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Back To Vidyya Information On The Environmental Health Nursing Initiative

Utilizing Nurses To Help Protect The Public’s Health

Seven years ago, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) took the first step to develop an Environmental Health Nursing Initiative. Through this initiative, ATSDR began to act on their knowledge of the vital and broad role nursing professionals play in every area of the health arena to help protect the public’s health. Partners in the Environmental Health Nursing Initiative are now joining together to take the initiative nationwide. The project is designed to increase the competencies of nurses by ensuring nursing school course curricula include environmental health topics and that educational opportunities are available to practicing nurse professionals. Today, the initiative is sustainable and a motivating force behind public health action, nationwide.

The initiative has a Web site available at

What Is the Environmental Health Nursing Initiative’s Goal?

To develop a national, integrated environmental health nursing strategy that promotes coordination of ongoing efforts, fosters the identification of critical data gaps and research needs, and ensures sustainability through ongoing evaluation.

What Has Been Accomplished to Date?
  • Thousands of nurses nationwide have received education in environmental nursing.
  • Faculty members at colleges and universities across the country have advanced in their efforts to prepare graduating nurses to recognize environmental health threats and promote preventive strategies to avoid these threats.
  • Health Department nurses are now promoting a holistic approach to health and the environment to help protect women, children, and the elderly from environmental hazards.
What Is Happening Now Nationwide?
  • ATSDR is working with other federal agencies, academic institutions, nursing professional organizations, state and local health departments and grassroots organizations to promote a national coordinated strategy to continue building on the current momentum behind this initiative.
  • Tools and action plans (e.g., distance learning, a Listserv) are now being planned or developed to establish a coordinated srategy to advance the 2.2 million nurse professionals in the United States in the environmental health arena.
  • An implementation framework is being constructed to support an environmental health nursing strategy to include education, practice, and research components.

The ATSDR wants to ensure the success of a national strategy for the Environmental Health Nursing Initiative. In order to do so, available resources and expertise must be utilized and strong, collaborative partnerships must be developed and maintained. Health professionals interested in the Environmental Health Nursing Initiative are invited to be a part of this growing, critical movement by contacting Cherryll Ranger by phone: (404) 639-6205, fax: (404) 639-6208, e-mail:, or by mail: ATSDR, 1600 Clifton Road, MS E-42, Atlanta, Georgia, 30333.

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