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Volume 1 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    28-September-2000      
Issue 168 Next Update - 14:00 UTC 08:00 EST    29-September-2000      

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Newsletter Summary For 28-September-2000:

Today's Vidyya contains three items of interest regarding colorectal cancer. The first is a reprint of the US Preventive Services Task Force's Guidelines For Screening For Colorectal Cancer. The second is news from the New England Journal of Medicine that a new chemotherapeutic regimen for colorectal cancer patients is improving survival rates and the third is prescribing information for Camptosar, one of the main ingredients in this new and exciting regimen.

In other cancer news, an excellent resource for breast cancer patients has been updated and re-released. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network's and the American Cancer Society's "Breast Cancer Treatment Guidelines For Patients" is one of the best breast cancer publications for patients available. Information on how to obtain the publication is available in today's Vidyya.

This issue wraps up with news of an FDA drug approval for the treatment of patients with acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL). This new drug is indicated for use as a first line therapy against APL. It was also approved in record time--just three years from drawing board to approval status.

The articles in today's Vidyya are:

As always, we hope you enjoy the issue.

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