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Back To Vidyya ePocrates Secures $35 Million In Second Round Of Funding

Largest Handheld Network For Physicians' Proven Success Attracts New Investors

ePocrates, the largest handheld network for physicians, has secured $35 million in second round funding from several of the most prominent healthcare and technology focused venture capital firms. Participants in the round include lead investor, Sprout Group, as well as Bay City Capital and all three Series A investors, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, InterWest and Three Arch Partners.

"ePocrates has already proven to be a successful business venture, with over 65,000 physicians currently using our products and services," said John Voris, President and Chief Executive Officer of ePocrates. "This second round of funding demonstrates investor confidence in the success we've already achieved and in the future successes we are destined to accomplish. The participation in this second round by all of our initial investors is a testament to the way we have delivered on our initial vision and concept."

The ePocrates network provides physicians using Palm OS compatible handheld devices with quick point-of-care access to important clinical information. Since its November 1999 launch, the ePocrates network has grown at an unprecedented rate, with the network expanding by of over 300 new physician users per day. In the last seven months, ePocrates has announced a wide range of strategic partnerships with industry leaders including Eli Lilly, PCS, Cigna, Caremark, Advance Paradigm, and Palm Computing.

"ePocrates has proven that physicians are ready and willing to adopt technology that provides real clinical value to their practices," said new board member Dr. Philippe Chambon, General Partner at Sprout Group. "Through its network, ePocrates is also building a unique channel of communication to physicians that will allow the company to expand its product and service offerings."

The second round of funding will allow ePocrates to continue the development of software that meets physicians' immediate needs, helping them to improve patient care and practice more efficiently. Later this year, ePocrates will introduce new products including formulary decision support tools, up-to-date medical and general news and other transactional-based services such as electronic prescribing.

ePocrates, Inc. is the largest handheld physician network enabling quick point-of-care access to important clinical information. In less than nine months, the ePocrates network has grown to over 95,000 users, including over 65,000 physicians. In addition to the qRx clinical drug database containing information on over 1600 of the most commonly prescribed drugs, ePocrates will soon provide formulary decision support tools, up-to-date medical and general news and other transactional based services. Headquartered in San Carlos, Calif., ePocrates is a privately-held company led by President and CEO John Voris, former COO of PCS Health Systems and Eli Lilly veteran. The company was founded in 1998 by Richard Fiedotin, M.D. and Jeff Tangney.

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