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The Medical Matrix Project

According the their Web site, The Medical Matrix Project is devoted to posting, annotating, and continuously updating "full content, unrestricted access, Internet clinical medicine resources." And that's what you'll find on the Medical Matrix site-- lists of links to Internet clinical medicine resources. If you're not into medical information you won't enjoy the site, but if you're into free, unrestricted access to medical information,categorized and ranked by an editorial board, you have found Nirvana.

Medical Matrix serves a target audience of United States physicians and healthworkers who are on the front line in prescribing treatment for disease conditions. For that population the Medical Matrix assigns ranks to Internet resources based on their utility for point-of-care clinical application. Quality, peer review, full content, multimedia features, and unrestricted access are emphasized in the rankings. If a site charges a fee it appears to lose a few points. If it isn't updated regularly or doesn't keep up with the competition, the folks at Medical Matrix aren't afraid to take a star or two away.

The Matrix is not without its problems. You have to register to use the site which undoubtedly keeps a busy practitioner at bay. Once you register you're thrown into a table that doesn't make much sense. If you click on a link in the table you're taken to another page with the same table at the top. You have to scroll down to find the Matrix's treasures. Although it's usually worth the trip, novices to the Web won't find the site easy to use.

Medical Matrix takes advertising on its site, which in and of itself isn't a problem. We're all accustomed to banner ads in this day and age. The concern comes when the Matrix rates a site. Can the Matrix remain unbiased if a large sum of money is thrown its way? The site purposely looks for advertiser interested in the medical population. Because of this, it remains difficult to know if the rankings on the site are truly unbiased.

If you have a medical information site that isn't ranked in the Matrix, the site has a pretty easy form and a liberal listing policy. Don't be discouraged if you only receive one star. There's some very tough competition on the site.

If you want bells and whistles and pretty graphics, this site is not for you. You'll be asleep after you follow the first hyperlink. If you want more than a ranked list of links, again, this site isn't for you. But if you're searching for professional level medical advice, an obscure medical foundation or a place to bookmark as a medical gateway to the Web, you could do much worse than using and believing in The Medical Matrix Project.

Visit the Medical Matrix at

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