sustained smoking reduction over 24 months in patients who had difficulty quitting. The study concluded that smoking reduction may be a feasible first step towards smoking cessation in subjects who are not willing or able to abruptly stop.

The study found that 26 percent of smokers using a nicotine inhaler who were unable or unwilling to quit smoking achieved at least a 50 percent reduction in daily cigarettes after four months. This was in contrast to 9 percent of their counterparts in the placebo group. At the two-year mark, sustained smoking reduction was seen in 9.5 percent of the nicotine inhaler group and 3.5 percent of the placebo group.

The results suggested that sustained long-term smoking reduction with the nicotine inhaler could be achieved and maintained. From week 6 onward, the success rates were significantly higher for the active group compared to the placebo group: at 4 months (26 percent vs. 9 percent), 12 months (13 percent vs. 4 percent) and 24 months (9.5 percent vs. 3 percent).

This study comes on the heels of next week's World Conference on Tobacco Or Health, an international summit of 4,000 leaders in medicine, health government, business, advocacy, communications, and education. The goal of the six-day conference that begins on Monday, August 7th in Chicago, is to galvanize all segments of society to reduce the use of tobacco around the world.

Pharmacia, a world leader in the development of tobacco dependence therapies, is a primary patron at the Conference and will be involved in a number of activities to increase awareness on the safety and efficacy of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products. In addition to the Nicotine Inhaler, Pharmacia markets several other nicotine replacement therapy products globally, such as the Nicorette(R) and Nicotrol(R) gum, patch, nasal spray and sublingual tablets.

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