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Back To Vidyya FDA Grants Marketing Approval For Urological Cryosrugery Device

New Device Features Direct Probe Access for Targeted CryoAblation Procedure

Endocare Inc. received clearance from the FDA to market its Percutaneous Access Introducer. The device is designed for use with Endocare's Cryocare Surgical System during urological ryosurgery.

Endocare Chairman and CEO Paul Mikus commented, "This introducer device benefits the patient by enabling physicians to perform cryosurgery more quickly, with minimal invasion. It also facilitates training of physicians for this advanced procedure."

About Targeted Cryoablation

Targeted cryoablation, a procedure developed by Endocare, Inc., is the use of cryoablation (application of extreme cold to destroy tissue) in combination with ultrasound and temperature monitoring to precisely destroy cancer cells in and around the prostate gland. Liquefied argon gas, which is contained within the Cryoprobe tips, freezes and destroys the cancer and tissue that reaches -40 degrees Celsius. After approximately 10 minutes, the physician completes the first freeze cycle, then immediately administers another treatment to help ensure that all cancer cells are killed. The entire procedure lasts about one to two hours.

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