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Archives by Title - Volume 8, 2006 


Aflatoxin in Diamond Pet food prompts recall, investigation by FDA-7-January-2006

Am I at risk for type 2 diabetes? -8-January-2006

Anthroposophic lifestyle reduces risk of allergic disease in children -11-January-2006

Antibiotics do not prevent recurrent myocardial infarcts in subjects with periodontitis -6-January-2006

Apolipoprotein A-IV (apoA-IV) can accurately predict the long-term risk of progressive loss of kidney function-9-January-2006


Black baby girls more likely to live when born very premature -4-January-2006

Blood flow in brain takes a twist, affecting views of Alzheimer's -6-January-2006

Bringing hearts back to life -5-January-2006


Cesium-131 brachytherapy: Fewer side effects than other prostate cancer treatments -9-January-2006

Controlling urinary incontinence -1-January-2006

Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine develops protein tests to accurately diagnose pet food-poisoned dogs -7-January-2006

Cup o' calcium: That morning Joe may be better than you think-9-January-2006

Cystic fibrosis clinical study patients show less lung function decline -2-January-2006


Diabetes. You could be at risk. Take the test—know your score! -8-January-2006

Dietary guidelines for Americans 2005 (PDF 4.8 MB) -8-January-2006

Dogs keep dying: Too many owners remain unaware of toxic dog food -7-January-2006


Early drinking in teens linked to alcohol use in movies -13-January-2006

Epilepsy and seizures can occur at any age -1-January-2006



A FAT chance of becoming manic-depressive -13-January-2006

FDA acts to protect public from fraudulent avian flu therapies -1-January-2006

FDA cautions consumers against filling U.S. prescriptions abroad drugs with same or similar names may contain different active ingredients than in U.S. and pose health risks -12-January-2006

15 percent work under influence of alcohol -10-January-2006

Finding your way to a healthier you: Based on the dietary guidelines for Americans -8-January-2006

Flu not the only germ threat this time of year -13-January-2006


Game plan: Fat and calorie counter -7-January-2006

Game plan: Food and activity tracker -8-January-2006

Gene-specific Ebola therapies protect non-human primates from lethal disease -13-January-2006

Genetics plays a role in the side effects experienced by people taking painkillers -5-January-2006

Genomics and medical devices: A new paradigm for health care -1-January-2006



Harmonized childhood and adolescent immunization schedule, 2006 -7-January-2006

Hedgehog protein blocks fat production, produces more bone -11-January-2006

Hopkins researcher links gene mutation with poor outcomes in people with most common thyroid cancer -7-January-2006


The impact of smoking and genes on rheumatoid arthritis -4-January-2006

Intraperitoneal chemotherapy administration prolongs survival for women with advanced ovarian cancer -5-January-2006


Journal of Alzheimer's Disease is devoted to metal ions and neurodegenerative diseases -13-January-2006


Key heart and Alzheimer's disease protein imaged for first time in native state -13-January-2006


Loosen leash on cancer protein 'watchdog,' researchers say-2006

Lung cancer screening encouraged for smokers with a strong family history of the disease -2-January-2006


Medical devices needed for children -1-January-2006

Mental stress may lead to heart disease -10-January-2006

Most behaviors preceding major causes of preventable death have begun by young adulthood -12-January-2006


Nanotechnology: The size of things to come -1-January-2006

National statistics for 18 major birth defects released -6-January-2006

NCI issues clinical announcement for preferred method of treatment for advanced ovarian cancer -5-January-2006

New evidence to support combination therapy for achieving remission of early rheumatoid arthritis -4-January-2006

New generation clinical trials could save time and money, improve patient care -6-January-2006

New injectable medicine (Boniva) is alternative for quarterly treatment of osteoporosis -9-January-2006

New insights into neural tube defects -12-January-2006

New 'self-exploding' microcapsules could take sting out of drug delivery -4-January-2006

New study challenges previous reports of cannibalism as a worldwide selective force -4-January-2006

New treatment promising for ulcerative colitis sufferers -3-January-2006

New weapon in battle against osteoporosis -3-January-2006

Newer football helmet design may reduce incidence of concussions in high school players -10-January-2006

Nobelist discovers antidepressant protein in mouse brain -7-January-2006

Not so different after all: Mysterious eye cells adapt to light -5-January-2006

Nurse delivers world's first baby from frozen donor egg -3-January-2006


One in five patients on commonly prescribed diuretics have abnormal sodium and potassium levels -11-January-2006


Parents' impressions of neighborhood safety linked to children's weight -3-January-2006

Penn study reveals prevalence of night eating syndrome among people with psychiatric conditions -2-January-2006

Perinatal complications linked to eating disorders -3-January-2006

Practice makes deadly perfection, FSU suicide researcher says -12-January-2006

Prescribing information: Boniva (oral tablets) -9-January-2006

Prevent a child from choking -1-January-2006

Protein finding could lead to treatment for inflammatory diseases -12-January-2006

Psychotropic drug prescriptions for teens surge 250 percent over 7 year period -4-January-2006

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Radiotherapy advance points way to noninvasive brain cancer treatment -2-January-2006

Reduced brain volume may predict dementia in healthy elderly people -3-January-2006

Region of DNA strongly associated with Alzheimer's disease -11-January-2006

Researchers at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center uncover clue to explain invasive brain tumors -11-January-2006

RSV: Winter-borne virus -9-January-2006


Screening for prostate cancer may not reduce men's risk of death -10-January-2006

Small steps. Big rewards. Your game plan for preventing type 2 diabetes -8-January-2006

Smoking while pregnant causes finger, toe deformities -6-January-2006

St. Jude projects 90 percent cure rate for ALL -12-January-2006

Statement on NIH Research on Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes by Allen M. Spiegel, M.D., Director, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) and Elizabeth G. Nabel, M.D., Director, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) -13-January-2006

Structure of viral harpoon protein reveals how viruses enter cells -7-January-2006

Study sheds new light on causes of common STD -4-January-2006

Study shows dogs ability to distinguish breast and lung cancer in people compared to healthy controls -6-January-2006

Suicide risk does not increase when adults start using antidepressants, study finds -2-January-2006

SUVs no safer than passenger cars for children, new study finds -5-January-2006


Three-week diet/exercise study shows 50 percent reversal in metabolic syndrome, Type 2 diabetes -10-January-2006

Treatment for depression study sees third of subjects reach remission after first phase -2-January-2006

Trusted head injury prevention technique debunked -10-January-2006

Tumor cells that border normal tissue are told to leave -10-January-2006

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VCU Massey Cancer Center researchers identify a new class of anti-cancer drugs based on platinum -3-January-2006

VCU study suggests that heritability of major depression is higher in women than in men -6-January-2006

Viral 'fitness' explains different resistance patterns to AIDS drugs -11-January-2006

Viral infections during the perinatal period associated with cerebral palsy -9-January-2006


Why the brain has 'gray matter' -12-January-2006

Wisconsin scientists grow two new stem cell lines in animal cell-free culture -2-January-2006

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Yale study explains complex infection fighting mechanism -11-January-2006

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