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Volume 1 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    12-August-2000      
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Back To Vidyya Arm Testing Strips Are A New, FDA Approved, Way For Diabetics To Test Blood Glucose With Less Pain

But Not For All

The Diabetic Supply Wellness Team announced today that they, in cooperation with Johnson & Johnson, will be marketing and distributing the One Touch Fast Take meter and test strips to all Medicare and private insurance patients throughout the United States. The new test strip has received FDA Approval for arm testing, thereby avoiding the often painful need to finger stick in order to collect a blood sample.

"This is a major breakthrough in diabetes management and blood glucose monitoring," stated Edward Borowsky, President of Diabetic Supply Wellness Team. "Our patients have waited a long time for a system that is accurate and less painful and with this meter and new test strips their prayers have been answered." Borowsky also stated, "With the comfort of arm testing people with diabetes will be able to test more frequently enabling them to improve their management of this disease and avoid complications often associated with diabetes."

Testing blood glucose levels by drawing only 1.5 microliters of blood (which is 40% less blood than the standard required) and the addition of a capillary action feature provides patients with test results in 15 seconds. The capillary action pulls blood into the testing chamber where glucose levels are read and output to a large LCD screen that patients can easily read.

Arm testing allows a patient to draw blood from almost any area of the arm where there are less nerve endings than in the fingertips. This procedure combined with the small blood sample and the strips' capillary action is why this system has been rated as significantly less painful in all the clinical trials leading up to the FDA approval. "Our patients have found that there is almost no pain involved with this method of glucose monitoring," stated Borowsky "and as a result the demand for this new system is very high."

Diabetic Supply Wellness Team is a direct supplier of all major testing and monitoring equipment. The company provides supplies to patients across the country with no out of pocket expense to all Medicare and private insurance patients. The One Touch Fast Take meter kit and new test strips are available through Diabetic Supply Wellness Team by calling 1-888-850-8326. Diabetic Supply Wellness team also provides consultation and training.

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