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Consumer, Health And Environmental Groups Call On Fda To Respond With Mandatory Safety Testing And Labeling Of Genetically Engineered Foods

Genetically Engineered Food Alert notified the press earlier this week about the existence of unapproved, genetically modified (GM) corn in Taco Bell brand toaco shells. As a result, the Kraft Company voluntarily recalled Taco Bell brand Original taco shells from grocery stores. On 22 September, Kraft Company announced that they were immediately withdrawing all affected products and are advising consumers NOT to eat them, instead to return the product to the stores where they were purchased.

Kraft Company has been credited with attempting to protect consumers from the possible health effects related to Starlink genetically engineered corn. Starlink corn has not been approved for use in food meant for direct human consumption. The corn found its way into Taco Bell brand shells from a manufacturing plant in Mexico.

Kraft has since called on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to strengthen their regulation of genetically engineered foods. According to the organization, "This is one example of how the FDA has failed to provide proper measures to protect consumers from the potential hazards of genetically engineered foods."

Genetically Engineered Food Alert, the company that discovered the GM corn in the shells, has called on the FDA in a legal petition for the pre-market safety testing of all genetically engineered food products. The coalition has also called for labeling of all genetically engineered foods to ensure consumers' right to know.

In their 22 September statement, Kraft called for a mandatory review of all plant biotechnology advances by the appropriate government agencies before those advances enter the market. They have also called on the Food and Drug Administration to strengthen the requirements for environmental stewardship of plant biotechnology to enhance the integrity of the food supply chain from farm to finished product.

The genetically modified corn shells contain a protein that may cause allergic reactions in humans. The protein in the corn is one of the only GM biotech food products that has not been given the go ahead for human consumption. At present, there are no reports of adverse reactions to the shells.

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