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  • No medical benefit from liposuction: Diabetes and heart disease risk is unchanged after fat is removed -17-June-2004

  • No role for simian virus 40 in human pleural mesotheliomas -24-September-2004

  • No significant relationship between obesity and healthcare spending among African-Americans and Hispanics -29-December-2004

  • No smoking areas afford "marginal" or "trivial" protection from second hand tobacco smoke -27-February-2004

  • No sudden movements, please. -05-January-2004

  • Non-drug treatment device delivers sustained blood pressure reductions within 3-4 weeks in the home -21-April-2004

  • Non-Hispanic whites and U.S.-born Mexican Americans at increased risk for psychiatric disorders -8-December-2004

  • Northwestern Memorial Hospital testing new procedure for patients with major depression -11-November-2004

  • Northwestern Memorial research shows an aspirin a day may not keep strokes away -21-July-2004

  • Novel gene therapy for bladder cancer shows strong results -9-September-2004

  • Novel therapy is first new type of drug for advanced oestrogen receptor-positive breast cancer approved in the European Union since 1995 -13-March-2004

  • Novelty-seeking teens may be more easily influenced by tobacco advertisements -19-March-2004

  • NU professor advocates testing of all cows for mad cow diseasehealth -15-January-2004

  • Nuclear imaging offers possibility for early detection of patients with coronary heart disease -16-November-2004

  • Number of cancer survivors growing according to new report -26-June-2004

  • Number of children linked to obesity for mom and dad -24-February-2004

  • Number of women living with HIV increases in each region of the world -29-November-2004

  • Nutrition education can help families cope with meager food budgets -04-March-2004

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