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Archives by Title - Volume 8, 2005 


'ABCDE' approach should be applied to guidelines for treating acute coronary syndrome reduce risk -19-January-2005

Abnormalities in sex hormones may contribute to brain damage of multiple sclerosis -20-January-2005

About the Public Health Service: Uniformed health professionals protect all Americans -16-January-2005

Advances in treatment of intractable pain -24-March-2005

African-Americans not getting equal treatment for pain -30-January-2005

African-Americans receive less aggressive heart attack treatment -2-March-2005

Age shouldn’t be a factor in kidney transplantation -14-March-2005

Aircraft cabin ventilation influences transmission of diseases in-flight -12-March-2005

Airflow obstruction in survivors of bronchopulmonary dysplasia -3-January-2005

Air pollution thickens blood and boosts inflammation -21-February-2005

Alcohol abstinence drug, Campral(R) (acamprosate calcium), now available -14-January-2005

Alert for healthcare professionals: Adderall and Adderall XR (amphetamine) -10-February-2005

Allergists report risks associated with smallpox vaccine -23-January-2005

American Academy of Neurology makes definition of persistent vegetative state available to public and press -23-March-2005

Americans slightly taller, much heavier than 40 years ago -16-January-2005

America's children and the environment (ACE) [pdf file 1.4MB] -17-February-2005

Analysis shows drug could save lives from prostate cancer -28-February-2005

Ankle sprains show link to development of osteoarthritis -28-February-2005

Anti-bacterial additive widespread in U.S. waterways -22-January-2005

Anti-depressants used during pregnancy linked to neonatal withdrawal syndrome -4-February-2005

Antimicrobials to prevent infection in major surgery are used properly only about half the time -22-February-2005

Artificial heart helps people awaiting transplants -16-January-2005

Assessing obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in snorers -22-February-2005

Association of herpesvirus with lung disorder questioned -29-January-2005

Authors warn of inaccuracies concerning use of race in health & social science research -17-January-2005

Avian influenza – situation in Viet Nam -18-March-2005



Benefits of lung cancer screening with CT questioned -24-March-2005

Bibliography: Bipolar disorder - Latest articles -26-February-2005

Beryllium sensitization progresses to chronic beryllium disease -3-January-2005

Better prostate test: New marker in urine may improve PSA testing, reduce unnecessary biopsies -18-February-2005

Biochemists report discovery of structure of major piece of telomerase; implications for cancer -10-March-2005

Biologists discover why 10% of Europeans are safe from HIV infection -11-March-2005

Bipolar disorder -26-February-2005

Bipolar disorder common in an urban primary care practice -26-February-2005

Birth simulator helps physicians I.D. least forceful way to manage problem deliveries -3-January-2005

Blocking PLK-1 to beat bladder cancer -13-March-2005

Blood levels of flame retardant are risingn -14-March-2005

BMJ: Failure to count Iraqi casualties is irresponsible-11-March-2005

Bone density appears to recover after adolescents discontinue injected contraceptive -8-February-2005

Brain attack: A look at stroke prevention and treatment -27-March-2005

Brain imaging suggests how higher education helps to buffer older adults from cognitive decline -16-March-2005

Brain stimulation treats resistant depression -1-March-2005

Breast cancer treatment reduces risk of heart disease -14-February-2005

Breath may help diagnose infection -22-March-2005

British lift suspension of flu manufacturer's license -3-March-2005

Bungled insulin production may be a culprit in diabetes -6-March-2005

Busy brains may stave off Alzheimer's signs -11-March-2005



CDC announces new strategies to promote continued influenza vaccination -29-January-2005

CDC issues updated guidelines on use of antiretroviral drugs to prevent hiv infection after sexual, drug use, and accidental exposure -21-January-2005

CDC's Lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV) surveillance project -13-February-2005

CPR performance does not follow guidelines -19-January-2005

C-reactive protein (CRP) key to heart health -6-January-2005

Calcium may protect women from cancer -28-January-2005

Canadian Food Inspection Agency announces new case of BSE -12-January-2005

Cancer vaccines: A two-pronged attack? -18-January-2005

Cardiac deaths peak in sleep hours for patients with sleep apnea -24-March-2005

The case: The hidden mystery -14-March-2005

The case: Preventable rash -16-March-2005

Cases of rabies in Germany following organ transplantation -22-February-2005

Celecoxib attacks prostate cancer cells -1-March-2005

Certain factors increase likelihood of a substance use disorder relapse among health care professionals -23-March-2005

Certain gun storage practices can reduce risk of youth firearm injuries, suicide -9-February-2005

Cervical cancer, secondhand smoke linked -6-January-2005

Changing chemistry helps explain estrogen threat to the heart -17-February-2005

Children and mobile phones do not mix -12-January-2005

Children at risk from unexploded military material -9-January-2005

Clinical Trials: Bipolar disorder (manic-depressive illness) -26-February-2005

Closing in on a vaccine for breast cancer: Clinical trials could begin soon -9-March-2005

Clot-busting drugs may help detect potentially deadly leg clots -15-February-2005

Cochrane review: Don't take antibiotics for acute laryngitis -24-January-2005

Cochrane review: Stop giving corticosteroids to head trauma victims -24-January-2005

Cockroach allergens have greatest impact on childhood asthma in many US cities -8-March-2005

Colorectal cancer screening among adults aged 50 or older: Implementation of fecal occult blood testing in clinical practice -18-January-2005

College alcohol problems exceed previous estimates -19-March-2005

Columbia study shows depression intensifies from one generation to the next -11-January-2005

Columbia study shows widely used artery clearing device does not help patients during heart attack -2-March-2005

Combining PET and CT scans leads to more accurate radiation therapy for lung cancer patients -9-March-2005

Common antidepressants lower effects of tamoxifen in many women -22-January-2005

Common virus becomes a new target for cancer treatment -20-February-2005

Component of green tea protects injured livers in mice -21-February-2005

Compound from rare plant shows promise in treating breast cancer -1-February-2005

Computer program may detect substance abuse in older adults -13-March-2005

Consensus on childhood obesity recommends classification as disease-12-March-2005

Consumer brochure: Finding your way to a healthier you: Based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (PDF 255 KB) -13-January-2005

Contrary to previous findings, smoking is detrimental rather than beneficial to patients with Alzheimer's, UCI study shows -9-February-2005

Cooling the brains of babies deprived of oxygen at birth can reduce the risk of brain damage and cerebral palsy -29-January-2005

Cord blood transplantation now a viable option for adult leukemia patients -21-January-2005

Cornea transplants can be improved -17-March-2005

Could schizophrenia arise from a single defect? -17-February-2005

Could a simple urine test detect cervical cancer? -14-February-2005

COX-2 inhibitor increases the risk of heart attack in elderly adults with no history of heart attack -2-February-2005

COX-2 levels elevated in smokers -15-January-2005



Daily supplement may boost birthweight of babies in developing world -6-March-2005

Debunking constipation myths: The truth about high fiber diets and laxatives -4-January-2005

Dental practitioners can be instrumental in preventing their patients' eating disorders -17-March-2005

Depression caused by common treatment for hepatitis C -15-January-2005

Depression predicts heart rhythm abnormalities in heart attack patients -7-March-2005

Despite causes of lupus proving complex, critical 'checkpoint' suggesting new therapy is revealed -29-January-2005

Diabetes and cancer risk link not tied to obesity -21-January-2005

Diabetes' link to obesity broken in mice -16-February-2005

Diabetes triples risk of liver cancer -15-March-2005

Diagnostic test for range of blood disorders on the horizon -21-March-2005

Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 (PDF 3.6 MB)--Update 2004 -13-January-2005

Dietary supplement fact sheet: Folate -19-February-2005

Diffusion-weighted MRI can diagnose 'mad cow'-related disease in humans before symptoms show -2-February-2005

'Direct genomic selection' method simplifies genetic disease hunting -7-January-2005

Discovery clarifies role of peptide in biological clock -7-March-2005

Discovery may lead to better Candidiasis drug -17-March-2005

Disruptive behavior between doctors and nurses directly affects patient outcomes -10-January-2005

DNA 'packaging' linked with cancer -22-March-2005

Doctors under pressure to compromise good health care for athletes -30-January-2005


Donor age has no affect on long-term liver transplant survival -22-March-2005

Dopamine connection seen in HIV dementia -15-March-2005

Dramatic rise in esophageal adenocarcinoma appears to be real -5-February-2005

Drugs used to treat Alzheimer's in nursing homes are worsening sufferers' illness -20-February-2005



Early surgical treatment not always necessary for brain hemorrhage - 30-January-2005 -30-January-2005

Eat healthy - Live close to the supermarket -30-January-2005

Eating seafood that contains toxic substances can effect the nervous system -21-March-2005

Economic and health costs of diabetes -5-March-2005

Effective cancer treatments follow the clock -7-February-2005

80% of extremely premature infants experience impairments, life-long consequences -6-January-2005

Electronic medical records reduce hours, cut cost -11-February-2005

Eliminating cervical cancer: First state assessment calls for renewed education and screening programs -14-January-2005

Emergency department study supports giving dehydrated children fluids by mouth -7-February-2005

Emory researchers find more evidence for children's growth spurts, pain -12-February-2005

Ensuring food safety in the aftermath of natural disasters -17-January-2005

Epilepsy and depression - A two-way street? -18-February-2005

Estimating the impact of the next influenza pandemic: enhancing preparedness -18-March-2005

Evidence tables: Managing asthma during pregnancy: Recommendations for pharmacologic treatment--Update 2004 -11-January-2005

Evidence that human brain evolution was a special event -1-January-2005

Exercise helps reduce symptoms of depression, UT Southwestern researchers find -25-January-2005

Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and cognitive abilities among U.S. children and adolescents -9-January-2005

Eye contact triggers threat signals in autistic children's brains -7-March-2005



FDA approves Abraxane(TM) for treatment of metastatic breast cancer -8-January-2005

FDA approves Enablex for treatment of overactive bladder -15-January-2005

FDA Approves first-of-kind device to treat descending thoracic aneurysms -25-March-2005

FDA approves new drug to treat type 1 and type 2 diabetes -19-March-2005

FDA approves new plasma-derived product to treat complications of smallpox vaccination -21-February-2005

FDA assesses new report on acrylamide -4-March-2005

FDA clears the way for generic versions of transdermal patches to treat chronic pain -1-February-2005

FDA considers warnings for Elidel and Protopic -12-February-2005

FDA grants tentative approval to generic AIDS drug regimen for potential purchase under the president's emergency plan for AIDS relief -27-January-2005

FDA approves Pfizer's Lyrica(TM) for the treatment of the two most common forms of neuropathic (nerve) pain -2-January-2005

FDA approves Ventavis(TM) for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) -2-January-2005

FDA Issues Nationwide Alert on lot of Pharmedium Services magnesium sulfate solution -20-March-2005

FDA issues public health advisory informing health care providers of safety concerns associated with the use of two eczema drugs, Elidel and Protopic -11-March-2005

FDA issues public health advisory on Tysabri, a new drug for MS -2-March-2005

FDA proposes that accepted code of medical ethics not necessary for studies conducted abroad -26-March-2005

FDA provides updated patient and healthcare provider information concerning Crestor -3-March-2005

FDA warns consumers not to use home-use diagnostic kits marketed by Globus Media -9-February-2005

Familiar blood pressure drug may prevent osteoporosis -21-February-2005

Faster, less expensive test proven more effective in detecting bladder cancer -17-February-2005

Fat hormone acts on brain circuit to curb obesity, diabetes -19-January-2005

15 minutes training enough to save lives with an automated external defibrillator -31-January-2005

15-year study shows strong link between fast food, obesity and insulin resistance -1-January-2005

Findings suggests that blocking estrogen may be crucial to lung cancer survival -15-February-2005

Finger length predicts physically aggressive personalities, study shows -3-March-2005

First case of vCJD reported in a Japanese patient -11-February-2005

First study of its kind looks at potentially preventable problems at children’s hospitals, and suggests ways to improve -4-January-2005

Fish oil holds promise in Alzheimer's fight -25-March-2005

Florida Department of Citrus responds to URMC's release on grapefruit-drug interactions -19-January-2005

Folic acid recommendations have had little impact on birth defects -19-February-2005

Folic acid and vitamin B12 decrease risk of hip fracture in stroke patients -2-March-2005

43% of US adults at risk of heart disease are not utilizing aspirin therapy -27-January-2005

Found: Missing sequence of the human Y chromosome -15-January-2005

Fractured leg bone not the end of Tutankhamen mystery-11-March-2005

Full-body MRI shows promise for screening, but should stay in research area for now, study says -6-February-2005

Full report: State report on cervical cancer prevention (PDF 4MB) -14-January-2005

Fungicides, PCBs open brain cells to Parkinson's assault -9-February-2005

Future cure: Researchers discover way to make cells in the eye sensitive to light -27-January-2005

Future diabetes drugs may target new protein interaction -3-March-2005



Gambling addiction similar to drug addiction -10-January-2005

Gender bias in child growth evaluations may miss disease in girls -7-February-2005

Gene that codes for progesterone receptor influences ovarian cancer risk -5-January-2005

Gene therapy converts dead bone graft to new, living tissue -20-February-2005

Gene therapy for Parkinson's disease moves forward in animals -11-February-2005

Gene therapy promising for growing tooth-supporting bone -2-February-2005

General resource list: Bipolar disorder -26-February-2005

Genetic link possible cause of multiple myeloma -6-March-2005

Genetically modified natural killer immune cells attack, kill leukemia cells -26-March-2005

Genetics makes weight loss an uphill battle of the bulge -20-January-2005

Genetics play role in response to asthma drug -16-January-2005

Grapefruit juice and medication can be a deadly mix -18-January-2005

Green tea extract: The new performance drug? -28-January-2005

Gene used in brain development can cause childhood brain cancers -2-February-2005

Global tobacco treaty enters into force with 57 countries already committed -25-February-2005

Growing your own replacement teeth? Not science fiction! -10-March-2005

Growth hormone treatment improves symptoms of metabolic disorder in postmenopausal women -12-March-2005



HIPAA cuts research recruitment by more than half -31-January-2005

HIV/AIDS conspiracy theories may hamper efforts to halt the disease -4-February-2005

HIV patients may be at risk of heart problems when taking protease inhibitor drugs -18-February-2005

HIV vaccine trial breaks ground for future research -4-February-2005

HRT associated with increased risk of stroke -7-January-2005

Half of all bankruptcies due to illness, medical bills -2-February-2005

Health benefits of chamomile tea are real; Benefits continue after tea cup is drained -5-January-2005

Health Canada & U.S. FDA issue public health statements about Adderall -10-February-2005

Health effects of tsunamis -2-January-2005

Heart attack treatment gap may be closing for women -19-February-2005

Hepatitis C and health-related quality of life -26-March-2005

Herbal extract as effective as commonly prescribed anti-depressant -11-February-2005

Herstatin blocks signaling inside cells that leads to deadly glioblastoma growth -28-January-2005

High rates of antibiotic resistance in south, east Europe -13-February-2005

Higher stroke risk associated with heavy drinking -9-January-2005

History of broken bones overlooked when treating osteoporosis -27-February-2005

Hormone therapy increases risk of urinary incontinence -23-February-2005

Hormone therapy for prostate cancer can affect men's thinking -28-February-2005

How to avoid the health risks of Hajj -14-January-2005

How effective are herbal supplements in reducing illnesses in children? -8-March-2005

Human stem cell line looks promising for Parkinson's disease studies -21-March-2005

Human transmission of avian virus documented -27-February-2005

Husbands' careers still trump wives' as dual-degree couples ponder job relocation, study suggests -9-March-2005

Hypertension risk in African-Americans linked to genetics -24-January-2005

Hypothyroidism associated with reduced breast cancer risk -14-February-2005



Immediate access to antibiotics stems spread of STDs -17-February-2005

Important discovery about second most fatal cancer (colorectal cancer) -4-March-2005

Improving access to healthy food has little effect on diet -26-March-2005

Improving care for diabetes patients through intensive therapy and a team approach -5-March-2005

Improving care for diabetes patients through intensive therapy and a team approach -5-March-2005

Improving the quality of diabetes care: New tools for states -5-March-2005

In the genes: Explaining why women develop MS more than men -31-January-2005

Inadvertent use of Bicillin® C-R to treat syphilis infection --- Los Angeles, California, 1999--2004-18-March-2005

Increasing physician volume requirement could improve mammogram accuracy, study concludes -2-March-2005

Individualized medicine emerging from gene-environment studies -18-January-2005

Induction of labor at 32 weeks viable option in early membrane rupture -13-February-2005

Infectious agent linked to mad cow disease found in organs other than the brain -5-February-2005

Infectious microorganism linked to kidney stones -28-February-2005

Inflammation elevates risk of cardiac death in rheumatoid arthritis patients -4-March-2005

Information for consumers: Use caution buying medical products online -16-January-2005

Information for patients: Adderall and Adderall XR Extended-Release Capsules -10-February-2005

Information for patients: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) -10-February-2005

Information for patients: Crohn's disease -6-February-2005

Information for patients: Lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV) -13-February-2005

Information for patients: NINDS Transient ischemic attack information page -3-February-2005

Information for patients, parents, and practitioners: Straight talk on braces -16-January-2005

Information for patients and practitioners: Corticosteroid treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy -11-January-2005

Information for patients, professionals, and the public: Traumatic brain injury -24-January-2005

Information for patients: Systolic high blood pressure -24-January-2005

Information for professionals: Health coverage for tobacco use cessation treatments -25-February-2005

Information for professionals: Health professionals facts on colorectal cancer screening -18-January-2005

Information for professionals: Smoking and health database -25-February-2005

Information for the public: Autism spectrum disorders fact sheet -27-February-2005

Inherited gene may increase risk for prostate cancer by 50% -17-February-2005

Inpatient smoking cessation counseling is associated with early differences in mortality -24-February-2005

Institute for Medical Research scientists identify gene critical to type 1 diabetes -20-March-2005

Institute of Medicine Report on the use of CAM in the U.S. -13-January-2005

International trial of two microbicides begins -14-February-2005

Invasive pneumonia and antibiotic resistance decreased after childhood vaccine introduced -20-March-2005

Investigational transplant drug effectively preserves kidneys while avoiding toxic side effects-23-February-2005

Is it cancer or is it nothing? The answer may be found within three genes -25-March-2005



JAMA: Access to emergency contraception does not increase unprotected intercourse -5-January-2005

JAMA Study: Estrogen therapy may increase risk for gallbladder disease -19-January-2005

Joslin scientists show knocking out two key signals will cause diabetes -11-February-2005



A key signaling molecule in osteoarthritis is identified -4-January-2005



LRRK2 gene causes Parkinson's disease in several North American and European families -28-February-2005

Lack of enzyme turns fat cells into fat burners -25-January-2005

Latest CDC report offers more evidence that a woman’s age is a major factor in determining success of assisted reproductive technology -10-January-2005

The “Learn the signs. Act early.” campaign -27-February-2005

Learn the Signs. Act early: Health care professionals' downloads -27-February-2005

Learning to distinguish between stress cardiomyopathy (broken heart' syndrome) and heart attacks -10-February-2005

Life expectancy hits record high; Gender gap narrows -3-March-2005

Likelihood of a large vCJD epidemic remains small claim researchers -12-January-2005

Lilly issues response to British Medical Journal -2-January-2005

Lifestyle changes especially effective at preventing type 2 diabetes in adults aged 60 and older -20-January-2005

Link between nicotine and atrial flutter -30-January-2005

Lip piercing can lead to receding gums -13-March-2005

List of cancer-causing agents grows -1-February-2005

Longer cardiac rehab programs necessary, says U of T study -28-January-2005

Low-dose aspirin better for heart patients with GI complications -20-January-2005



MRI better than current standard of practice in assessing neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer patients -4-March-2005

MRI detects earliest stages of heart disease in coronary arteries -15-March-2005

MSU discovery offers cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment hopes -18-February-2005

MMWR reprint: Antiretroviral postexposure prophylaxis after sexual, injection-drug use, or other nonoccupational exposure to HIV in the United States: Recommendations from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services -21-January-2005

MMWR Reprint: HIV transmission among black women --- North Carolina, 2004 -4-February-2005

MMWR Reprint: Recommended childhood and adolescent immunization schedule --- United States, 2005 - Harmonized childhood and adolescent immunization schedule, 2005 -8-January-2005

Male circumcision reduces risk of HIV transmission from women to men -20-January-2005

Many children are undervaccinated in their first 2 years of life -14-March-2005

Marijuana associated with same respiratory symptoms as tobacco -13-January-2005

'Marital strain' increases women's risk of death, heart disease -20-February-2005

Mathematical model predicts live-saving benefits of different mammography screening schedules -21-February-2005

Mayo Clinic develops first genomic-based test to predict stroke from ruptured brain aneurysm -4-March-2005

Mayo Clinic discovers a key to 'low metabolism' – and major factor in obesity -28-January-2005

Mayo Clinic finds restless legs syndrome in children linked to family history, iron deficiency -1-January-2005

Mayo Clinic study finds obese kidney donors face few increased risks -18-February-2005

Measuring exposure to an elemental mercury spill --- Dakota County, Minnesota, 2004 -19-February-2005

Medical technologies may hinder rather than help newborn survival -6-March-2005

Medications prevent diabetic kidney damage in rats -13-February-2005

Medtronic issues notification regarding certain implantable defibrillator models -16-February-2005

Mega doses of green tea extract may help, not hinder, tumor growth -14-March-2005

Men more likely to get screened for prostate cancer than colon cancer -4-March-2005

Men and women use different brain areas to achieve similar IQ results -21-January-2005

Methamphtetamine's ruinous effects on children documented in Midwest study -5-February-2005

Milk, fruits and vegetables may help reduce disability risk -7-February-2005

Moderate alcohol intake may reduce risk of dementia in older women -22-January-2005


Mold allergy a bigger health concern than toxic mold -22-March-2005

Mold in homes doubles risk of asthma -6-March-2005

Molecule predicts colon cancer patient survival -22-January-2005

Molecular physics: There's one rule for the rich... -10-March-2005

More babies born at very low birth weight linked to rise in infant mortality in 2002 -27-January-2005

More studies on risks and benefits of COX-2 inhibitors published in Archives of Internal Medicine -26-January-2005

Most childhood cancers "probably" due to prenatal exposure to pollutants -17-January-2005

Mothers' exposure to air pollutants linked to chromosome damage in babies -16-February-2005

Mothers on the run: Despite more hours at work, there's always more to do at home -24-February-2005

Mothers vitamin C intake during pregnancy is associated with wheeze during child's second year -17-January-2005

Mouse brain cells rapidly recover after Alzheimer's plaques are cleared -21-January-2005

Mystery blood vessel disorder implicated in 'mini' strokes -28-February-2005



NCHS report -- Deaths: Preliminary data for 2003 -3-March-2005

NCI creates gene expression database of normal human organ tissue -9-March-2005

NCI studies examine racial disparity in survival among patients with endometrial cancer -23-March-2005

NHLBI study shows smoking cessation programs improve survival -16-February-2005

NIAID begins enrolling volunteers for novel HIV vaccine study -27-January-2005

NIAID initiates trial of experimental avian flu vaccine-25-March-2005

NIH state-of-the-science panel calls for "demedicalization" of menopause -24-March-2005

NIMH information: Autism spectrum disorders (pervasive developmental disorders) -27-February-2005

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness and Information Day is 7 February 2005 -4-February-2005

National conference to examine effects of dietary supplements in patients taking blood thinning medications -12-January-2005

Nationwide outbreak of Salmonella enterica serotype Agona infections in infants in France, linked to infant milk formula, investigations ongoing -13-March-2005

Natural products for cancer treatment -5-February-2005

Nature of rheumatoid arthritis lung disease may offer patients therapy -9-January-2005

New AHRQ-funded study on computerized order entry finds flaws that could lead to errors, points to opportunities for improvement -10-March-2005

New book for nurses: Advice to prepare for the inevitable -12-February-2005

New breast cancer test could save lives -8-February-2005

New class of tuberculosis-fighting antibiotics suggested by biochemical-pathway study -13-March-2005

New colorectal cancer screening recommendations for African Americans -21-March-2005

New combination therapy for asthma provides consistent relief for patients -17-January-2005

New Dietary Guidelines for Americans released -13-January-2005

New estimates on extent of malaria -12-March-2005

New evaluation tool reliably predicts recovery from coma -26-March-2005

New family of genes could serve as a potential cancer markers -9-January-2005

New findings on the role of inflammation in allergic disease -21-March-2005

New fingerprint visualization method uses X-rays to reveal missing clues -17-March-2005

A new form of muscular dystrophy identified -26-January-2005

New guideline: Corticosteroids recommended for duchenne muscular dystrophy -11-January-2005

New guideline tackles leading cause of mother and child death -12-March-2005

New guidelines for treating community-acquired pneumonia -15-February-2005

New laryngectomy procedure allows for quick recovery, preservation of voice box -7-January-2005

New lease of life for thalidomide as cancer treatment? -15-March-2005

New leukemia drug shows promise in overriding all Gleevec resistance -25-January-2005

New method to fix cleft palate shows promise in Mayo Clinic lab study -23-January-2005

New NCI clinical trial program benefits people and pets -21-January-2005

New scale predicts recovery of consciousness from coma after brain injury -13-March-2005

New stroke-prevention drug unlikely to be cost-effective except in patients at high risk of bleeding -9-February-2005

New studies suggest airborne SARS transmission is possible -25-March-2005

New study finds kelp can reduce level of hormone related to breast cancer risk -2-February-2005

New study links colic, maternal depression to family problems -26-March-2005

New study shows limited use of electronic medical records -27-March-2005

New study tests amitriptyline for painful bladder syndrome -19-February-2005

New surgical procedure could save millions --- North Carolina, 2004 -5-February-2005

New theory challenges current view of how brain stores long-term memory-15-January-2005

New treatment guidelines for pregnant women with asthma -11-January-2005

New treatment for inflammatory bowel disease -2-March-2005

New treatment rivals chemotherapy for lymphoma; 95 percent of patients respond to radioactive antibody treatment -3-February-2005

New UCLA study disputes antidepressant/suicide link -2-February-2005

New way to block pox shows promise in lab study -3-February-2005

New WHO influenza vaccine recommendations for 2005-2006 season, northern hemisphere -22-February-2005

New York City resident diagnosed with rare strain of multi-drug resistant HIV That rapidly progresses to AIDS -12-February-2005

NIH researchers find genetic key to HIV/AIDS risk -7-January-2005

Nighttime splinting reduces pain, discomfort of carpal tunnel syndrome -5-January-2005

No increase in C-sections when epidural analgesia given early in labor -17-February-2005

Norovirus found to cause traveler’s diarrhea -9-March-2005

Not just kids' stuff: Antidepressants may be associated with suicidal behavior in adults -18-February-2005

Number of adults with high blood pressure set to soar by 2025 -14-January-2005

Nursing mothers having surgery -- How long a wait to breastfeed safely? -16-March-2005

Nutrition Reviews: Blood pressure levels drop in response to vegetarian diet --Update 2004 -12-January-2005



Obesity threatens to cut U.S. life expectancy, new analysis suggests -20-March-2005

Obesity and weight gain increase risk for kidney stones -29-January-2005

Obesity may affect accuracy of prostate screening -24-January-2005

Observational study of patients on COX-2 inhibitors does not show increased cardiovascular risk -26-January-2005

Obtaining patient consent for clinical audit is unworkable without extra resources -19-March-2005

OHSU scientists develop MRI approach to improve breast cancer detection -24-February-2005

Old dogs (and people) can learn new tricks; Diet, exercise, stimulating environment help -19-January-2005

Older patients require prescription practices based on aging metabolism -7-January-2005

Older people get the big picture faster, and they are less inhibited -4-February-2005

Olive oil protective against breast cancer -10-January-2005

One year study finds local steroid injection as effective as surgery for symptomatic relief of carpal tunnel syndrome -3-February-2005

Openness is key to winning the war over MMR -12-March-2005

Opportunity missed: TIA patients receive less aggressive attention than those with stroke -3-February-2005

Optical technique identifies vulnerable plaques in cardiac patients -26-March-2005

Osteoarthritis gene? -10-January-2005

Over-the-counter supplement appears effective in treatment of midlife-onset depression -8-February-2005

Overweight women with esophageal and stomach cancer survive longer than normal weight counterparts -1-March-2005



Parkinson's disease clinical researchers invited to submit study information to new patient website -31-January-2005

Passive smoking in childhood may increase risk of lung cancer in later life -28-January-2005

Passive smoking kills 30 people a day in the UK -6-March-2005

Patient with drug-resistant form of HIV identified -21-March-2005

Patients taking warfarin along with NSAIDs or COX-2 inhibitors have increased risk of upper gastrointentinal hemorrhage -26-January-2005

Patients with cancer have highly increased risk for blood clots -9-February-2005

Patients with osteoporosis should be screened for celiac disease -1-March-2005

Pegylated interferon alpha offers best treatment for chronic hepatitis B infection -9-January-2005

Penn researchers add more evidence to demonstrate role of COX inhibitors in heart-disease risk -18-January-2005

People with autism may perform well on tests of visual processing -6-February-2005

People with low overall anxiety levels more likely to ignore rectal cancer symptoms--Update 2004 -12-January-2005

Perchlorate found in dairy and breast milk samples from across the country -23-February-2005

PET/MRI scans may help unravel mechanisms of prenatal drug damage -7-February-2005

PET scanning better for heart disease diagnosis, management: Could cut use of angiograms and bypass surgery, as well as patient costs -9-March-2005

Physician substance abuse and recovery - What does it mean for physicians—and everyone else? -23-March-2005

Physicians recommend screening for toxoplasmosis for all pregnant women, newborns -8-February-2005

Pill cam: Incredible journey through the digestive system -27-March-2005

Plant derivative attacks the roots of leukemia -23-February-2005

Plant protein mimics hormone that mitigates diabetes and obesity -25-January-2005

Poor prenatal nutrition permanently damages function of insulin-producing cells in the pancreas -28-February-2005

Poster: The smoker's body [pdf 7mb English/French] -25-February-2005

Poster: The smoker's body [pdf 7mb Spanish/French] -25-February-2005

Potential method for preventing type 1 diabetes discovered -24-February-2005

Potentially harmful fluoride levels found in some instant teas -26-January-2005

Practical considerations for the clinical use of buprenorphine -3-January-2005

Precise radiation therapy helps prostate cancer patients avoid dysfunction -8-January-2005

Premature birth significantly increases risk of esophageal cancer -1-March-2005

Premature births from inflammation and infection rapidly detected by proteomics technology -5-February-2005

Premenstrual syndrome carries high costs for employers -23-January-2005

Prescribing and product information: Ventavis (iloprost) -2-January-2005

Prescribing information: Abraxane™ for Injectable Suspension (paclitaxel protein-bound particles for injectable suspension) -8-January-2005

Prescribing information: Adderall XR -10-February-2005

Prescribing information: Campral (acamprosate calcium)--Update 2004 -14-January-2005

Prescribing information: Duragesic (fentanyl transdermal system) -1-February-2005

Prescribing information: Enablex (darifenacin) extended-release tablets (7.5mg and 15mg) -15-January-2005

Prescribing information: Exanta (ximelagatran) -9-February-2005

Prescribing information: Revised label -- Crestor (rosuvastatin calicum) -5-March-2005

Prescribing information: Symilin -19-March-2005

Prescription transactions safer in the middle of the month when pharmacy workload lighter -6-January-2005

Prescribing information: Singulair (montelukast sodium) -15-February-2005

Prescribing information: Vaccinia Immune Globulin Intravenous (VIGIV)-21-February-2005

Preventing diabetes complications could save $2.5 billion annually -5-March-2005

Prior caesarean delivery not linked to increased risk of stillbirth -12-February-2005

Pro-inflammatory enzyme linked to diabetes; Immune system's macrophages may be key to treatment -1-February-2005

Pro-inflammatory protein contributes to Crohn's disease -6-February-2005

Progesterone therapy could prevent thousands of preterm births -31-January-2005

A prognostic marker for outcome in ventilator-associated pneumonia -3-January-2005

Protein adiponectin appears protective against heart disease -22-January-2005

Protein in fly saliva speeds healing of incisions, wounds -23-January-2005

Public interest advocates question NIH enhanced access policy -6-February-2005

Pushy parents can be bad for their children's health -23-March-2005



Quality of preschooler diets hurt by added sugar -12-January-2005

Questions and answers about the seizure of Paxil CR and Avandamet -5-March-2005

Quick reference: Managing asthma during pregnancy: Recommendations for pharmacologic treatment--Update 2004 -11-January-2005



Radiofrequency identification technology: Protecting the drug supply -27-March-2005

Radiography used to identify teens with sleep apnea -16-March-2005

Radiologists urge greater awareness of circulatory damage caused by DVT -10-March-2005

Rapid, new test develped for inherited immune deficiency; Newborn screening could detect bubble boy illness early, save lives -23-February-2005

Rebuilding wounded veterans: Annual review of limb loss & prosthetics research -22-January-2005

Recognizing new aneurysm syndrome can save lives -31-January-2005

Recommendations of the Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee: Guidance on public reporting of healthcare-associated infections -9-March-2005

Referrals to palliative care come too late to improve quality of life for cancer patients -23-February-2005

Regular cannabis may increase risk of stroke in young users -21-February-2005

Repeated unexpected infant deaths most likely to be from natural causes -1-January-2005

Report: Prostate cancer, breast cancer leading newly diagnosed cancers -16-January-2005

Research identifies proteins crucial to construction of brain’s information superhighway -11-February-2005

Research reveals more than 17 percent of 8th graders report having used inhalants -8-January-2005

Research says your happiness makes your partner happy – but only if you are married -23-March-2005

Researchers confirm Vioxx nearly doubled cardiovascular risks in cancer prevention study -16-February-2005

Researchers developing MicroJet for ouchless injections -20-March-2005

Researchers discover fat gene; Finding may offer new target for controlling obesity, diabetes -19-January-2005

Researchers discover link between insulin and Alzheimer's -7-March-2005

Researchers discover molecule that causes secondary stroke -25-March-2005

Researchers identify gene that plays major role in age-related blindness disease -11-March-2005

Researchers uncover key step in manufacture of memory protein -27-February-2005

Researchers uncover mutated genes involved in lung cancer; one affects nonsmokers -2-March-2005

Review: About shingles -10-March-2005

Review: Arthritis-14-March-2005

Revised interim guidance for late-season influenza vaccination -29-January-2005

Rheumatoid arthritis patients at higher risk for unrecognized heart disease and cardiac sudden death -3-February-2005

Risk of herpes infection rises with oral sex -1-March-2005

Rising rates of HIV infection -11-February-2005

Risky surgery not always necessary to treat cervical disease -24-March-2005

Routine dental panoramic X-rays not necessary, study shows -17-March-2005

Rubella no longer major public health threat in the United States -27-March-2005



St. John's wort amplifies effect of blood thinner Plavix -7-March-2005

Salacia oblonga, a traditional medicinal herb, lowers blood sugar and insulin levels -15-February-2005

SAMHSA Unveils State Substance Abuse Data from 2003 National Survey on Drug Use and Health -14-February-2005

School-based smoking prevention programs ineffective -4-March-2005

Scientific evidence for diets: don't believe everything you read -23-February-2005

Scientists detect probable genetic cause of some Parkinson's disease cases -18-January-2005

Scientists regenerate optic nerve for the first time -24-February-2005

Scientists replicate hepatitis C virus in laboratory -24-February-2005

Scientists reveal cells' 'energy factories' linked to cancer -31-January-2005

Scientists suggest a role for estrogen receptor in behavioral sex differences -17-March-2005

Second national reports on quality and disparities find improvements in health care quality, although disparities remain-22-February-2005

Secondhand smoke exposure may lower children’s IQ by 2 to 5 points -9-January-2005

Serum sodium level is a major predictor of a poor prognosis for heart failure patients -8-March-2005

Severe injuries on the rise among children and adolescents riding motorbikes -7-March-2005

Severity of liver disease not a reliable indicator of quality of life -23-January-2005

Sex, drug use increase risk of teen depression, suicide -15-March-2005

Shallow hip socket predicts osteoarthritis of the hip -3-March-2005

Sharing clinical trial results with participants may be beneficial -14-March-2005

Silence the gene, save the cell: RNA interference as promising therapy for ALS -16-March-2005

Similar results found in both older and younger patients undergoing weight-loss surgery -22-February-2005

Simple treatment could prevent many child malaria deaths -13-February-2005

Single-donor islet transplantation procedure shows promise for patients with type 1 diabetes -16-February-2005

Singulair (montelukast sodium) significantly reduces asthma exacerbations in young children -15-February-2005

Slashing sodium no simple answer to high blood pressure -26-February-2005

Sleep-deprived medical interns double their risk of car crashes -13-January-2005

Soap and water work best in ridding hands of disease viruses -16-March-2005

'Speaker's cramp', a new type of involuntary mouth-, lip-muscle movement -17-March-2005

Special imaging study shows failing hearts are “energy starved” -4-February-2005

Stage set for development of urine test to deterimine risk of preeclampsia -5-January-2005

Stanford patient is first to test new treatment for peripheral arterial disease -24-March-2005

Standford researchers: Brain-scanning technologies need standards -20-February-2005

Stat5 protein inhibits spread of breast cancer cells -7-February-2005

Statement by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH): "Impact of influenza vaccination on seasonal mortality in the US elderly population" by Simonsen et al. -18-February-2005

Statement on the findings of the Women's Health Study -8-March-2005

Status of the WHO framework convention on tobacco control -25-February-2005

Study examines rates of injection drug use in metropolitan areas -15-March-2005

Steady rise in HIV among heterosexuals in the UK -13-March-2005

Stem cells given in minimally invasive procedure improve heart function -26-January-2005

Stick-to-it: Diet adherance, not type of diet, key to losing weight -5-January-2005

A story of bipolar disorder (manic-depressive illness): Does this sound like you? -26-February-2005

Stroke warning signs often occur hours or days before attack -8-March-2005

Studies expand understanding of X chromosome -20-March-2005

Study confirms ICDs more effective in preventing sudden cardiac death than medical therapies -20-January-2005

Study discovers serious deficiencies in 'apparently normal' heart valves -25-January-2005

Study explores antibiotic misuse -1-January-2005

Study finds anticonvulsant drug poses greater birth-defect risk than suspected -22-March-2005

Study finds direct association between cardiovascular disease and periodontal bacteria -8-February-2005

Study finds drug eluting stents as effective as vascular brachytherapy in preventing restenosis -8-March-2005

Study finds majority of women willing to accept cervical cancer vaccine for self and children -23-March-2005

Study finds new designer drug is potent treatment for chronic myelogenous leukemia -20-February-2005

Study finds no evidence of a 'cancer personality' -24-January-2005

Study: Herpes virus found in 98% of asymptomatic, healthy individuals -6-January-2005

Study: Isolatimg patients with MRSA does not reduce cross-infection -7-January-2005

Study links maternal depression to low birth weights in newborns -23-January-2005

Study provides insights on why some prostate cancer becomes resistant to hormone withdrawl therapy -27-January-2005

Study says rare allergic reactions to drug-eluting stents may raise risk for heart attack -8-March-2005

Study sheds light on cross-species infection for BSE -30-January-2005

Study shows depressed heart disease patients fail to take prescribed life-saving medication -10-March-2005

Study shows diabetes increases risk of blood poisoning -28-January-2005

Study shows larger babies have higher risk of certain cancers in adulthood -7-February-2005

Study shows long-term use of NSAIDs causes severe intestinal damage -4-January-2005

Study supports use of aspirin in treating pregnancy disorder -22-March-2005

Study: Unintentional non-fire-related carbon monoxide exposures — United States, 2001–2003 -23-January-2005

Substance protects resilient Staph bacteria -5-February-2005

Surgery combined with heated chemotherapy drugs improve survival rates among peritoneal cancer patients -6-March-2005

System used to check heart health during stress test my have application in the labor and deliver room -8-January-2005



Task force recommends that male smokers between the ages of 65 and 75 be screened for abdominal aortic aneurysm -1-February-2005

TB at all-time low, but decline is slowing and racial disparities persist -27-March-2005

Test could improve detection of prion disease in humans -15-February-2005

Testosterone supplements for elderly men -1-February-2005

To control germs, scientists deploy tiny agents provocateurs -15-March-2005

Tobacco industry pays scientists to challenge secondhand smoke's link to infant death risk -7-March-2005

Too shy: Some children process facial expressions differently -3-January-2005

Traffic fumes damage DNA -22-March-2005

Transmission of hepatitis B virus among persons undergoing blood glucose monitoring in long-term--care facilities --- Mississippi, North Carolina, and Los Angeles County, California, 2003--2004 -18-March-2005

Treatment guidelines for kids with bipolar disorder published -22-February-2005

Trial of percutaneous cardiac recovery system expanded from 8 centers to 40 -14-January-2005

Triple-Drug therapy promising against African HIV subtype -1-January-2005

Troublesome protein may actually minimize the effects of asthma -10-January-2005

Tumor-targeted immune cells cure prostate cancer in mice without causing systemic immune suppression -16-March-2005

Turkey hunting most dangerous, deer hunting most deadly -11-March-2005

Twenty somethings with sleep apnea most likely to die -24-February-2005

Two minutes of magnetic stimulation can change your brain for an hour -20-January-2005

Two New York City residents diagnosed with rare sexually transmitted infection; same strain found in Europe -12-February-2005

Two self-fulfilling prophecies are stronger, and more harmful, than one -4-January-2005

Type of weight loss surgery more effective at reducing insulin resistance -25-January-2005



UCF stem cell research may hold promise for treating Alzheimer's disease -12-February-2005

UCI researchers uncover how plaque in neck artery leads to stroke-inducing blood clots -8-February-2005

UCI study finds nicotine can eliminate gender differences in brain activity -19-February-2005

UCSD researchers maintain stem cells without contaminated animal feeder layers -25-March-2005

UCSD team discovers specialized, rare heart stem cells in newborns -10-February-2005

UK Best practice guidance: Acquired brain injury -13-February-2005

UK crematoria warned about mercury pollution -10-January-2005

UK reveals flu pandemic plan amid criticism -18-March-2005

U.S.-born Mexican Americans have a higher asthma rate -17-January-2005

U.S. marshals seize lots of GlaxoSmithKline's Paxil CR and Avandamet tablets because of continuing manufacturing violations -5-March-2005

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force: Screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm -3-February-2005

US rates of death, disability from sexual behaviour triple other wealthy nations -30-January-2005

US syphilis epidemics not driven by increases in unsafe sex say researchers -27-January-2005

UT Southwestern researchers find calcium intake contributing factor in formation of kidney stones -1-January-2005

UT Southwestern researchers uncover gene variant that appears to predict type 2 diabetes -24-March-2005

Unemployed women at higher risk for cardiovascular disease -20-February-2005

Update #4: South and Southeast Asia earthquake and tsunamis -2-January-2005

Update #5: South Asia earthquake and tsunamis -4-January-2005

Update #6: South Asia earthquake and tsunamis -- 150 000 people at 'extreme risk' of dying of preventable disease -5-January-2005

Update #7: South Asia earthquake and tsunami -6-January-2005

Update #8: South Asia earthquake and tsunamis - 29-January-2005 -29-January-2005

Urinary tract infections likely caused by tainted food -4-January-2005

Use of computerized clinical support systems in medical settings: United States, 2001–03 -27-March-2005

Using acid-suppressors increases risk of pneumonia -3-January-2005

Using HIV to seek and destroy cancer cells -14-February-2005



Valentine's Day: Falling in love in three minutes or less -14-February-2005

Vanderbilt University develops portable infectious disease detector -15-January-2005

Varicella vaccine effective on chicken pox; Impact on herpes zoster unclear -6-February-2005

Viagra used in stroke recovery study -19-February-2005

Vidyya resource page: Tobacco cessation educational materials -25-February-2005

Vioxx went mostly to patients who didn't need it, Stanford researcher says -22-January-2005

Vitamin A warning: Limit liver, watch other sources of vitamin A -13-January-2005

Vitamin C not an exercise performance enhancer -7-January-2005

Vitamin D injections may significantly improve survival in dialysis patients -1-March-2005



Weight-loss and exercise study compares center- and home-based programs -6-February-2005

Weight loss may be an early sign of dementia in the elderly -11-January-2005

Weight status of children ages 8 to 15 predicts obesity, high blood pressure -12-March-2005

What we learn about smallpox from movies - Fact or fiction -2-January-2005

While under pressure those most likely to succeed will most likely fail -8-February-2005

WHO guidance for the timely sharing of influenza viruses/specimens with potential to cause human influenza pandemics -18-March-2005

WHO reinvigorates role to fight ‘big three’ diseases -18-March-2005

Why is tobacco a public health priority? -25-February-2005

Women still less likely than men to be identified as having heart attack, despite new guidlines -17-January-2005


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Young men are least likely to use seat belts, but almost 90 percent of American adults wear them regularly -6-January-2005

Younger adults don't cope as well with pain as their elders -25-January-2005



Zinc deficiency linked to increased risk of less-common form of esophageal cancer -16-February-2005

Zinc may help prevent esophageal, oral cancers -8-January-2005




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