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Archives by Title - Volume 11, 2009 

1 in 6 public health workers unlikely to respond in pandemic flu emergency

1 shot of gene therapy and children with congenital blindness can now see

10 X ‘20: ID experts call for 10 new antibiotics by 2020

1-finger exercise reveals unexpected limits to dexterity

2 genes cooperate to cause aggressive leukemia

2 reproductive factors are important predictors of death from ovarian cancer

22-year study finds adults aren't active enough

29 percent of cancer studies report conflict of interest

30-year follow-up study: 'Tremendous' impact of smoking on mortality and cardiovascular disease

4 national groups of surgeons respond to the Institute of Medicine's recommendation

4 out of 106 heart replacement valves from pig hearts failed

45,000 excess deaths annually linked to lack of health insurance: Harvard study

75 percent would consider letting an unsupervised trainee perform surgery if it could be done quicker

94 year old researcher petitions FDA to ban trans fats

A balancing act in Parkinson's disease: Phosphorylation of alpha-synuclein

A better test to detect DNA for diagnosing diease, investigating crimes

A case of post-gastrectomy acute pancreatitis

A crystal ball for brain cancer?

A decade later, lifestyle changes or metformin still lower type 2 diabetes risk

A 'heart healthy' diet and ongoing, moderate physical activity may protect against cognitive decline

A loved one’s substance abuse problem

A new molecule to combat diabetes and obesity

A pioneering study of certified nursing assistants (CNAs) in nursing homes reveals that more than half of them incurred at least one work-related injury in the previous year.

A potential new imaging agent for early diagnosis of most serious skin cancer

A potential treatment for gastric motility disorders

A protein that protects against Alzheimer's?

A sense of urgency: rethinking the clinical trial development process

A severe vomiting sickness with chronic cannabis abuse

A simple way for middle aged and older adults to assess how stiff their arteries are: reach for their toes

A simpler definition for major depressive disorder

A stronger backbone: DHEA hormone replacement increases bone density in older women

A ticking bomb: Novel ucla procedure treats high-risk aortic aneurysms

A ticking bomb: Novel ucla procedure treats high-risk aortic aneurysms

A urine test for appendicitis?

AAP supports the IDF guideline on oral health for people with diabetes

Ability to literally imagine oneself in another's shoes may be tied to empathy

Ability to process information as a baby continues into adulthood

Abnormal brain circuits may prevent movement disorder

Abnormal EKG can predict death in stroke patients

Abstaining from alcohol consumption is associated with an increased risk of depression

ACC/AHA updated heart failure guidelines focus on key research findings, clinical advances

Accelerated bone growth may be an indicator of hypertension in children

Accurate assessment of heart disease leads to earlier, more aggressive therapy

Acetaminophen and liver injury: Q & A for consumers

Acetaminophen may be linked to asthma in children and adults

Acid-reducing medicines may lead to dependency

Acizumab approved for recurrent glioblastoma brain cancer

ACP expresses views on key issues in H.R. 3590, Senate 'Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act'

Action video games improve vision

Active ingredients in marijuana found to spread and prolong pain

Acupuncture may bring relief for a common condition in women

Acupuncture may help symptoms of PTSD

Acupuncture 'probably ineffective' in treatment of hot flushes

Acupuncture reduces hot flashes, improves sex drive for breast cancer patients

Acupuncture stops headaches, but 'faked' treatments work almost as well

Acupuncture: an introduction

Acute gastric injury due to high-dose analgesics?

ADA releases updated position paper on vegetarian diets

Adapting capsule endoscopy for colorectal cancer screening

Addictive effects of caffeine on kids being studied by UB neurobiologist

Adding flaxseed oil to the diet could reduce the risk of osteoporosis in post-menopausal women

Addition of dasatinib to standard chemo cocktail may enhance effect in certain ovarian cancers

Adenoviral vector specifically targeted to EphA2 receptor in pancreatic cancer cells

ADHD genes found, known to play roles in neurodevelopment

Adolescents who work for pay more likely to use tobacco

Adult-onset diabetes slows mental functioning in several ways, with deficits appearing early

Adults show a poor understanding of Alzheimer's link to heart health risk factors

Adults with asthma not getting their flu shots

Advance toward first saliva test for Type 2 diabetes

Advances being made in the treatment of hepatitis

Adverse consequences of obesity may be greater than previously thought

Adverse symptom reporting by patients vs. clinicians

Aerobically unfit young adults on road to diabetes in middle age

After heart attack, bone marrow stem cells increase blood flow within heart

Agent Orange exposure associated with increased risk of ischemic heart disease and Parkinson's disease

AHA stands by advice to include omega-6 PUFAs in heart-healthy diet

AHRQ's Guide to Clinical Preventive Services 2009 now available

Aiming to avoid damage to neurocognitive areas of the brain during cranial radiation

Air pollution increases infants' risk of bronchiolitis

Air pollution may trigger appendicitis

AJCN study shows moderate alcohol consumption related to stronger bones

Alcohol and smoking are key causes for bowel cancer

Alcohol-induced flushing is a risk factor for esophageal cancer from alcohol consumption

Allergies among youth on the rise

Allergy season: Cigarettes to the rescue?

Altered brain activity in schizophrenia may cause exaggerated focus on self

Alternative therapies can be safe, effective for children

Alzheimer cell death in Zebrafish: Demise of neurons observed live for the first time

Alzheimer's disease neuroimaging initiative announces completion of genome-wide analysis

Alzheimer's disease therapeutic prevents long-term damage from TBI in pre-clinical studies

Alzheimer's research yields potential drug target

Alzheimer's: New findings resolve long dispute about how the disease might kill brain cells

American College of Physicians Policy Monograph 2009: A public plan option in a health insurance connector

American College of Physicians Policy Monograph 2009: Individual mandates in health insurance reform

American College of Physicians Policy Monograph 2009: Reforming the tax exclusion for health insurance

AMI: The scale of the problem

Amid the flu epidemic, don't forget RSV in young children

An advance in solving the mysterious machine-workers' disease

An amnesic patient with an extraordinary distorted memory

An apple a day keeps kidney stones away

An e-mail intervention program is an effective way to significantly improve diet and physical activity by helping people move more, sit less

An herbal extract inhibits the development of pancreatic cancer

An HIV-blocking gel for women

Analysis does not support association between genetic marker, stress and risk of depression

Anemia drug not helpful for kidney disease patients

Anesthesiologists study antidote for local anesthetic drug toxicity

Angina in the legs? Time to alert patients and physicians

Annual report to the nation on the status of cancer, 1975-2006, featuring colorectal cancer trends and impact of interventions (risk factors, screening, and treatment) to reduce future rates

Another genetic change linked to neuroblastoma: missing DNA

Anti-aging cosmetic reduced wrinkles in clinical trial

Antibiotic-resistant infections cost the U.S. healthcare system in excess of $20 billion annually

Antibody targeting of glioblastoma shows promise in preclinical tests, say Lombardi researchers

Antibody-guided drug shows encouraging activity in metastatic breast cancer

Antidepressant use during pregnancy associated with some adverse outcomes in newborns

Antidepressants may increase risk of stroke and death

Antidepressants: benefit of SNRI is proven

Anti-inflammatory drugs (coxibs) interfere with aspirin's anti-clotting properties

Anti-inflammatory drugs may defeat a treatment-resistant type of cancer

Antimicrobial antibodies in celiac disease: Trick or treat?

Antimicrobial peptide discovered from ancient organism may be effective against multiresistant human pathogens including MRSA

Antipsychotic drugs double risk of death among Alzheimer’s patients

Anti-tumor necrosis factor treatment does not increase cancer Risk in RA patients

Apathy common in dementia patients with brain changes

Approved drugs restore sensitivity to appetite suppressant fat hormone

Approved lymphoma drug shows promise in early tests against bone cancer

ARDS mortality is unchanged since 1994

Are stroke survivors taking their medicine?

Are the monoamines involved in shaping conduct disorders?

Arterial disease of the leg frequently overlooked in patients with heart disease

Arthritis drug might prove effective in fighting the flu, study suggests

Artificial intelligence helps diagnose cardiac infections

Artificial liver for drug tests

As CDC issues new autism prevalence report, autism speaks asks, "what will it take?" For government to meet the challenge of this national health crisis

As good as it gets: Octogenarian muscles don’t get stronger with exercise

Aspirin and similar drugs may be associated with brain microbleeds in older adults

Aspirin appears to help lower risk of stroke for patients with peripheral artery disease

Aspirin use after colorectal cancer diagnosis associated with improved survival

Aspirin works for primary prevention in moderate and high risk diabetics

Assessing lead time of selected ovarian cancer biomarkers

Asthma episodes decrease with reduced ETS exposure

ATP is a key to feel warm temperature

ATS, ERS jointly issue asthma assessment guidelines

AUA counters mainstream recommendations with new best practice statement on PSA testing

Aussie and Kiwi researchers make double MS genetic discovery

Australian scientists plan to test breast regrowth in six patients next year

Autism in the UK costs more than $41 billion every year, shows new research

Autism linked with stress hormone levels

Autoimmune response can induce pancreatic tumor rejection

Automated analysis of MR images may identify early Alzheimer’s disease

Automated analysis of MR images may identify early Alzheimer’s disease

Automobile restraints do not increase chance of fetal complications following accidents

Autopsy study links prostate cancer to singe rogue cell

Avastin effective at delaying brain tumor progression in recurrent disease

Avian influenza strain primes brain for Parkinson's disease

Baby’s sleep position is the major factor in ‘flat-headedness’

Bad mix of bacterial remnants and genetics leads to arthritis

Baking soda: For cooking, cleaning, and kidney health?

Baking soda: For cooking, cleaning, and kidney health?

Barriers to diabetes care include restaurants and high-risk lifestyles, says international review

Be overweight and live longer

Beetroot juice boosts stamina, new study shows

Behavioral training improves connectivity and function in the brain

Bell's palsy: Study calls for rethink of cause and treatment

'Beneficial' effects of alcohol: researchers urge caution on recent results, suggest life-style factors real source

Benefit of memantine in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease not proven

Benefit to women not enough to sway men to get HPV vaccine

Ben-Gurion University Alzheimer's researcher demonstrates specific immune response to vaccine

Beta-blockers and stroke -- new insights into their use for older people

Better blood screening process needed to prevent babesiosis transmission

Beverage consumption a bigger factor in weight

Big men more susceptible to atrial fibrillation

Biodesign institute researchers use nanoparticles to make 3-D DNA nanotubes

Biological timekeeper studies reveal new temperature regulator and track clock protein across a day

Biologists discover 'death stench' is a universal ancient warning signal

Biotransformed blueberry juice fights fat and diabetes

Black young adults hospitalized for stroke at much higher rate than whites, Hispanics

Blackcurrants fight dark circles under eyes

Bladder cells feel stretch

Blast overpressure is generated from the firing of weapons and may cause brain injury

Bleeding hearts revealed with new scan

Blocking toxic effects could make clot-buster safer

Blood flow in Alzheimer's disease

Blood pressure medication to treat multiple sclerosis?

Blood stem cell growth factor reverses memory decline in mice

Blood test identifies women at risk from Alzheimer's

Blood test shows promise for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease

Blood thinner causes stroke in some dialysis patients

Blood transfusions and outcomes

Blue light-filtering increases macular pigment, may protect against age-related vision loss

Body clock regulates metabolism, finds UCI study

Body's immune system response to dental plaque varies by gender and race

Bonanza of new oral drugs offers hope for MS patients

Bone drugs linked to fewer cases of breast cancer

Bone marrow cells may significantly reduce risk of second heart attack

Boston University reseachers develop faster, cheaper DNA sequencing method

Bourbon versus vodka: Bourbon hurts more the next day, performance is the same

Boys with urogenital birth defects are 33 percent more common in villages sprayed with DDT

BPA, chemical used to make plastics, found to leach from polycarbonate drinking bottles into humans

Brain activation can predict the strategies people use to make risky decisions

Brain circuit abnormalities may underlie bulimia nervosa in women

Brain defect implicated in early schizophrenia

Brain detects happiness more quickly than sadness

Brain difference in psychopaths identified

Brain disorder suggests common mechanism may underlie many neurodegenerative diseases

Brain imaging and proteins in spinal fluid may improve Alzheimer's prediction and diagnosis

Brain injured athletes may benefit from hypothermia research

Brain malformations significantly associated with preterm birth, Wake Forest research shows

Brain plaques in healthy individuals linked to increased Alzheimer's risk

Brain plasticity: Changes and resets in homeostasis

Brain represents tools as temporary body parts, study confirms

Brain scan study shows cocaine abusers can control cravings

Brain training can help improve specific abilities in older people

Brain's response to seeing food may be linked to weight loss maintenance

Brandeis studies evaluate visionary approach to improving eyesight

Breakthrough in Alzheimer's research

Breast cancer drug helps patients with gastric cancer

Breast cancer drug shows promise for treating, preventing progestin-dependent tumors

Breast cancer patients with high risk gene diagnosed 6 years earlier than generation before

Breast cancer trial suspends recruitment

Breast cancer: To screen or not to screen?

Breast density associated with increased risk of cancer recurrence

Breathing technique can reduce frequency, severity of asthma attacks

Bright lights, not-so-big pupils

Broccoli sprouts may prevent stomach cancer by defeating Helicobacter pylori

Brown researchers work out structure of TIGAR, a possible cancer flag

Bureaucracy stifling studies

BUSM researchers find prenatal cocaine exposure may compromise neurocognitive development

Caffeine appears to be beneficial in males–but not females–with Lou Gehrig’s disease

Caffeine doesn't reverse the negative cognitive impact of alcohol, study shows

Caffeine reverses memory impairment in Alzheimer's mice

Caltech scientists reveal how neuronal activity is timed in brain's memory-making circuits

Camphor-containing products may cause seizures in children

Can cleft palate be healed before birth?

Canadian scientists link fat hormone to death from potentially deadly blood infection

Cancer doctors urged to discuss treatment costs with patients

Cancer drug is no different in effectiveness as gold standard treatment for macular degeneration

Cancer genomics: building haystacks, finding needles

Cancer metabolism discovery uncovers new role of IDH1 gene mutation in brain cancer

Cancer mortality rates experience steady decline

Cancer survivors and their doctors have different expectations about care

Cancer: The cost of being smarter than chimps?

Cancer-causing gene discovery suggests new therapies

Cancer's distinctive pattern of gene expression could aid early screening and prevention

Cancers' sweet tooth may be weakness

Car surfing

Car surfing

Carvedilol shown to have unique characteristics among beta blockers

Case studies: Dietary supplements with steroids pose health

Caucasians are at higher risk of developing Ewing's sarcoma than other races

Causative gene of a rare disorder discovered by sequencing only protein-coding regions of genome

CDC recommendations for the amount of time persons with influenza-like illness should be away from others

Celiac disease four times more common than in 1950s

Cell cycle kinases as therapeutic targets for cancer

Cell study explains why younger people more at risk of vCJD

Cellular target may prove useful in treating deadly brain tumors

Cerebrospinal fluid shows Alzheimer's disease deterioration much earlier

Certain biomarkers may have limited benefit for predicting cardiovascular events

Certain cancers more common among HIV patients than non-HIV patients

Chances of surviving cardiac arrest depend on where patients are treated

Changes in brain chemicals mark shifts in infant learning

Changing the price of foods may significantly affect Americans' weight

Chantix and Zyban to get boxed warning on serious mental health events

Checklist implementation manual

Chemical found in medical devices impairs heart function

Chemobrain – the flip side of surviving cancer

Chemotherapy combination outcomes differ for aged, younger colon cancer patients

Chest ultrasound as useful as chest CT in the eval of pediatric patients with complicated pneumonia

Chicago team uses artificial intelligence to diagnose metastatic cancer

Childbearing increases risk of metabolic syndrome

Childbirth and deliveries are becoming more complicated

Childhood arthritis: common but preventable consequence of Lyme disease

Childhood lead exposure causes permanent brain damage

Childhood obesity risk increased by newly-discovered genetic mutations, says study

Children who often drink full-fat milk weigh less

Children with autism need to be taught in smaller groups, pilot study confirms

Children with egg allergies may tolerate heated egg

Children with headache

Children with inflammatory bowel disease have surprisingly high folate levels, study finds

Chinese acupuncture affects brain's ability to regulate pain, UM study shows

Chinese herbal medicines for preventing diabetes in high risk people

Chinese herbal remedy shows promise for treating rheumatoid arthritis

Chlorophylls effective against aflatoxin

Cholesterol control genes found that may point to heart disease risk

Cholesterol necessary for brain development

Cholesterol-lowering drugs also may protect stem cell transplant patients from GVHD

Cholesterol-lowering medicines may be effective against cancer

Chondroitin slows progression and relieves symptoms of knee osteoarthritis

Chronic ankle pain may be more than just a sprain

Chronic diarrhea unresponsive to conventional medication: Are you taking lansoprazole?

Chronic kidney disease linked to malfunctioning mitochondria

Chronic pain found to increase risk of falls in older adults

Cigarette smoke may alter immune response in COPD exacerbations

Citrus surprise: Vitamin C boosts the reprogramming of adult cells into stem cells

Clean fuels could reduce deaths from ship smokestacks by 40,000 annually

Cleanliness IS next to godliness: new research shows clean smells unconsciously promote moral behavior

Clinical trial backs use of special yogurt to fight stomach ulcer bacteria

Close caregiver relationship may slow Alzheimer's decline

Clues to gigantism provided by family in Borneo mountains

Clues to visual variant Alzheimer's; myopia and diabetic retinopathy risk

Cocaine vaccine may help some reduce drug use

Cocaine: Perceived as a reward by the brain?

Cognitive dysfunction reversed in mouse model of Down syndrome

Cold and brown fat raise the prospect of a new method of treating obesity

Collagen injections can help some incontinence patients when surgery fails, researcher finds

Collagen VI may help protect the brain against Alzheimer's disease

Collagen-deficient mice show signs of osteoarthritis

College drinking problems, deaths on the rise

Colon capsule endoscopy diagnoses 64% of total polyps detected by conventional colonoscopy

Columbia scientists discover 2 genes that drive aggressive brain cancers

Combo treatment boosts survival in biliary tract cancers

Commentary warns of unexpected consequences of proton pump inhibitor use in reflux disease

Common allergy drug reduces obesity and diabetes in mice

Common cold virus efficiently delivers corrected gene to cystic fibrosis cells

Common fragrance ingredients in shampoos and conditioners are frequent causes of eczema

Common herbal medicine may prevent acetaminophen-related liver damage, says Stanford researcher

Common herbicides and fibrates block nutrient-sensing receptor found in gut and pancreas

Common household pesticides linked to childhood cancer cases in Washington area

Common medication associated with cognitive decline in elderly

Common pain relief medication may encourage cancer growth

Common pain relievers may dilute power of flu shots

Common plastics chemicals linked to ADHD symptoms

Commonly used ulcer drugs may offer treatment potential in Alzheimer's disease

Communication problems in dementia care cause physical strain

Compliance and cost: Bitter pills to swallow in the age of oral chemotherapy

Comprehensive look at rare leukemia finds relatively few genetic changes launch disease

Computer system improves pain therapy for cancer patients

Concerned about coffee?

Concurrent imaging of metabolic and electric signals in the heart

Congressional health-care reform proposals would offer coverage to many without insurance

Connections between diabetes and Alzheimer's disease explored

Consortium of researchers discover retroviral link to chronic fatigue syndrome

COPD patients have greater chance of survival when treated with a combo drugs that include tiotropium

Cortical brain stimulation offers hope to people with treatment-resistant major depression

Cost effectiveness of blood pressure device evaluated

Could drugs for mood disorders, pain and epilepsy cause psychiatric disorders later in life?

Could older population have enough exposure to past H1N1 flu strains to avoid infection?

Could standard treatment for traumatic brain injury be wrong?

Craving hinders comprehension without your realizing it

Creighton files patent for electronic tool to coordinate health care

Critical illness from 2009 H1N1 in Mexico associated with high fatality rate

Cross-country runabouts - immune cells on the move

Crossing the line: how aggressive cells invade the brain

Crosstalk between critical cell-signaling pathways holds clues to tumor invasion and metastasis

CT imaging taken post avastin may predict survival in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer

CT scans show patients with severe cases of H1N1 are at risk for developing acute pulmonary emboli

CT scans: Too much of a good thing can be risky

Current cigarette smokers at increased risk of seizures

Current national primary care policies for childhood obesity need to be improved

Cutting salt isn't the only way to reduce blood pressure

Daily alcohol intake can lead to binge drinking

Daily consumption of cannabis predisposes to the appearance of psychosis and schizophrenia

Danger in disruption

Dark hair? Don't burn? Your genes may still put you at risk for melanoma

Dartmouth researchers find new protein function

DASNR researchers make breakthrough against poxviruses

Daylight could help control our weight

Daylight-saving time leads to less sleep, more injuries on the job

DEAR1 gene may help drive early-onset breast cancer

Death rate decreases following hospitalization for heart attack

Death rates for certain cancers remain higher for African Americans

Death rates same for diabetes and heart disease patients receiving drug therapy or surgery

Deaths related to narcotic pain relievers have doubled since 1991: Study

Debate on administration of magnesium sulfate to pregnant women to prevent cerebral palsy in pre-term infants

Defining the link between anti-TNF therapies and increased tuberculosis

Definitive study confirms chemo benefit in postmenopausal breast cancer

Delirium rapidly accelerates memory decline in Alzheimer's patients

Delusions associated with consistent pattern of brain injury

Dementia drugs may put some patients at risk, Queen’s study shows

Dental researchers ID new target in fight against osteoporosis, periodontitis

Dentist links Fosomax-type drugs to jaw necrosis

Dentists can help to identify patients at risk of a heart attack

Depressed people have trouble learning “good things in life”

Depressed pregnant women could be at higher risk for severe response to flu infection

Depression and anxiety affect up to 15 percent of preschoolers

Depression as deadly as smoking, but anxiety may be good for you

Depression increases cancer patients' risk of dying

Depression linked with accumulation of visceral fat

Depression saps endurance of the brain's reward circuitry

Designing probiotics that ambush gut pathogens

Despite risk, Older African Americans more likely than others to avoid flu vaccine

Destroying amyloid proteins with lasers

Developing a safer form of acetaminophen

Developing safer, more effective drugs to fight obesity

Developmental delay could stem from nicotinic receptor deletion

Device protects transplanted pancreatic cells from the immune system

Diabetes cases to double and costs to triple by 2034

Diabetes drug class linked to vision-threatening complication

Diabetes drug linked to increased risk of heart failure

Diabetes drug metformin shows promise as a breast cancer treatment

Diabetes treatment may lie in helping muscles to burn fat better

Diabetes weakens your bones

Diabetes, obesity and hypertension increase mortality in hepatitis C patients

Diabetics on high-fiber diets might need extra calcium

Diabetics show alarming increase in morbid obesity

Diagnoses of fatigue in primary care patients

Diagnostic technique shows promise for primary Sjögren's syndrome

Did I see what I think I saw?

Diet and exercise intervention helps older, overweight cancer survivors reduce functional decline

Diet may reduce risk of prostate cancer

Diet sodas significantly lower kidney function

Dietary fat linked to pancreatic cancer

Digital mammography plus digital breast tomosynthesis may decrease patient recall rates

Disabling enzyme allows mice to gorge without becoming obese, new study finds

Disaster alternate care facility selection tool: New tools help emergency planners select alternate care facilities and transfer patients during disasters

Discovery could improve hepatitis C treatment

Discovery makes brain tumor cells more responsive to radiation

Discovery points to a new treatment avenue for acute myeloid leukemia

Disparity in use of implantable devices to prevent sudden death in heart failure patients

Disposal by flushing of certain unused medicines: what you should know

DNA repair mechanisms relocate in response to stress

DNA testing may unlock secrets of medieval manuscripts

DNA variations linked to brain tumors

DNA-coated nanotubes help kill tumors without harm to surrounding tissue

Do 3 meals a day keep fungi away?

Do drug therapies raise risk of bladder cancer?

Doctors talk frankly about what encourages and impedes early diagnosis of Alzheimer's

Does a person's insurance coverage affect their access to quality cancer care?

Does Helicobacter pylori eradication therapy prevent gastric cancer?

Does modernization affect children's cognitive development?

Does the stress of being a parent lead to decay in children's teeth

Don’t diet during flu season

Donated stem cell transplants better than self-transplants for most patients with AML

Don't rely on jaundiced eye for assessing newborns

Dopamine-related activity of food reward circuits in the brain and weight gain: A prospective fMRI study

Dormant cancer cells rely on cellular self-cannibalization to survive

Doubts cast on credibility of some published clinical trials

DREAM: 1 gene regulates pain, learning and memory

Drinking 100 percent fruit juice is associated with lower risk of obesity and metabolic syndrome

Drinking coffee slows progression of liver disease in chronic hepatitis C sufferers

Drug being used to improve cognition affects dopamine, suggesting potential for abuse

Drug combinations key in treating neurodegenerative diseases

Drug could provide first treatment for scleroderma

Drug for Alzheimer's disease does not appear to slow cognitive decline

Drug for erectile dysfunction improves heart function in young heart-disease patients

Drug for multiple myeloma demonstrated to significantly extend disease-free survival

Drug inhibits neuroblastoma blood supply in pre-clinical tests

Drug shrinks lung cancer tumors in mice

Drug therapy more cost-effective than angioplasty for diabetic patients with heart disease

Drug-resistant urinary tract infections spreading worldwide

Drugs to treat anemia in cancer patients linked to thromboembolism

Dry mouth linked to prescription and over the counter drugs

Duke develops nano-scale drug delivery for chemotherapy

Duo may help trigger Alzheimer’s disease

E. coli persists against antibiotics through HipA-induced dormancy

Early Alzheimer's diagnosis offers large social, fiscal benefits

Early and network-oriented care may help adolescents at risk of developing psychosis

Early detection of lung cancer: New data presented at multidisciplinary meeting

Early protein processes crucial to formation and layering of myelin membrane

Early results favorable for 5-day radiation treatment of early stage prostate cancer

Early-Stage Parkinson's study to image pre-treatment brain function

Easier access to media by children increases risk for influence on numerous health issues

Easy strength training exercise may help treat tennis elbow, study shows

Eating fatty fish once a week reduces men's risk of heart failure

Eating habits and exercise behaviors in children can deteriorate early

Eating less may not extend life

Eating licorice in pregnancy may affect a child's IQ and behavior

'ECG for the mind' could diagnose depression in an hour

Eczema in children is increasing, but diet is not the cause

Effective pain treatment for cancer patients?

Effects of aspirin and folic acid on inflammation markers for colorectal adenomas

Einstein scientists link elevated insulin to increased breast cancer risk

Elastography reduces unnecessary breast biopsies

Elderly Medicare beneficiaries give their coverage higher ratings than do those with ESI

Elderly women with 'dowager's hump' may be at higher risk of earlier death

Electronic health records emerging as important care, research tool

Electronic health records help cardiac patients remain healthy

Electronic medical records could be used as a predictor of domestic abuse

Electronic pill shows its smarts by measuring pH levels in digestive tract

Electronic prescribing systems boost efficiency, may lead to improved quality of care

Elevated arginase levels contribute to vascular eye disease such as diabetic retinopathy

Elevated level of certain protein in urine linked to increased risk for blood clots

Emergency physicians don’t follow established clinical guidelines for diagnosing patients with possible pulmonary emboli

Emerging imaging modalities impact diagnosis of digestive disease

Endoscopic surgery effectively relieves sinusitis symptoms; large pooled study

Endoscopic ultrasonography can differentiate neoplastic form

Energy gap useful tool for successful weight loss maintenance strategy

Environmental manganese good in trace amounts but can correlate to cancer rates

Enzyme and vitamin define the yin and yang of asthma

Enzyme may be a key to Alzheimer's-related cell death

EphA2-targeted therapy delivers chemo directly to ovarian cancer cells

Epilepsy in the elderly

ESC Press Statement: A consistent decline in heart attack rates following the implementation of smoking bans

ESC Press Statement: Balance organs affect brain blood flow

ESC Press Statement: Excess body weight causes over 124,000 new cancers a year in Europe

ESC Press Statement: Young adults visit doctors least at an age when risky behavior peaks

Essential nutrient found in eggs may help lower risk of neural tube defects

Estrogen receptor-alpha, breast cancer patients and tamoxifen response

Estrogen-dependent switch tempers killing activity of immune cells

Ethnic background may be associated with diabetes risk

Even after age 80, smoking continues to increase one's risk for age-related macular degeneration

Even at advanced age, exercise boosts muscle cells’ energy centers

Even mildly premature infants have increased risk of a common respiratory tract infection

Evidence-based prevention is goal of largest ever study of suicide in the military

Excessive gaming associated with poor sleep hygiene and increased sleepiness

Excessive weight loss can be a bad thing

Exercise benefits patients with chronic heart failure

Exercise can aid recovery after brain radiation

Exercise minimizes weight regain by reducing appetite, burning fat, and lowering ‘defended’ body weight

Existing Parkinson’s disease drug may fight drug-resistant TB

Expectant brains help predict anxiety treatment success

Experimental drug lets B cells live and lymphoma cells die

Experimental drug shows promise against head and neck cancer

Experimental therapy turns on tumor suppressor gene in cancer cells

Experts reach consensus on diagnosis and treatment of bleeding disorders in women

Experts tackle the challenge of managing ductal carcinoma in situ

Experts warn over health check brain scans

Exploring the reasons women choose mastectomies

Exposure to insecticide may play role in obesity epidemic among some women

Exposure to phthalates may be a risk factor for low birth weight in infants

Exposure to secondhand cigarette smoke over a lifetime increased breast cancer risk later in life

Exposure to tobacco smoke in childhood home associated with early emphysema in adulthood

Extended youthfulness as a prevention for Alzheimer's disease

Facing brain cancer, professor works to find cure

Family history of prostate cancer does not affect some treatment outcomes

Farmed fish may pose risk for mad cow disease

Faster, better diagnosis for patients with heart rhythm disorders

Faster, more cost-effective DNA test for crime scenes, disease diagnosis

Fast-food diet cancels out benefits of breastfeeding in preventing asthma

Fat around the middle increases the risk of dementia

Fat in the liver -- not the belly -- is a better marker for disease risk

Fatigue common after myocardial infarction

Fatigue related to radiotherapy may be caused by inflammation

'Fatostatin' is a turnoff for fat genes

Fatty foods -- not empty stomach -- fire up hunger hormone

FDA announces plans for LASIK quality of life project

FDA approves a high dose seasonal influenza vaccine specifically intended for people ages 65 and older

FDA approves Agriflu seasonal influenza vaccine

FDA approves first drug for treatment of peripheral T-cell lymphoma

FDA approves generic aricept to treat dementia related to Alzheimer’s disease

FDA approves Lysteda to treat heavy menstrual bleeding

FDA approves new indication for gardasil to prevent genital warts in men and boys

FDA approves new treatment for advanced form of kidney cancer

FDA clears a test for ovarian cancer

FDA clears first rapid test for bacterial contamination in pooled platelets

FDA ignores critical information on home HIV tests

FDA to look into safety of caffeinated alcoholic beverages

FDA update on the H1N1 flu vaccine and antiviral medications (pdf, 188 KB)

FDA warns of unapproved and illegal H1N1 drug products purchased over the internet

FDA-approved drug may slow beta cell destruction in type 1 diabetes patients

Fear of anxiety linked to depression in above-average worriers

Feeding the clock

Few people changed their behavior in the early stages of the swine flu outbreak

Fewer deaths with preventive antibiotic use

Fighting drug-resistant flu viruses

Financial assistance and other resources for people with cancer

Findings show insulin - not genes - linked to obesity

Findings show insulin - not genes - linked to obesity

Findings suggest cardiovascular devices often approved by FDA without high-quality studies

Finnish study identifies factors that increase death in stroke patients ages 15 to 49

First 10-year follow-up shows that treatment with AVONEX leads to long-term benefits in early multiple sclerosis patients

First comprehensive guidelines for managing medullary thyroid carcinoma published in Thyroid journal

First comprehensive paper on statins' adverse effects released

First evidence for DNA-based vaccination against chronic hepatitis C

First 'genetic map' of Han Chinese may aid search for disease susceptibility genes

First genetically-engineered malaria vaccine to enter human trials

First immunological clue to why some H1N1 patients get very ill or die

First national zinc campaign for childhood diarrhea increases awareness, but use lags behind

First oral uveitis drug reduces both inflammation and recurrence in potentially blinding eye disease

First sister study results reinforce the importance of healthy living

First study to test real-world effects of stun gun use raises questions about safety

First-degree relatives of patients with bicuspid aortic valve should be screened

Fluorescence-guided tumor resection and MRI enhancement show potential for improved outcome in brain tumor surgery

Fluorescent cancer cells to guide brain surgeons

Focus on treating malnutrition in cancer patients, researchers say

Following a healthy lifestyle is on the decline in the US

Football injuries in US high school athletes more severe during kickoff, punting

For children with leukemia, radiation may be unnecessary

For dialysis patients, skinny is dangerous

For fats, longer may not be better

For older adults, participating in social service activities can improve brain functions

For women with PCOS, acupuncture and exercise may bring relief, reduce risks

Formaldehyde may cause some blood cancers, but risk drops over time

Fraudulent H1N1 products widget

Free antibiotics: The wrong prescription for cold and flu season

Free e-samples of prescription drugs: At what cost?

Frequent sex and masturbation in 20s and 30s linked to higher prostate cancer risk

Frequently asked questions: Answers to questions about the WHO checklist and its implementation

Fresh meats often contain additives harmful to kidney disease patients

From fat to chronic inflammation

From stress to financial mess: study suggests acute stress affects financial decision making

Fructose metabolism by the brain increases food intake and obesity

Fumbled handoffs can lead to medical errors

Further gene mutations linked to autism risk

Future diabetes treatment may use resveratrol to target the brain

Gallbladder emptying in primary sclerosing cholangitis patients

Gap exists between vision for electronic medical records to improve care coordination and clinicians' experiences

Gene discovery reveals a critical protein's function in hearing

Gene identified as cause of some forms of intellectual disability

Gene implicated in stress-induced high blood pressure

Gene linked to a rare form of progressive hearing loss in males is identified

Gene therapy corrects monkey color blindness

Gene therapy demonstrates benefit in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Gene variation that lets people get by on fewer zees transferred to create insomniac mice

General anesthetics lead to learning disabilities in animal models

Genes controlling insulin can alter timing of biological clock

Genes key to Staph disease severity, drug resistance found hitchhiking together

Gene's novel role may provide key to treating liver and neurodegenerative diseases

Genetic causes identified for disturbances in lipid metabolism

Genetic clue to rare ovarian cancers found

Genetic link to heart failure

Genetic marker may predict early onset of prostate cancer

Genetic pathway responsible for link between body clock disturbance and worsening arthritis

Genetic sleuth solves glaucoma mystery

Genetic source of muscular dystrophy neutralized

Genetic studies reveal new causes of severe obesity in childhood

Genetic study clarifies African and African-American ancestry

Genetic switch discovered for disease-fighting antibodies

Genetic variations indicate risk of recurrence, secondary cancer among head and neck cancer patients

Genetically engineered mice don't get obese, but do develop gallstones

Genome scans provide clues to brain cancer risk

Getting plants to rid themselves of pesticide residues

Getting the word out when the need for speed is critical to public health

Ginger helps reduce nausea from chemotherapy

Ginkgo biloba does not appear to slow rate of cognitive decline

Ginkgo reduces neuropathic pain in animal studies

Ginseng -- nature's anti-inflammatory?

Gladstone scientists identify strategies to protect new brain cells against Alzheimer's disease

Gliomas exploit immune cells of the brain for rapid expansion

Global health experts release new guidance on malaria elimination

'Glow-in-the-dark' red blood cells made from human stem cells

Glucose challenge test is accurate and economical for diabetes and prediabetes screening

Glucose metabolism and recidivism of severe violent crimes in alcohol intoxications

Glutamine supplements show promise in treating stomach ulcers

Gluten-free diet reduces bone problems in children with celiac disease

Glycerides implicated in diabetes nerve loss

Good news for some hard-to-treat hepatitis C patients

Got zinc? New zinc research suggests novel therapeutic targets

GP bodies support guidelines for use of patient records in medical research

Green tea chemical combined with another may hold promise for treatment of brain disorders

Green tea may affect prostate cancer progression

Green tea shows promise as chemoprevention agent for oral cancer, M. D. Anderson study finds

Growth of new brain cells requires 'epigenetic' switch

Guide on lung cancer in 'never-smokers': A different disease and different treatments

Guide to clinical preventive services, 2009: Recommendations of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

Guided care reduces cost of health care for older persons with chronic conditions

Guideline: Kids with small head size at risk of neurologic problems, screening needed

Guideline: Widely used device for pain therapy not recommended for chronic low back pain

H1N1 critical illness can occur rapidly; predominantly affects young patients

Half of eligible patients not getting mitral valve surgery, U-M study shows

Half of the fish consumed globally is now raised on farms, study finds

Handwriting-based tool offers alternate lie detection method

Has HIV become more virulent?

Healing heart attack victims, one cell at a time

Healing power of aloe vera proves beneficial for teeth and gums, too

Health care providers and patients differ on views of knee replacement

Health clinic conditions may be to blame for decrease in primary care physicians

Health leaders issue recommendations to improve management of atrial fibrillation

Health plan problems? Most people stay quiet and stay put

Health reform proposals could help 13 million uninsured young adults gain coverage

HealthGrades study: 52 percent lower chance of dying at top-rated hospitals

Healthy neighborhoods may be associated with lower diabetes risk

Heart and bone damage from low vitamin D tied to declines in sex hormones

Heart failure before age 50 substantially more common in blacks

Heart failure linked to gene variant affecting vitamin D activation

Heart failure: Proven treatments not always used

Heart screening unnecessary in type 2 diabetes patients with no symptoms

Heartburn meds may lead to bone breaks

Heat forms potentially harmful substance in high-fructose corn syrup

Heating heart with catheter better than drugs for common heart rhythm disorder

Heightened level of amygdala activity may cause social deficits in autism

Hello wearable kidney, goodbye dialysis machine

Heme channel found

Henry Ford Hospital study: A MRSA strain linked to high death rates

Heparanase-specific shRNA: A novel therapeutic strategy in human gastric cancer

Heparin can cause skin lesions

Hepatic injury in cholelithiasis and cholecystitis

Hepatitis C may increase pancreatic cancer risk

Herceptin with chemotherapy, instead of after, clearly improves treatment of women with HER2+ breast cancer

Herpes medication does not reduce risk of HIV transmission

HF patients in France still encouraged to enjoy their food -- even if it's not as salty as before

HHS and USDA Unveil New Food Safety Consumer Web Site at www.foodsafety.gov

High calcium level in arteries may signal serious heart attack risk

High cholesterol in midlife raises risk of late-life dementia, Kaiser Permanente study finds

High dosage brachytherapy obtains excellent results in head and neck tumors

High fat, high sugar foods alters brain receptors

High insulin levels raise risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women

High risk of colorectal, endometrial and Lynch syndrome cancers for MSH6 mutation carriers

High serum insulin levels and risk of prostate cancer

High unexpressed anger in MS patients linked to nervous system damage, not disease severity

High-dose daunorubicin benefits younger adults with leukemia

High-dose radiation improves lung cancer survival, U-M study finds

Higher folates, not antioxidants, can reduce hearing loss risk in men

Higher levels of protein hormone associated with lower risk of dementia, Alzheimer's disease

High-fat diet affects physical and memory abilities of rats after 9 days

High-risk women reluctant to take tamoxifen to prevent breast cancer

HIV prevalence at the United States–Mexico border may change the HIV Epidemic in Mexico

HIV vaccine study first to show some effectiveness in preventing HIV

Hodgkin lymphoma survivors have increased risk of stroke and transient ischemic attack

Holding breath for several minutes elevates marker for brain damage

Hollow mask illusion fails to fool schizophrenia patients

Homes pollute: Linked to 50 percent more water pollution than previously believed

Hopelessness linked to thickening of neck arteries, stroke in healthy women; Apathy common among stroke survivors, may slow recovery

Hopkins study: When adult patients have anxiety disorder, their children need help too

Hops compound may prevent prostate cancer

Hormone ghrelin can boost resistance to Parkinson's disease

Hormone levels contribute to stress resilience

Hormone promises to keep joint injuries from causing long-term osteoarthritis

Hormone therapy for prostate cancer may pose heart risks

Hormone therapy for prostate cancer patients with heart conditions linked to increased death risk

Hormone therapy linked to risk of death from lung cancer

Hormone therapy may confer more aggressive properties to prostate tumors

Hormone therapy use linked to benign breast condition

Hormone-mimics in plastic water bottles - just the tip of the iceberg?

Hospital infections cost $1 billion in lost bed days

Hospital noise initiative reduces average peak decibel levels by 20 percent

Hospital software improves patient satisfaction at discharge from hospital

Hospitalized patients need better understanding of CPR and outcomes

Hot or not? Men agree on the answer. Women don't.

Household chemicals may be linked to infertility

How amyloid beta reduces plasticity related to synaptic signaling

How mitochondrial gene defects impair respiration, other major life functions

How much omega-3 fatty acid do we need to prevent cardiovascular disease?

How natural oils can be hydrogenated without making unhealthy trans fats

How to increase the efficacy of local excision of rectal cancer

How Toxoplasma gondii gets noticed

HPV status can predict outcome in oropharyngeal cancer

HPV vaccine study shows why few women getting shots

Human embryonic stem cells

Human lung tumors destroy anti-cancer hormone vitamin D, Pitt researchers find

Human sperm created from embryonic stem cells

Human stem cells promote healing of diabetic ulcers

Humans related to orangutans, not chimps, says new Pitt, Buffalo Museum of Science study

Huntington disease begins to take hold early on

Huntington's disease deciphered

Hypofractionated stereotactic radiotherapy beneficial for recurrent low-grade glioma

Ice cream may target the brain before your hips, UT Southwestern study suggests

Identification of a key molecular pathway required for brain neural circuit formation

Identification of genetic variants affecting age at menopause could help improve fertility treatment

Identified molecule increases the risk of cardiac insufficiency

IDF releases important new guidelines to improve the treatment of diabetes worldwide

If bipolar disorder is over-diagnosed, what are the actual diagnoses?

Illness often undiscovered and undertreated among the uninsured: Harvard study

Image-guided treatment for deep venous thrombosis could improve patients' long-term outcomes

Imaging reveals abnormalities in pathways connecting brain areas in those with writer's cramp

Immune cells with stem cell-like properties destroy tumors in mice

Immune system activated in schizophrenia

Impaired kidney function raises risk of heart problems in the elderly

Impaired transport in neurons triggers prion disease

Implant-based cancer vaccine is first to eliminate tumors in mice

Importance of preventing congestion in heart failure

Important advance in the treatment of cancer and viral infections

Important new novel 2009 H1N1 flu advisory for cardiopulmonary transplantation

Improved diet and exercise alone unlikely to cure obstructive sleep apnea in obese patients

Improved DNA stool test could detect digestive cancers in multiple organs

In adolescence, girls react differently than boys to peers' judgments

In shaping our immune systems, some 'friendly' bacteria may play inordinate role

In the ICU, use of benzodiazepines, other factors may predict severity of post-stay depression

Inconsistent performance speed among children with ADHD may underlie how well they use memory

Increased food intake alone explains the increase in body weight in the United States

Increased mortality associated with nocturia

Increased stroke risk from birth control pills

India's "holy powder" finally reveals its centuries-old secret

Individualized stroke treatment available for patients, though underutilized

Inexpensive drug appears to relieve fibromyalgia pain in Stanford pilot study

Infant weight gain linked to childhood obesity

Infants should be screened for hip trouble

Infection-control strategies at leading hospital can be adapted for everyday use

Infections may lead to faster memory loss in Alzheimer's disease

Infectious diseases prevention experts say current guidelines are not supported by science; could have dangerous consequences for patients and healthcare workers

Inflammation may trigger Alzheimer's disease, Saint Louis University findings suggest

Inflammation worsens danger due to atherosclerosis

Infliximab may help prevent post-operative Crohn's disease recurrence

Information for patients: Food safety tips for healthy holidays

Information for patients: Gout

Information for patients: Sjögren's Syndrome

Information for patients: What to do if you get sick: 2009 H1N1 and seasonal flu

Inhaling a heart attack: how air pollution can cause heart disease

Inhibition of GRK2 is protective against acute cardiac stress injuries

Injection reverses heart-attack damage

Injured Marines at risk for abnormal bone growth

Inner ear balance disorders common, associated with falls among older Americans

Inner workings of molecular thermostat point to pathways to fight diabetes, obesity, according to Penn Study

Insomnia suffers need increased brain activation to maintain normal daily function

Instanyl sets new standard in management of breakthrough cancer pain

Insulin analogue glargine possibly increases cancer risk

Insurance premiums for some family health plans cost $20,000 or more

Intelligent blood bags

Intensive glucose control halves complications of longstanding type 1 diabetes

Intensive therapy for narrowed arteries linked to fewer heart events

Interactive cancer atlas (InCA)

International conference on endothelin

Intervals between lung cancer diagnosis and treatment displays a health care disparity

Interventional radiology treatment for uterine fibroids: Safe, nonsurgical option

Intestinal cancer in spite of screening

Intestinal cells surprisingly active in pursuit of nutrition and defense

IPM reduces cockroaches and allergens in schools

Iron is involved in prion disease-associated neuronal demise

Irregular heart rhythm before or after cardiac catheterization linked to risk of death

Is it reasonable to perform polypectomy without interruption of anticoagulation?

Is obesity an oral bacterial disease?

Is Tetris good for the brain?

Is there a prospective association between obesity and periodontal disease?

Is there a relationship between sleep-wake rhythm and diabetes?

ISU researchers’ findings bring hope for possible Parkinson’s disease cure

It takes 2 to infect

JAMA study: Effectively managing pain with depression

Jefferson researchers identify possible imaging method to stratify breast cancer without biopsy

Job loss can make you sick, new study finds

Johns Hopkins researchers make stem cells from developing sperm

Johns Hopkins researchers track down protein responsible for chronic rhinosinusitis with polyps

Johns Hopkins scientists discover a controller of brain circuitry

Kaiser Permanente project proves EHR improves chronic disease management

Ketamine reduces suicidality in depressed patients

Key player identified in cascade that leads to hypertension-related kidney damage

Key protein may explain the anti-aging and anti-cancer benefits of dietary restriction

Kidney injury in hospital increases long-term risk of death

Knee injuries may start with strain on the brain, not the muscles

Knock-out drugs: Narrow window for detection

Lab study shows THC exposure as adolescents linked to negative effects of THC as adults

Lack of insurance may have figured in nearly 17,000 childhood deaths, study shows

Lancet study supports new, highly effective treatment for blood disorder

Lapatinib shows minimal effect against liver cancer

Large epidemiologic study supports brain power of fish in older people

Laser processes promise better artificial joints, arterial stents

Late motherhood boosts family lifespan

Leprosy medicine holds promise as therapy for autoimmune diseases

Leptin linked with more aggressive thyroid cancer in Middle Eastern region

Less frequent social activity linked to more rapid loss of motor function in older adults

Less invasive procedure for repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm may reduce short-term risk of death

Less of a stink in diabetes patients?

Less than 1 in 5 heart problems are diagnosed before symptoms appear

Less than 50 percent of women with abnormal paps receive follow-up care: study

Less than half of medical students grasp health care system

Less-toxic drug prolongs survival in metastatic breast cancer

Letting infants watch TV can do more harm than good says wide-ranging international review

Lifelong memories linked to stable nerve connections

Lifestyle program for patients with COPD is health and cost effective

Lifting weights reduces lymphedema symptoms following breast cancer surgery, Penn research shows

Likelihood of survival may be improving for extremely preterm infants

Link between light touch and Merkel cells solves 100-year mystery

Link between migraines and reduced breast cancer risk confirmed in follow-up study

Link between widely used osteoporosis drugs and heart problems probed

Linked angina relates with gastroesophageal reflux diseases?

Links between genes and smoking confirmed

Liposuctioned fat, a viable alternative to breast implants

Lithium protects brain cells during cranial radiation

Little known type of cholesterol may pose the greatest heart disease risk

'Live' imaging reveals breast cancer cells' transition to metastasis

Liver cell adenoma or hepatocellular carcinoma?

Liver disease responsible for most alcohol-related illness and deaths

Long-acting insulin analogues in type 2 diabetes: advantage over human insulin not proven

Longer toes, unique ankle structure aid sprinters

Long-term complications of melamine consumption in children

Long-term study shows low oxygen levels in prostate tumors can predict recurrence

Long-term testicular cancer survivors at high risk for neurological side effects

Low and high levels of hormone in men with heart failure associated with increased risk of death

Low blood sugar: A killer for kidney disease patients?

Low cholesterol transfer protein activity associated with heart disease risk

Low levels of vitamin D linked to common vaginal infection in pregnant women

Low to moderate, not heavy, drinking releases 'feel-good' endorphins in the brain

Low vitamin D causes problems for acutely ill patients

Low-carb diets prove better at controlling type 2 diabetes

Low-carbohydrate diet burns more excess liver fat than low-calorie diet, UT Southwestern study finds

Lowering sodium consumption could save US $18 billion annually in health costs, study finds

Low-income families with sick children often enrolled in high-deductible health care plans

Lung cancer screening leads to high rates of false positives

Lyme disease is spreading in Canada, and physicians are crucial in helping minimize its impact

M. D. Anderson examines use of toad venom in cancer treatment

M. D. Anderson study predicts dramatic growth in cancer rates among US elderly, minorities

M. D. Anderson study questions true favorability of rare breast cancer type

Magic potion in fly spit may shoo away blinding eye disease

Magnesium sulphate cuts cerebral palsy risk

Magnetic brain stimulation improves skill learning

Major study highlights weight differences among 3-19 year-olds with type 1 and 2 diabetes

Males may experience greater physical pain due to lower levels

Mammography may increase breast cancer risk in some high-risk women

Mangosteen juice could protect health in the obese

Manipulating brain inflammation may help clear brain of amyloid plaques, Mayo Clinic researchers say

Many breast cancer patients take high doses of antioxidants despite possible consequences

Many dialysis patients undergoing PCI receive improper medication, with higher risk of bleeding

Many skin cancer patients do not receive sentinel lymph node biopsy

Map of your brain may reveal early mental illness

Marijuana rivals mainstream drugs for HIV/AIDS symptoms

Markers for inflammation discovered in breast cancer survivors are linked to survival

Mars data published in Science this week

Massive decline in rates of coronary death in Iceland are largely attributed to risk factor reductions in the population

Maternal personality affects child’s eating habits

Mayo Clinic and collaborators find vitamin D levels associated with survival in lymphoma patients

Mayo clinic researchers find that variants in a gene on the X chromosome are associated with increased susceptibility to Alzheimer's disease

Mayo Clinic study continues to refine most effective methods to predict Alzheimer's disease

Mayo Clinic study suggests those who have chronic pain may need to assess vitamin D status

Mayo Clinic study using structural MRI may help accurately diagnose dementia patients

Mayo researchers find anesthesia not harmful for babies during birth process

Mayo researchers find link between anesthesia exposure and learning disabilities in children

Mayo researchers find race has role in incidence, survival of rare brain tumor

Mayo researchers: Dramatic outcomes in prostate cancer study

Mayo study shows simple finger device may help predict future heart events, such as heart attack

McGill researchers discover gene that increases susceptibility to Crohn's disease

McMaster researchers discover a new antibacterial lead

MDC researchers discover molecule responsible for axonal branching

MDCT angiography helps lead to successful treatment of patients with severely blocked arteries in the legs

MDMA use does not appear to cause depression in most people

Mechanical ventilation for patients with lung damage don't always work as planned

Mechanism for potential Friedreich's ataxia drug uncovered

Medical food reduces medical costs and use of anti-convulsant medication

Medical insurance documents shed light on kidney transplant patients' health

Medical students regularly stuck by needles, often fail to report injuries

Medication does not appear to reduce progression of atherosclerosis

Medication effective for acute liver failure in early stages of disease

Meditation may be an effective treatment for insomnia

Mediterranean diet associated with reduced risk of depression

Mediterranean diet, physical activity linked with lower risk of Alzheimer disease

Melanoma treatment options 1 step closer

Melatonin is an effective treatment for sleep problems in children with autism

Memory grows less efficient very early in Alzheimer's disease

Memory test and PET scans detect early signs of Alzheimer's

Mending a broken heart: Study offers closer look at 'broken heart syndrome'

Mesh-like network of arteries adjusts to restore blood flow to stroke-injured brain

Metabolic bone disease in cirrhosis patients

Metobolomics uncovers key indicators of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Mexico's health insurance success offers lessons for US reforms, Lancet study suggests

Mice stay lean with high-carb diet

MicroRNAs in blood may be biomarkers of pancreatic cancer

MicroRNAs show promise for detecting, treating cancer

Microswimmers" make a big splash for improved drug delivery

Middle-aged women experience more stress but have lower blood pressure

Millions of US children low in vitamin D

'Mind-reading' experiment highlights how brain records memories

'Mini' transplant may reverse severe sickle cell disease

Minimally invasive radical prostatectomy shows advantages, but also certain complications

Minimally invasive stroke treatment produces better patient outcomes than surgical operation

Minor epidemic may have led to mozart's early death

Minorities have poorer results, higher rates of inappropriate surgery to prevent stroke

Misunderstood expressions facilitate adolescent aggression

Misuse of common antibiotic is creating resistant TB

MIT develops new way to fuse cells

MMWR Reprint: Update on influenza A (H1N1) 2009 monovalent vaccines

Mobile microscopes illuminate the brain

Mobilizing the repair squad: Critical protein helps mend damaged DNA

Moderate alcohol intake is associated with nearly 40% lower risk of dementia

Moderate drinking can reduce risks of Alzheimer's dementia and cognitive decline

Moderate weight loss in obese people improves heart function

Molecular anchor links the 2 inheritable diseases Fanconi anemia and Bloom's syndrome

Molecular chaperone keeps bacterial proteins from slow-dancing to destruction

Molecular imaging enables earlier, individualized treatment of thyroid cancer

Molecule discovered that makes obese people develop diabetes

Molecule prompts damaged heart cells to repair themselves after a heart attack

Moms-to-be warned over use of fetal heart rate monitors

Monash research cautions against use of anti-oxidants

Monetary gain and high-risk tactics stimulate activity in the brain

More evidence that pressure to be "attractive" provokes negative outcomes

More gene mutations found in childhood leukemia

More patients leaving hospitals against medical advice

More pills/less quality of life for kidney patients

More than 1,000 patients in US admitted annually for aviation-related injuries

More than half of Texas physicians do not always recommend HPV vaccine to girls

More women choosing to remove healthy breast after cancer diagnosis

More women with early-stage breast cancer choosing double mastectomies

Mortality rates reduced among children whose mothers received iron-folic acid supplements

Most H1N1 patients with respiratory failure treated with oxygenating system survive illness

Most heart attack patients' cholesterol levels did not indicate cardiac risk

Most would refuse emergency use H1N1 vaccine or additive

Mother like daughter: maternal attitude toward prevention a factor in whether or not daughter vaccinated for HPV

Mother's immune system may block fetal treatments for blood diseases

Mothers of children with autism have higher parental stress, psychological distress

Mothers’ attitudes toward prevention efforts strongly influence their daughters’ human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine uptake among their daughters.

Motor skill learning may be enhanced by mild brain stimulation

Mount Sinai first with new technique to prevent a major cause for heart-related stroke

Mount Sinai researchers discover novel mechanisms that might causally link type-2 diabetes to Alzheimer's disease

Moving to the US increases cancer risk for Hispanics

MRSA head and neck infections increase among children

MRSA pre-screening effective in reducing otolaryngic surgical infection rates

Multiple myeloma patients experience high response rate with new 3-drug combination

Multiple sclerosis associated with lower cancer risk

Multitasking ability can be improved through training

Multivitamins in pregnancy reduce risk of low birth weights

Muscle atrophy through thick but not thin

Muscle deterioration in patients with lung disease seen connected to CO2

Muscular dystrophy diagnosis delayed almost 2.5 years in boys

Mutant protein implicated in diffuse Large B-cell lymphoma

Nanoscopic probes can track down and attack cancer cells

NASA's electronic nose may provide neurosurgeons with a new weapon against brain cancer

National Institute of Nursing Research -- New palliative care brochure

National vaccine plan should prioritize efforts to tackle unmet health needs, more resources for safety research and communication

Natural compound stops diabetic retinopathy

Nearly a century later, new findings support Warburg theory of cancer

Nearly half of older patients projected to die while waiting for kidney transplant

Needle biopsy is gold standard for breast cancer diagnosis

Nerve-cell transplants help brain-damaged rats fully recover lost ability to learn

Neural networks mapped in dementia patients

Neural stem cells offer potential treatment for Alzheimer's disease

Neuronal survival and axonal regrowth obtained in vitro

Neurons show sex-dependent changes during starvation

Neuroscientists at Case Western Reserve University store information in isolated brain tissue

New "schizophrenia gene" prompts researchers to test potential drug target

New alternative to biopsy detects subtle changes in cancer cells, Stanford study shows

New approach for the treatment of malignant brain tumors: Primary chemotherapy as an equivalent treatment option

New approach to treating heart attacks reduces risk of life-threatening complications

New appropriate use criteria guide treatment of patients with heart blockage

New asthma research opposes current drug treatment

New biosensors reveal workings of anti-psychotic drugs in the living brain

New broad-spectrum vaccine to prevent cervical cancer induces strong responses in animals

New cancer gene discovered

New cases of Alzheimer's and dementia continue to rise, even in the 'oldest old'

New center explores imaging technologies for localized cancer treatments

New chemical imaging technique could help in the fight against atherosclerosis, suggests research

New class of compounds discovered for potential Alzheimer’s disease drug, Penn study finds

New clinical guidelines for exacerbations in cystic fibrosis

New clue into how brain stem cells develop into cells which repair damaged tissue

New Commonwealth Fund survey of young adults finds wide majority support health reform

New contraceptive device is designed to prevent sexual transmission of HIV

New criteria for measuring tumor size and progression will help ease workloads in clinical trials

New culprit behind obesity's ill metabolic consequences

New data analysis shows possible link between childhood obesity and allergies

New data emerges on liver transplant survival rates

New data say uninsured account for nearly one-fifth of emergency room visits

New device detects heart disease using less than one drop of blood

New device implanted by UT Southwestern cardiac surgeons helps paralyzed patients breathe easier

New diagnostic TB test expected to provide more efficient results

New drug agent knocks out multiple enzymes in cancer pathway

New drug blocks "undruggable" target in cancer cells

New drug shows promise for those with clotting disorders: McMaster researcher

New England Journal of Medicine also publishes Mayo Clinic study of physicians' beliefs about health care reform

New European guidelines on pulmonary hypertension provide new 6-group clinical definition

New European guidelines on syncope revise diagnostic definitions and re-evaluate extent of risk

New evidence that dark chocolate helps ease emotional stress

New evidence that green tea may help improve bone health

New evidence that popular dietary supplement may help prevent, treat cataracts

New expensive back procedure exposed as ineffective

New family of antibacterial agents uncovered

New findings on Parkinson's disease and effect on patient behavior

New gene discovery links obesity to the brain

New genes for lung disease discovered

New genetic cause of a fatal immune disorder

New genetic cause of cardiac failure discovered

New genetic markers for ulcerative colitis identified

New genetic study of Asperger syndrome, autistic traits and empathy

New guidelines identify best treatments to help ALS patients live longer, easier

New heart disease risk score outperforms existing test

New human reproductive hormone could lead to novel contraceptives

New human study reinforces antioxidant benefits of tart cherries

New imaging analysis predicts brain tumor survival

New index offers first science-based definition of nutrient density

New infant feeding and obesity research adds insight to ongoing issue

New information about how fat increases blood pressure could help identify those at risk

New inherited eye disease discovered

New insight in the fight against the Leishmania parasite

New insight into Rett syndrome severity

New insights into mushroom-derived drug promising for cancer treatment

New insights into progressive hearing loss

New international study targets rare cancer bringing hope for advanced thymic cancer patients

New lab test helps predict kidney damage

New light on bipolar treatment drugs

New light shed on the enigma of salt intake and hypertension

New link in liver cancer

New method can predict 80 percent of cases of postnatal depression

New method for detecting nitroxyl will boost cardiac drug research

New method for detection of phosphoproteins reveals regulator of melanoma invasion

New method monitors early sign of oxidative stress in cancer

New methods found useful for diagnosing myocarditis

New minimally invasive surgery option for patients with stomach cancer

New molecular markers for tumor aggressiveness in biliary tract cancer

New nanoparticles could revolutionize therapeutic drug discovery

New nasal vaccine blocks parasite transmission to mosquitoes

New national study finds increase in P.E. class-related injuries

New national study finds increasing number of injuries from hot tubs

New national study finds more than half of cheerleading injuries in US due to stunts

New neuroimaging analysis technique identifies impact of Alzheimer's disease gene in healthy brains

New NIH tool makes funding data, research results and products searchable

New Notre Dame study provides insights into the molecular basis of tumor cell behavior

New oral agents may prevent injury after radiation exposure

New paper describes connections between Circadian and metabolic systems

New paradigm identifies gene responsible for acetaminophen-induced liver injury

New pathway is a common thread in age-related neurodegenerative diseases

New report recommends enhanced food tracing guidelines

New research confirms potential deadly nature of emerging new monkey malaria species in humans

New research could advance research field critical to personalized medicine

New research demonstrates humans’ right ear preference for listening

New research examines how career dreams die

New research findings may enable earlier diagnosis of uterine cancer

New research finds possible genetic link to cause of pregnancy loss and disorders

New research highlights dramatically reduced risk of developing dementia

New research identifies modifiable risk factors for heart disease

New research links social stress to harmful fat deposits, heart disease

New research suggests common anti-seizure medications may increase risk of cardiovascular problems

New RNA interference technique can silence up to 5 genes

New scientific study indicates that eating quickly is associated with overeating

New strategy in tumor treatment

New strategy in tumor treatment

New stress-related gene modulates high blood pressure in mice and men

New studies explore connection between high stress jobs and GI disorders

New study aims to reduce risk of childhood leukemia

New study evaluates community response to personally controlled health information

New study expands the list of hazardous chemicals in smokeless tobacco

New study explores the relationship between preterm birth and autism spectrum disorder

New study finds continued abstinence is key to increased survival from alcohol-related liver disease

New study finds daily drinking is biggest risk factor in serious liver disease

New study finds fewer families can afford health insurance

New study finds links between video-game playing and health risks in adults

New study finds men and women may respond differently to danger

New study finds MRSA on the rise in hospital outpatients

New study provides further evidence that apple juice can delay onset of Alzheimer's disease

New study set to change how critically ill patients are treated

New study shows rise in drug resistance of dangerous infection in US hospitals

New study suggests possible genetic links between environmental toxins and multiple myeloma

New study suggests Rx estrogen delivery through the skin may show safety benefits as opposed to oral delivery

New study uses wastewater to map large-scale patterns of illicit drug use

New supplement may help slow sight loss in elderly

New target for maintaining healthy blood pressure discovered by Penn scientists

New technique could eliminate inherited mitochondrial disease

New tests provide new insight into why patients are in heart failure

New therapeutic target for melanoma identified

New tool calculates risk of bleeding in heart attack patients

New tool can help predict risk of Alzheimer's in elderly

New tool developed to predict colorectal cancer risk

New tool to predict the risk of death in copd may help physicians to individualize treatment

New treatment for receding gums: no pain, lots of gain

New treatment in sight for ovarian cancer

New treatment option for latent tuberculosis

New Treatment option for patients with chronic hepatitis C

New treatment option for ruptured brain aneurysms

New treatment reduces severity of asthma attacks in preschoolers

New treatments offer better survival and fresh challenges in colorectal cancer

New trial casts doubt on role of zinc supplements in diarrhea treatment

New type of adult stem cells found in the prostate may be involved in prostate cancer development

New ultrasound-guided biopsy method allows improved diagnosis of endometrial disease

New understanding about mechanism for cell death after stroke leads to possible therapy

New WHO data underscores global threat of the world's leading child killer

New, virulent strain of MRSA poses renewed antibiotic resistance concerns

Newborn brain cells show the way

Newly designed comprehensive health care database may advance medical research and improve patient care

Newly discovered epidermal growth factor receptor active in human pancreatic cancers

Newly discovered gene fusion may lead to improved prostate cancer diagnosis

Newly revised guidelines for managing thyroid cancer published in Thyroid journal

News brief: Knockdown of E2F1 reduces invasive potential of melanoma cells

News from CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians

Next-generation microcapsules deliver 'chemicals on demand'

NHGRI launches improved online talking glossary of genetic terms

NHLBI stops enrollment in study on resuscitation methods for cardiac arrest

NHLBI stops study of pulmonary hypertension treatment in sickle cell patients

NIAID set to launch clinical trials to test 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine candidates

NICE guidelines ration affordable osteoporosis drugs

Nicotine activates more than just the brain's pleasure pathways

Nicotine may have more profound impact than previously thought

NIEHS awards recovery act funds to address bisphenol a research gaps

Nightmares predict elevated suicidal symptoms

NIH launches 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine trials in HIV-infected pregnant women

NIH launches second phase of patient reported outcomes initiative

NIH prepares to launch 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine trial in people with asthma

NIH study finds low short-term risks after bariatric surgery for extreme obesity

NIH-funded researchers sequence exomes of 12 people

Nilotinib effective and safe in initial treatment of chronic leukemia

No increased risk with drug eluting stents -- but late stent thrombosis remains a concern

No scientific link between childhood vaccines and autism

Noisy roads increase risk of high blood pressure

Non-drug treatment of Alzheimer’s disease: long-term benefit not proven

Noninvasive test accurately identifies benign vs. Malignant pelvic lymph nodes in women with gynecologic malignancies

Novel anti-cancer drug yields positive response in people with advanced skin and brain cancer

Novel breast tissue feature may predict woman's cancer risk

Novel detection method unmasks circulating breast cancer cells

Novel drug discovery tool could identify promising new therapies for Parkinson’s disease

Novel drugs selectively target pathway important in rheumatoid arthritis

Novel epigenetic markers of melanoma may herald new treatments for patients

Novel nanotechnology heals abscesses caused by resistant staph bacteria

Novel vaccine approach offers hope in fight against HIV

Nuisance or nutrient? Kudzu shows promise as a dietary supplement

Number of U.S. adults reporting disabilities is increasing

Nurses safely and effectively prescribe antiretroviral drugs in pilot program

Nurses with a second degree could impact workforce

Nutrigenomics -- developing personalized diets for disease prevention

Nutritious new low-sugar juice targeted for diabetics, individuals with high blood sugar

NYU Langone Medical Center researchers identify key gene in deadly inflammatory breast cancer

Obese women play cancer roulette

Obesity and diabetes double risk of HF -- patients with both conditions 'very difficult' to treat

Obesity does not worsen asthma, but may effect response to medications

Obesity hinders chemotherapy treatment in children with leukemia

Obesity in middle-aged women cuts chance of a long and healthy life by almost 80 percent

Obesity is a poor gauge for detecting high cholesterol levels in children

Obesity may hinder optimal control of blood pressure and cholesterol

Obesity starts in the head? Six newly discovered genes for obesity have a neural effect

OHSU School of Dentistry team discovers new molecule in blood-pressure control system

OHSU School of Dentistry uncovers mechanism for dental pain

Old gastrointestinal drug slows aging, McGill researchers say

Old math reveals new thinking in children's cognitive development

Older adults may have a higher risk of complications and death after abdominal surgery

Older men more likely than women to die after pneumonia

Older patients with dementia at increased risk for flu mortality

Oleocanthal may help prevent, treat Alzheimer's

Omega-3 fatty acids appear to impact AMD progression

Omega-3 fatty acids may benefit cancer patients undergoing major operations

Omega-3s ease depressive symptoms related to menopause

On a high-fat diet, protective gene variant becomes bad actor

On the trail of a vaccine for Lyme disease: Yale researchers target tick saliva

On-call radiology residents accurately interpret off-hours neuro CT exams

One disease, two effects: stroke

One in four hospitalized heart failure patients with Medicare back in hospital within a month

One in four nursing home residents carries MRSA

One size does not fit all

One step closer to an artificial nerve cell

Only about one of ten unemployed workers obtain COBRA coverage

Opioid-induced hibernation protects against stroke

Opposites attract -- how genetics influences humans to choose their mates

Oral contraceptives associated with increased risk of lupus

Oral contraceptives impair muscle gains in young women

Oral/body inflammatory connection explained

Our brain looks at eyes first to identify a face

Our brain looks at eyes first to identify a face

Out-of-pocket health-care costs rise for workers with employer coverage

Outpatient disc treatment gives long-term back pain relief

Ovarian cancer markers validated for early detection

Ovarian cancer screening not catching early disease

Ovaries must suppress their inner male

Ovary removal may increase lung cancer risk

Over 60 percent of all US bankruptcies attributable to medical problems

Over half of people with rheumatoid arthritis have periodontitis

Overall antibiotic prescription rates for respiratory tract infections decreasing

Overeating, alcohol abuse and depression intertwined in young women

Oxidized form of a common vitamin may bring relief for ulcerative colitis

Oxygen-saturated blood reduces levels of damaged heart tissue following a heart attack

Oxytocin: Love potion #1?

Packages of care for dementia in low- and middle-income countries

Packing a lunch for preschoolers may not be a good idea

Painless 'microneedle' patch may take the sting out of shots

Pancreatic cancer affects blacks at higher rates

Pancreatic cancer risk decreased by one anti-diabetic therapy, increased by others

Pancreatic fat levels may help predict diabetes, UT Southwestern researchers say

Pancreatic tumors are marked for immunotherapy

Pandemic study of 1918-1919 outbreak provides background and death rates for 14 European countries

Panel assesses evidence for the collection and use of family health history information

Panel of multiple sclerosis experts provides best practice treatment recommendations for Tysabri

Paper refutes notion that eating a certain cereal will result in more male babies

Paradoxically, food insecurity may be underlying contributor to overweight

Parent training key to improved treatment of behavior problems in children with autism

Parkinson's disease medication triggers destructive behaviors

Parkinson's disease plays havoc with common orthopaedic conditions

Participants in antidepressant drug trials are atypical patients, UT Southwestern researchers report

Particle beam radiation therapies for cancer: Final research review Sep 2009

Patient safety advanced by revised heparin standards

Patients can safely skip pre-surgery stress tests and beta blockers

Patients in US 5 times more likely to spend last days in ICU than patients in England

Patients say 'no thanks' to risky medical treatments

Patients suffer as a result of insurance pricing scheme

Patients who received donated pacemakers survive without complications

Patients with mild to moderate OSA may benefit from exercise

Patients with moderate to severe periodontitis need evaluation for heart disease risk

Pediatric strokes more than twice as common as previously reported

Penn study finds link between Parkinson's disease genes and manganese poisoning

People affected by autism believe increase is 'real,' not diagnostic

People are more suggestible under laughing gas

People left out in the cold may act heatedly toward others

People of higher socioeconomic status choose better diets -- but pay more per calorie

People vary widely in ability to eliminate arsenic from the body

People who wear rose-coloured glasses see more

Peptide delivers anti-cancer compounds to where they can do the most good

Persistent pain may accelerate signs of aging by two to three decades in middle-aged adults

Personalized nutritional information sent through mail helps improve diets

Personalized treatment for early lung cancer

Pesticides exposure linked to suicidal thoughts

Phase 3 Alzheimer's drug increases toxic beta amyloid in the brain -- but still provides benefits

Physical activity may not be key to obesity epidemic, Loyola study finds

Physical activity, mood and serious mental illness

Physician use of HIT in hospitals linked to fewer deaths and complications, lower costs

Physicians bust myths about insulin

Physician-scientist proves stem cells heal lungs of newborn animals

Physicist Sees With “T-rays"

Pistachios may reduce lung cancer risk

Placental precursor stem cells require testosterone-free environment to survive

Plant communication: sagebrush engage in self-recognition and warn of danger

Plasma produces KO cocktail for MRSA

Plastics chemical retards growth, function of adult reproductive cells

Platelet-rich plasma: Does it work?

PLCO update suggests positive predictive value of prostate screening drops over time

Pleasant dietary habits are necessary for health

PMH finding may help some tonsil cancer patients avoid chemotherapy

Pneumococcal vaccine does not appear to protect against pneumonia

Poison: It's what's for dinner

Poll: Many parents, high-priority adults who tried to get H1N1 vaccine unable to get it

Polyphenols and polyunsaturated fatty acids boost the birth of new neurons

Poor money management may be early indicator of Alzheimer's disease, say UAB researchers

Popular cancer drug linked to often fatal brain virus

Popular diabetes drugs linked to increased risk of heart failure and death

Portion of low income workers who were uninsured increased from 26 percent in 1996 to 34.5 percent by 2006

Possible Alzheimer's disease marker discovered in rare genotype

Possible origins of pancreatic cancer revealed

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Postural sway among abstinent alcoholics can be improved up to a point

Potential cancer drug may offer new hope for asthma patients

Potential for non-invasive brain tumor treatment

Potential new drugs: 970 million and still counting

Potential new 'twist' in breast cancer detection

Potential preventative therapy for Type 1 diabetes

Potential strategy for treating diffuse large B-cell lymphoma found

Poultry carcasses infected with the "bird flu" virus can remain infectious in municipal landfills for almost 2 years

PREDICT score allows personalized antiplatelet therapy

Predicting the return of prostate cancer: new study betters the odds of success

Pre-emptive treatment helped curtail skin toxicity with panitumumab

Pregnant women who smoke, urged to give up before 15-week 'deadline'

Prenatal meth exposure linked to abnormal brain development

Presidential election outcome changed voters' testosterone

Presto! Fast color-changing material may lead to improved sunglasses

Preterm births rise 36 percent since early 1980s

Prevalence of variant CJD agent in Britain remains uncertain

Principles of drug addiction treatment: A research based guide (Second Edition)

Prion protein identified as a novel early pancreatic cancer biomarker

Private and public insurance choices could help pay for national health care reform

Progress made in understanding causes and treatment of endometriosis

Progress toward artificial tissue? Soft and tough like biological tissue: DNA-wrapped carbon nanotubes

Promising biomarker and candidate tumor suppressor gene identified for colorectal cancer

Prostate cancer patients disease free after 5 years likely to be disease free after 10 years

Prostate cancer screening has yet to prove its worth

Prostate cancer therapy increases risk of fractures and cardiovascular-related death

Protein critical for insulin secretion may be contributor to diabetes

Protein identified as critical to insulating the body's wiring could also become treatment target

Protein link may be key to new treatment for aggressive brain tumor

Protein may be strongest indicator of rare lung disease, study shows

Prune juice not necessary: New research should make bowel movements easier

PTSD linked to nearly double dementia risk in veterans

Public expresses need for government intervention to reduce socio-economic disparities in health

Purdue study finds dairy better for bones than calcium carbonate

Putting Limits on Vitamin E

Putting the brain's soundtracks to work

Questions and answers for health care providers: Renal dosing and administration recommendations for Peramivir IV

Racial disparities in breast cancer mortality are not driven by estrogen receptor status alone

Radiation costs vary widely by delivery, U-M study finds

Radiation dose can be reduced for “triple rule-out” coronary CT angiography

Radiofrequency ablation effective against Barrett esophagus

Radiologists and engineers develop a modified catheter to reduce contrast material injuries

Radiologists can dramatically lower cardiac CT radiation dose in some patients

Radiologists find a technique to significantly reduce patient radiation dose during CT angiography

Radiology procedure may help increase long-term survival in patients with severe liver cancer

RAND launches unique tool to evaluate health reform proposals

Rapid flu testing

Rapid-acting insulin analogues: Trials provide no proof of additional benefit for children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes

Rate of autism disorders climbs to 1 percent among 8-year-olds, say UAB, CDC researchers: A 57 percent increase in spectrum-disorder cases is dramatic

Readers build vivid mental simulations of narrative situations, brain scans suggest

Recently discovered virus linked to aggressive prostate tumors

Recession cuts many, not all plastic surgery procedures

Recognizing signs and symptoms of acute HF

Recommendations from the USPSTF: Screening for breast cancer

Recommended immunization schedules for persons aged 0 through 18 years --- United States, 2009

Redefining what it means to be a prion

Reducing health risks for women and children: American Dietetic Association releases position paper on obesity, reproduction and pregnancy outcomes

Reducing salt intake can lower blood pressure

Reduction in glycotoxins from heat-processing of foods reduces risk of chronic disease

Refusing immunizations puts children at increased risk of pertussis infection

Regeneration can be achieved after chronic spinal cord injury

Regular aerobic exercise reduces health concerns associated with fatty liver

Regular coffee, decaf and tea all associated with reduced risk for diabetes

Regular electrocardiograms may help physicians identify patients at risk of sudden cardiac death

Relieving pain affecting millions

Religious devotion does not impact abortion decisions of young unwed women

Replacing a total hip replacement

Replacing a total hip replacement

Replacing old blood with new increases the odds for survival

Reprogrammed human stem cells clear another hurdle

Research findings key for understanding, interpreting genetic testing for long QT syndrome

Research moves a step closer to possibility of brain scan-assisted diagnosis for PTSD

Research opens door to new thrombosis treatments

Research output in developing countries reveals 194 percent increase in five years

Research proves tai chi benefits for arthritis

Research reveals lipids' unexpected role in triggering death of brain cells

Research sheds light on cause of Down syndrome and other genetic disorders

Research sheds light on cause of Down syndrome and other genetic disorders

Research shows cell's inactive state is critical for effectiveness of cancer treatment

Research shows how a stroke affects hand function; provides roadmap for rehabilitation

Research shows why low vitamin D raises heart disease risks in diabetics

Research suggests link between infertility, low egg reserve, and breast/ovarian cancer gene (BRCA1)

Researcher uses GPS to find asthma causes

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center link blood sugar to normal cognitive aging

Researchers believe hormone therapy should not be stopped prior to mammograms

Researchers compare different systems of measuring treatment intensity in hypertension care

Researchers create new 'smart' nanocapsule delivery system for use in protein therapy

Researchers derive first embryonic stem cells from rats

Researchers develop new, more-sensitive assay for detecting DNA methylation in colon cancer

Researchers discover an itchiness cell

Researchers discover mutations in two genes that cause early-onset inflammatory bowel disease

Researchers discover new ways to treat chronic infections

Researchers disrupt biochemical system involved in cancer, degenerative disease

Researchers effectively treat tumors with use of nanotubes

Researchers estimate number of injection drug users in the United States

Researchers explore new ways to prevent spinal cord damage using a vitamin B3 precursor

Researchers find alcoholics display abnormal brain activity when processing facial expressions

Researchers find brain cell transplants help repair neural damage

Researchers find clues to why some continue to eat when full

Researchers find drug that reverses resistance to chemotherapy

Researchers find high-dose therapy for liver disease not effective

Researchers find increased dairy intake reduces risk of uterine fibroids in black women

Researchers find marker for severity in adult brain cancer

Researchers find new lethal "Lujo" virus

Researchers find possible environmental causes for Alzheimer's, diabetes

Researchers find target for pulmonary fibrosis

Researchers genetically link Lou Gehrig's disease in humans to dog disease

Researchers identify 1 of the necessary processes in the formation of long-term memory

Researchers identify gene mutations underlying risk for most common form of Parkinson's Disease

Researchers identify gene that spurs deadly brain cancer

Researchers identify new protein that triggers breast cancer

Researchers identify protein that may explain 'healthy' obesity

Researchers identify role of gene in tumor development, growth and progression

Researchers identify the gene responsible for a rare form of congenital anemia

Researchers investigate high-risk populations for bladder-cancer screenings

Researchers make discovery in colon cancer prevention

Researchers make progress toward early identification of muscular dystrophy

Researchers map how staph infections alter immune system

Researchers may have found why women have an edge on salt-sensitive hypertension

Researchers pinpoint where 'bad' cholesterol levels are controlled

Researchers question effectiveness of warning labels on over-the-counter drugs

Researchers report benefits of new standard treatment study for rare pediatric brain cancer

Researchers studying hearing loss in adult animals find that auditory regions of the brain convert to the sense of touch

Researchers to probe whether Lyme disease will follow spread of ticks across U.S.

Researchers to reveal aging’s origins on global stage

Resolvins have the potential to resolve periodontal inflammation and restore tissue health

Restoring MicroRNA expression stops the spread of liver cancer in mice

Results from PROSPECT study provide new insight into role of vulnerable plaque in coronary artery disease

Results from 8 late-breaking clinical trials presented at Heart Failure 2009

Results from trials of DHA in Alzheimer's disease and age-related cognitive decline

Results of phase I trial of novel herbal therapy for men at high risk of prostate cancer

Results of the third school nutrition dietary assessment study published

Results show WHO surgical safety checklist drops deaths and complications by more than one third

Retail clinics less likely to be located in underserved communities

Rethinking Alzheimer's disease and its treatment targets

Retinoid cream associated with death in clinical trial, but relationship does not appear causal

Retinopathy of prematurity diagnosis time significantly reduced using telemedicine

Reversing effects of altered enzyme may fight brain tumor growth

Right warfarin dose determined by 3 genes

Rise in weight-loss drugs prescribed to combat childhood obesity

Rising mortality in lower income people with diabetes despite drop in overall rate

Risk of blood clot after surgery higher and lasts longer than previously thought

Risk of bone fractures associated with use of diabetes drug

Risk of cancer

Risk of death following acute coronary syndromes different for men, women

Risk of leukemia with multiple sclerosis drug higher than thought

Risk of ovarian cancer from hormone therapy confirmed

Risk of pancreatic cancer linked to variation in gene that determines blood type

Risk takers, drug abusers driven by decreased ability to process dopamine

RNA snippet suppresses spread of aggressive breast cancer

Robo-surgery: As safe and capable as a human assistant in key-hole gallbladder removal

Robotic prostatectomy

Roux-en-Y weight loss surgery raises kidney stone risk

RXR activation -- hope for new Parkinson's disease treatment

Salk researchers develop novel glioblastoma mouse model

Salt is linked to a significantly higher risk of strokes and cardiovascular disease

SAMe in the Chemoprevention and Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in a Rat Model

Saving the single cysteine: new antioxidant system found

Scarring key to link between obesity and diabetes

Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder share genetic roots

Schizophrenia does not increase risk of violent crime

School closure could reduce swine flu transmission by 21 percent

School-based physical activity: Has benefits even if it doesn't help lose weight

Scientists begin to untangle root cause of Alzheimer's disease

Scientists closer to understanding how to control high blood sugar

Scientists demonstrate link between genetic defect and brain changes in schizophrenia

Scientists develop a new HIV microbicide -- and a way to mass produce it in plants

Scientists discover cells that control inflammation in chronic disease

Scientists find obesity alone does not cause arthritis in animals

Scientists identify chemical compound that may stop deadly brain tumors

Scientists identify genetic cause of previously undefined primary immune deficiency disease

Scientists identify new congenital neutropenia syndrome and causative gene mutation

Scientists identify new congenital neutropenia syndrome and causative gene mutation

Scientists identify possible therapy target for aggressive cancer

Scientists identify two gene variants associated with Alzheimer's risk

Scientists isolate genes that made 1918 flu lethal

Scientists learn why even treated genital herpes sores boost the risk of HIV infection

Scientists learn why even treated genital herpes sores boost the risk of HIV infection

Scientists make malaria parasite work to reveal its own vulnerabilities

Scientists pinpoint protein link to fat storage

Scientists report important step in biomarker testing for Alzheimer's disease

Scientists show how a neuron gets its shape

Scientists take a step towards uncovering the histone code

Scientists uncork a potential secret of red wine's health benefits

Scientists uncover mode of action of enzyme linked with several types of cancer

Scientists uncover new key to the puzzle of hormone therapy and breast cancer

Scientists use nanosensors for first time to measure cancer biomarkers in blood

Scots and Irish at greater risk of drink-related death, study shows

Screening patients with diabetes for CAD does not significantly reduce risk of cardiac events

Scripps Research scientists crack mystery of protein's dual function

Scripps research scientists find new link between insulin and core body temperature

Scripps research team develops technique to determine ethnic origin of stem cell lines

Scripps research team restores some function to cells from cystic fibrosis patients

Scripps scientists develop first examples of RNA that replicates itself indefinitely

Seasonality of mortality: Summer vacation link?

Second cervical cancer vaccine protects against additional HPV types

Secondhand smoke exposure in childhood increases lung cancer risk later in life

Selected men with low-risk prostate cancer have good clinical outcomes without immediate treatment

Selenium intake may worsen prostate cancer in some, study reports

'Self-seeding' of cancer cells may play a critical role in tumor progression

Self-treatment results in lower overall health care costs for COPD sufferers

Sentinel lymph node biopsy suitable for staging penile carcinoma

Septic shock: Nitric oxide beneficial after all

Severe stress can cause stroke

Severity of H1N1 influenza linked to presence of Streptococcus pneumoniae

Sexual behavior of African American adolescent girls and young women affected by fear of abuse

Sharing surgical lessons from the Canadian field hospital in Afghanistan

Shingles raises risk of stroke by 30 percent or more in adults

'Shock and kill' research gives new hope for HIV-1 eradication

Short-term school closures may worsen flu pandemics, Pitt study finds

Should noninvasive ventilation be considered a high-risk procedure during an epidemic?

Side discrepancy errors in radiology reports rare but often clinically significant

Sigmon's study examines caffeine withdrawal

Silver nanoparticles show "immense potential" in prevention of blood clots

Singapore nanotechnology combats fatal brain infections

Single gene defect can lead to stroke and deadly diseases of the aorta and coronary arteries

Single women gaze longer

Single-Shot vaccines may protect against H5N1 influenza virus

SIRT1 takes down tumors

Size of fat cells and waist size predict type 2 diabetes in women

Sleep apnea may not be closely linked to heart failure severity

Sleep disordered breathing and obesity: Independent effects, causes

Sleep loss linked to increase in Alzheimer's plaques

Sleep restriction results in weight gain despite decreases in appetite and consumption

Slices of living brain tissue are helping scientists identify new stroke therapies

Small changes in protein chemistry play large role in Huntington's disease

Small molecule inhibitor shows promise in trastuzumab-resistant metastatic breast cancer

Small molecules mimic natural gene regulators

Small RNAs can play critical roles in male infertility/contraception

Smart phones allow quick diagnosis of acute appendicitis

'Smart scaffolds' may help heal broken hearts

Smokeless tobacco increases risk of heart attack and stroke

Smoking during pregnancy fosters aggression in children

Smoking during pregnancy may impair thyroid function of mom and fetus

Smoking during pregnancy puts children at risk of psychotic symptoms

Smoking increases risk of developing active TB

Smoking linked to increased brain lesions and brain shrinkage in MS

Sociologist says this month's family murder-suicides only "the tip of the iceberg"

Sodium channel blocker shows promise as a potential treatment for cystic fibrosis

Solving the 50-year-old puzzle of thalidomide

Some blood pressure drugs may help protect against dementia, study shows

Some brain tumors may be mediated by tiny filament on cells

Some discrepancies exist between outcomes indicated in trial registration and later publications

Some short-term memories die suddenly, no fading

Sonic Hedgehog variations linked to recurrence, survival and response to therapy of bladder cancer

Special gold nanoparticles show promise for 'cooking' cancer cells

Special protein helps maintain an efficient brain

Special ultrasound accurately identifies skin cancer

Spinal fluid proteins signal Lou Gehrig's disease

Sporadic play activity as beneficial to child health as continuous bouts of exercise, study suggests

Sports drink consumption can cause tooth erosion

Sprained ankle rehab complicated by delayed muscle response, BYU-Michigan study finds

Stable marriage is linked with better sleep in women

Standard treatment for anal cancer confirmed

Starve a fever, feed a cold, don't be stressed

STAT3 gene regulates cancer stem cells in brain cancer

Statins can protect against Alzheimer's disease, according to new study

Statins show dramatic drug and cell dependent effects in the brain

STD confirmed to be associated with increased risk of prostate cancer

Stem cell 'daughters' lead to breast cancer

Stem cells offer new hope for kidney disease patients

Still holding their breath: Mortality on lung transplant wait list remains high for some

Stress disrupts human thinking, but the brain can bounce back

Stress may cause the brain to become disconnected

Stress may hasten the growth of melanoma tumors but common beta-blocker medications might slow that progress

Stress of isolation early in life linked to enhanced juvenile response to cocaine

Stress signals link pre-existing sickness with susceptibility to bacterial infection

Strict blood sugar control in some diabetics does not lower heart attack, stroke risk

Stroke survivors report loss of sexual desire, blurred gender roles, anger and fatigue

Strong link found between concussions and brain tissue injury

Students embed stem cells in sutures to enhance healing

Studies do not support unhealthful relation between animal foods and breast cancer

Studies improve knowledge of underlying brain changes caused by addiction

Studies in animals suggest 2009 H1N1 virus may have biological advantage over seasonal influenza

Studies quantify radiation doses, cancer risks from CT scans

Studies reveal hepatitis C Virus carriers experience substantial increase in mortality

Studies uncover high and often overlooked costs associated with epilepsy

Study aims to improve common protein discovery method

Study assesses new surgical procedure for regenerating cartilage in damaged knee joints

Study calls for 'as soon as possible' treatment standard for heart attack patients

Study challenges routine use of MRI scans to evaluate breast cancer

Study characterizes eczema patients most at risk for dangerous viral infections

Study compares 2 nonsurgical treatments for reflux disease

Study compares formulations of three aspirin types

Study conclusively ties rare disease gene to Parkinson's

Study could help target new pancreatitis treatments

Study evaluates use of corticosteroids and antiviral agents for treatment of Bell Palsy

Study examines risk factors for cancer in unaffected breast of breast cancer patients

Study examines use of clinical and cost-effectiveness data for drug coverage decisions

Study finds biological clue in brain tumor development

Study finds citrus-derived flavonoid prevents obesity

Study finds extensive patient sharing among hospitals; could impact spread of infectious diseases

Study finds genetic link between sleep disorders and depression in young children

Study finds higher drug co-pays discourage patients from starting treatment

Study finds higher survival rate among intoxicated trauma patients

Study finds link between preeclampsia and reduced thyroid function

Study finds more effective treatment for pneumonia following influenza

Study finds MRSA in Midwestern swine, workers

Study finds multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacteria high in long-term care

Study finds no link between cognitive decline, socioeconomic status in elderly

Study finds promise in combined transplant/vaccine therapy for high-risk leukemia

Study finds rapid growth in health costs hurts economic performance of US industries

Study finds regular daily exercise does not increase total sleep time

Study finds reproductive health effects from low doses of bisphenol-A

Study finds 'rescue course' of antenatal steroids improves outcome in premature babies

Study finds surprisingly high rate of patients readmitted to hospital within a month

Study finds that tobacco companies changed design of cigarettes without alerting smokers

Study gives clues to how adrenal cancer forms

Study gives clues to increasing X-rays' power

Study helps unravel mysteries of brain’s endocannabinoid system

Study highlights lack of patient knowledge regarding hospital medications

Study identifies ‘good’ energy burning fat in lean adults

Study identifies biomarker that safely monitors tumor response to new brain cancer treatment

Study identifies how tamoxifen stimulates uterine cell growth and cancer

Study identifies potential fix for damaged knees

Study identifies potential 'safe period' for hormone replacement use

Study in pregnant women suggests probiotics may help ward off obesity

Study in Spain and Romania confirms radon as second leading cause of lung cancer

Study links folic acid supplements to asthma

Study links virus to some cases of common skin cancer

Study links water pollution with declining male fertility

Study makes first connection between heart disorder and Alzheimer's disease

Study of first wave of swine flu requires revised public health strategies

Study of huge numbers of genetic mutations point to oxidative stress as underlying cause

Study on origin of mutation that causes Fatal Familiar Insomnia

Study reveals 2/3 of prostate cancer patients do not need treatment

Study reveals an increase in long-term antidepressant drug use

Study reveals new role of vitamin C in skin protection

Study reveals publics' ignorance of anatomy

Study reveals why certain drug combinations backfire

Study says colorectal cancer increasing in young adults

Study says junk food makes kids fatter, but happier

Study sees transient heart dysfunction in some long-distance runners

Study shows 1 in 25 deaths worldwide attributable to alcohol

Study shows brief training in meditation may help manage pain

Study shows California's autism increase not due to better counting, diagnosis

Study shows cancer vaccines led to long-term survival for patients with metastatic melanoma

Study shows carvedilol is effective in preventing variceal bleeding in cirrhotic patients

Study shows how gene action may lead to diabetes prevention, cure

Study shows how Salmonella survives in environment

Study shows how substance in grapes may squeeze out diabetes

Study shows nearly 1/3 of human genome is involved in gingivitis

Study shows surgery provides good long-term outcomes for patients with gastrointestinal cancers

Study shows that allergic reactions to plavix can be treated with steroids and antihistamines

Study shows that exercise reduces migraine suffering

Study shows that sleep disturbances improve after retirement

Study spotlights efficacy of questionnaire to identify patients at high risk for lung cancer

Study suggests low, moderate alcohol use increases cancer risk

Study suggests mastectomy not being overused for breast cancer treatment

Study suggests new approach to common cause of blindness

Study supports validity of test that indicates widespread unconscious bias

Study tests the effect of ending ambulance diversion

Study tracks increasing use of CT on pregnant women

Study: Every 1.7 minutes a Medicare beneficiary experiences a patient safety event

Study: Excessive use of antiviral drugs could aid deadly flu

Study: Lower legal drinking age increases poor birth outcomes

Study: The new buzz on detecting tinnitus

Study: White wine can make tooth stains darker

Suboptimal care before age 65 may lead to higher medicare costs for previously uninsured adults

Sun exposure may trigger certain autoimmune diseases in women

'Sunshine vitamin' link to cognitive problems in older people

Super micro-surgery offers new hope for breast cancer patients with lymphedema

Supplementing babies' formula with DHA boosts cognitive development

Surgeon 'gluing' the breastbone together after open-heart surgery

Surgery improves survival for prostate cancer patients younger than 50

Surgery potentially best option for severe migraine headaches

Surgery remans an option for advanced lung cancer

Surgical implants coated with one of "nature's antibiotics" could prevent infection

Survey finds just 40 percent of adults 'absolutely certain' they will get H1N1 vaccine

Survey finds pain is common years after breast cancer surgery

Survival benefit from brain cancer regimen persists over time

Surviving sepsis program -- increased compliance gets results

Survivors of Hodgkin lymphoma may face increased risk of stroke

Sustainable interventions key to successful schistosomiasis control

Sweet -- sugared polymer a new weapon against allergies and asthma

Swine flu genes dissimilar to past pandemics

Swine flu: What does it do to pigs?

Swiss study finds income affects prostate cancer patients' survival

Switching off hunger hormone affects desire to drink

Synthetic HDL: A new weapon to fight cholesterol problems

Syphilis survey reveals need for accurate testing for early infection

System that regulates blood pressure is amiss in some healthy, young blacks

Taking certain antidepressants may cause return of breast cancer

Taking medicine for HIV proves hard to swallow for many people

Taking sharper aim at stomach ulcer bacteria

Targeted heat therapy offers new standard treatment option for soft tissue sarcoma

Targeted treatment shows promise for older patients with advanced leukemia

Targeting helpers of heat shock proteins could help treat cancer, cardiovascular disease

Targeting oxidized cysteine through diet could reduce inflammation and lower disease risk

Targeting the more lethal form of the cancer rhabdomyosarcoma

TAU develops new pocket-sized breath test to prevent an oral faux pas

Teaching autistic teens to make friends

Technique blocks a conditioned fear in humans

Temple researcher studies the effects of too much texting on college students

Teriparatide outperforms alendronate in treating steroid-induced osteoporosis

Test detects molecular marker of aging in humans

Test for hormones in blood not reflective of hormones in breast tissue; breast cancer risk

Test quickly assesses whether Alzheimer's drugs are hitting their target

Testicular tumors may explain why some diseases are more common in children of older fathers

Testing breast tumors may predict response to chemotherapy

Texas has nation’s highest rate of people without health insurance

TGen and ASU researchers find drug that could reduce risk of Alzheimer's

TGen researchers discover possible way to block the spread of deadly brain tumors

That late-night snack: Worse than you think

The American Academy of Periodontology issues statement on periodontal treatment during pregnancy

The battle for CRTC2: How obesity increases the risk for diabetes

The benefit of glinides in the treatment of type 2 diabetes is not scientifically proven

The cancer genome atlas project to map 20 tumor types

The cancer 'TRAP'

The consumption of melatonin, a natural hormone segregated by the own human body, regulates sleep better than somniferous

The culture of medicine

The disease markers that will aid arthritis research

The fancier the cortex, the smarter the brain?

The future of personalized cancer treatment: An entirely new direction for RNAi delivery

The future of schizophrenia

The heart attack myth: Study establishes that women do have same the heart attack symptoms as men

The heart disease mutation carried by 60 million

The hepatitis healing power of blueberry leaves

The making of mucus in common lung diseases

The more oral bacteria, the higher the risk of heart attack, ub study shows.

The paradox between recognizing importance of exercise for weight control and not exercising

'The pill' for him: Scientists find a hormonal on-and-off switch for male fertility

The problem with self-help books: study shows the negative side to positive self-statements

The promise of comprehensive cancer control

The public overestimates benefits of cancer screening, survey finds

The risk of developing deep vein thrombosis during a flight is often overestimated

The role of genetic factors in adult ADHD

The 'see food' diet

The use and misuse of alcohol and marijuana can be traced to a common set of genes

The way you eat may affect your risk for breast cancer

Think what you eat: Studies point to cellular factors linking diet and behavior

Third-hand smoke: Another reason to quit smoking

Thousands of new cancer diagnoses predicted, due to soaring use of CT

Three genes help breast cancer invade the brain

Three shorts from the January issue of Chest

Time (and PPAR-beta/delta) heals all wounds

Time to hepatitis C infection in injection drug users lengthening in developed countries

Tiny but toxic: MBL researchers discover a mechanism of neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's disease

Too much of a good thing? Scientists explain cellular effects of vitamin A overdose and deficiency

Too much sugar is bad, but which sugar is worse: Fructose or glucose?

Topical cream studied as way to treat skin cancer without the knife

Total knee replacements increase mobility and motor skills in older patients

Toward a fast, accurate urine test for pneumonia

Toward a long-sought saliva test for autism

Toward a urine test for diagnosing heart disease

Toward an explanation for Crohn's disease?

Toxicity mechanism identified for Parkinson's disease

Traditional risk assessment tools do not accurately predict coronary heart disease

Traffic exposure may have a triggering effect on heart attack

Traffic jam in brain causes schizophrenia symptomscells

Transmission of MRSA and Clostridium difficile through dogs

Transplant guide highlights daily infection risks from factors like pets and food

Treating addiction by eliminating drug-associated memories

Treating cluster headaches with high-flow oxygen appears effective

Treating gum disease helps rheumatoid arthritis sufferers

Treatment approaches for overactive bladder syndrome in women produce modest results

Treatment for acid reflux does not improve asthma

Treatment for epilepsy is a possible culprit for development of schizophrenia

Treatment for extreme nausea, vomiting during pregnancy

Treatment for pancreatic cancer may target tumor microenvironment

Treatment not testicular cancer poses greatest risk to survivors' long-term health

Treatment regimen extends survival for women with cervical cancer

Treatment vaccines for cancer perform well in clinical trials

Trends in melanoma incidence and stage at diagnosis vary by racial and ethnic group

Trial raises doubts over alternative pain therapy for arthritis

Triple therapy halves exacerbations in moderate-to-severe COPD

Tryptophan deficiency may underlie quinine side effects

Tuberculosis drugs under development expected to have major impact on the disease

Tumor size and level of visceral pleura invasion can impact survival of NSCLC patients

Tumor suppressor gene in flies may provide insights for human brain tumors

Twin study identifies factors associated with skin aging

Two studies examine medical consequences of police use of force during restraint

Two targeted therapies likely better than one in patients with aggressive lymphoma

Two treatment innovations improve heart function after heart attack

Two-pronged model could help foil tough cystic fibrosis infections

Typhoid fever cases in US linked to foreign travel

U of M researchers find 2 units of umbilical cord blood reduce risk of leukemia recurrence

U of M researchers find childhood cancer risk rises with mother's age

U of Minnesota researcher develops brain-scanning process that holds promise for epilepsy treatments

U.S. cancer screening trial shows no early mortality benefit from annual prostate cancer screening

UAB researchers link calorie intake to cell lifespan, cancer development

UC Davis researchers identify dominant chemical that attracts mosquitoes to humans

UC Davis study links smoking with most male cancer deaths

UCF discovery could open door to obesity, diabetes treatments

UCI researchers find new way to fight cocaine addiction

UCLA scientists find molecular switch to prevent Huntington's disease in mice

UCSF researchers identify two key pathways in adaptive response

UH sociologist has different perspective on obesity 'epidemic'

UK study finds meal replacements aid weight loss

ULORIC (febuxostat) demonstrated efficacy for management of hyperuricemia in patients with gout

Ultrasound can help low-risk patients avoid invasive thyroid biopsy

Ultrasound can predict tumor burden and survival in melanoma patients

UM scientists pinpoint critical molecule to celiac disease, possibly other autoimmune disorders

Unaware and at-risk

Understanding a common cold virus

Understanding human behavior

Undruggable cancer genes may not be invincible

Unexpectedly long-range effects in advanced magnetic devices

Unindicated CT series result in unnecessary radiation exposure for patients

Uninterrupted chest-compressions key to survival in cardiac arrest outside hospital setting

University of Hawaii at Manoa professors co-author adolescent obesity study

Up to 90 percent of US paper money contains traces of cocaine

Up to one in six older people living at home face malnutrition risk

Updated guidelines highlight primary care needs of those living with HIV

Urine screening test may one day predict coronary artery disease

Urine test may determine if a smoker is at risk for lung cancer

USC researchers identify 'regulatory' genetic sequences that may predict risk for prostate cancer

Use of acid-suppressive medications associated with increased risk of hospital-acquired pneumonia

Use of cannabinoids (marijuana) could help post-traumatic stress disorder patients

Using magnetism to turn drugs on and off

UT researcher: Interferon alpha can delay full onset of type I diabetes

UT Southwestern researchers discover brain's memory 'buffer' in single cells

UT Southwestern researchers find drug-coated stents less risky for heart bypass patients

Uterus sparing surgery is a safe and effective treatment for pelvic organ prolapse

UTMB study identifies women at higher risk of significant bone loss on injectable birth control

UTSA biology researchers demystify elusive war zone bacterium

Vaccination and testing for the human papilloma virus could eradicate cervical cancer

Vaccine to prevent urinary tract infections shows early promise

Vaccines and autism: many hypotheses, but no correlation

Vaccines have not curbed rate of ear infection complications

Validated colorectal cancer risk assessment tool available online

Variants in three genes account for most dog coat differences - Method for pinpointing gene combinations useful for studies of human disease

Variants in three genes account for most dog coat differences - Method for pinpointing gene combinations useful for studies of human disease

Variation in prostate stem cell antigen gene raises bladder cancer risk

Variations in 5 genes raise risk for most common brain tumors

Vegan Buddhist nuns have same bone density as non-vegetarians

Vertigo linked to osteoporosis

Viagra's other talents: Help a 'signaling' protein shield the heart from high blood pressure damage

Vibration plate machines may aid weight loss and trim abdominal fat

Video games linked to poor relationships with friends, family

Viral epidemics poised to go mobile

Virus responsible for deadly brain disease found in MS patients treated with natalizumab

Vision improvements persist one year after gene therapy for inherited blindness

Visual learners convert words to pictures in the brain and vice versa, says Penn psychology study

Vitamin B niacin offers no extra benefit to statin therapy in seniors already diagnosed with CAD

Vitamin C may reduce risk of gout

Vitamin D deficiency is widespread and on the increase

Vitamin D is the 'it' nutrient of the moment

Vitamin D levels linked to asthma severity

Vitamin D, curcumin may help clear amyloid plaques found in Alzheimer's disease

Waking up during surgery: Low-cost prevention?

Walnuts may prevent breast cancer

We spend more on products with detailed nutritional information

Weeding out marijuana: Researchers close in on engineering recognizable, drug-free Cannabis plant

Weight at birth tied to heart disease and diabetes risk in adulthood

Weight loss reduces incontinence in obese women, UCSF study shows

West Nile virus infection may persist in kidneys years after initial infection

West Nile virus studies show how star-shaped brain cells cope with infection

Wet ear wax and unpleasant body odors signal breast cancer risk

What are the characteristics of clarithromycin-resistant Helicobacter pylori?

What caused implantable venous access device failure in cancer patients?

What do blood stem cells need to grow? Blood flow

When is it safe to hire someone with a criminal record?

When it comes to brain damage, blankets take the place of drugs

When physical and mental health problems co-occur and money gets tight, which prescriptions go unfilled?

When the weather gets cold: Winter health problems

Where am I? How our brain works as a GPS device

Where’s the science? The sorry state of psychotherapy

Which is promising as therapeutic targets in patients with biliary tract cancer? EGFR or HER2?

White matter changes may predict dementia risk

Whiter laundry and a surprising new treatment for kids' eczema

WHO Bulletin: Checklists save lives

WHO surgical safety checklist

WHO surgical safety checklist: Starter kit

Why antidepressants don't work for so many

Why bladder cancer is deadlier for some

Why don’t brain tumors respond to medication?

Why fish oils help and how they could help even more

Why some vaccines may require a booster

Why the thumb of the right hand is on the left hand side

Why you can’t hurry love

Wide range of mental disorders increase the chance of suicidal thoughts and behaviors

Widowed facing higher mortality risk, MSU researcher finds

Wine in a box? Think "good" not "gauche"

Wine may provide radioprotective effect for breast cancer patients

Wistar-led research team discovers genetic pattern that indicates early-stage lung cancer

Within a cell, actin keeps things moving

Witnessing violence affects kids’ health

Women live longer, not better, largely because of obesity and arthritis

Women more likely to experience non-traditional stroke symptoms

Women more vulnerable to tobacco carcinogens, new results show

Women with breast cancer who consume soy food have lower risk of cancer recurrence

Women with chest pain less likely then men to get proper treatment from paramedics

Women with strong thigh muscles protected from symptomatic knee osteoarthritis

Words, gestures are translated by same brain regions, says new research: findings may further our understanding of how language evolved

Words, gestures are translated by same brain regions, says new research: findings may further our understanding of how language evolved

Working through the menopause

World-first swine-flu vaccine trial reveals one dose provides 'strong immune response'

World's first delivery of intra-arterial Avastin directly into brain tumor

World's largest DNA scan for autism uncovers new gene variant for disorder

Worries about paying bills can cause people to pack on pounds

Worth the effort? Not if you're depressed

Wrong type of help from parents could worsen child's OCD

Xie Lab uncovers molecular machinery related to stem cell fate

X-rays for early Alzheimer's disease detection

Yerkes researchers propose ambitious new strategies for AIDS vaccine research

Yerkes researchers use eye tracking to detect mild dementia in humans

Yes-associated protein: Early diagnosis of gastric carcinoma

You can't trust a tortured brain: Neuroscience discredits coercive interrogation

Young adults at future risk of Alzheimer's have different brain activity, says study

Young athletes need dual screening tests for heart defects, study suggests

Young men living at home with parents are more violent

Young men living at home with parents are more violent

Young women warned of lung cancer risks

Younger men with advanced prostate cancer have shorter survival times

Zero tolerance, zero effect


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