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Volume 1 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    23-October-2000      
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6-7 Percent Of Population Carrying Hepatitis B Virus

Around six to seven percent of the total population in Bangladesh are carrying Hepatitis B virus. The disease is curable if detected, Physicians disclosed at a press conference held in Bangledesh on Thursday.

Hepatitis B, a serious infectious disease which is hundred times more infectious than HIV, is caused by a virus and finally damages the liver of a man. It claims one million lives every year across the world.

Hepatitis B infects patients through infected blood transfusion, drug abuses, sex abuses, or accidental needle-stick injuries, experts said at the press conference organized by Glaxo-Wellcome Bangladesh on the eve of a three-day Hepatitis B Awareness Program.

"Three out of every 10 Hepatitis B-infected patients suffer from liver damage which gradually push the patients toward death if the disease was not treated properly," Managing Director of Glaxo-Wellcome Bangladesh, Syed Fazlul Huq said.

Prevention should be the number one measure to get rid of the disease, he said, proposing for introduction of Hepatitis B vaccination and creation of mass awareness of the disease in the country.

"World Health Organization should fund Bangladesh for immediate introduction of Universal Vaccination Program in the country," he noted.

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