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Volume 1 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    04-November-2000      
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Back To Vidyya Product Watch - Pathology Atlases On CD ROM

Product Watch - Pathology Atlases On CD ROM

These electronic pathology atlases offer clinicians access to thousands of high-quality color images from the collections of world-renowned pathologists. Each organ system is presented on its own individual compact disk; each is easily accessed at the touch of a button. Multiple examples of every disease are included on each disk. Images are accompanied by related text and laboratory data, including clinicopathological findings, chemistry, immunology, molecular biology, cell kinetics, cytogenetics, microbiology, cytochemistry, immunohematology, and lecture notes for selected systems. The images can be accessed by disease or by feature and zoomed up for closer examination.

Print atlases only present classic examples of diseases; these Atlases expand your horizons with a great number of variations. You'll see multiple examples of any given disease and gain valuable understanding of the lesions being examined. This is the largest source of pathology slides available anywhere.

Lectures on general procedures geared to student/resident level are also included. And, for additional information, each Pathology Atlas on CD-ROM provides a comprehensive and up-to-date reference bank. Simply point your mouse to the topic you are interested in, then scroll through the list of references.

Important Features

  • multiple examples of any given disease
  • images with related text and lab data including clinicopathological findings, chemistry,immunology, molecular biology, cell kinetics, cytogenetics microbiology, cytochemistry/special strains, immunohematology, and lecture notes for select systems
  • zoom feature
  • access by disease or feature

Contents of the 18-volume set:

The set consists of the following 18 modules:

  • The Blood Pathology/Ward
  • The Atlas of Bone Pathology /Unni
  • The Atlas of Breast Pathology/Tavassoli
  • The Atlas of Cervical Pathology/Robboy & Norris
  • The Atlas of Colorectal Biopsy/Appelman
  • The Atlas of Heart & Vessel Pathology/McManus & Radio
  • The Atlas of Laryngeal Pathology/Weiland
  • The Atlas of Lung Cytology /Linder and Johnston
  • The Atlas of Lung Pathology -Tumors /Marchevski & Greenbaum
  • The Atlas of Lymph Node Pathology/Nathwani & Hansmann
  • The Atlas of Pituitary Pathology/ Kontogeorgos, Scheithauer & Kovacs
  • The Atlas of Skin Pathology - Pigmented Lesions/Sagebiel
  • The Atlas of Small Intestine Pathology /Kelly
  • The Atlas of Stomach Pathology/Owen
  • The Atlas of Testicular Pathology/Ro,Amin, Sahin, Lee, Ayala
  • The Atlas of Thymus/Mediastinum Pathology /Wick
  • The Atlas of Thyroid Cytology /Goellner
  • The Atlas of Urinary Bladder Pathology / Johansson

The CD ROM series is available from Vidyya's sponsor, Vidyya..

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