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Volume 1 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    20-APR-2000      
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Hitting The Net:
An Example Of Web-Based CME At University Of Florida

According to its Web site, the mission of the University of Florida Continuing Medical Education Program is to provide practicing physicians with high quality educational experiences that impart new knowledge, teach new skills, and develop appropriate physician-patient relationships. Anyone visiting the site can see that they take the mission very seriously. If you're a physician in need of quick, free, CME remember this Web site

The site contains a very large and diverse library of various types of CME. For practical purposes, we're going to focus on the CME we explored, entitled "Medicine in the New Millenium -- Nothing but Net." The module was created in September, 1999 but is still very current and useful for today's physician. What's good about this CME is the slide presentation by Dr. Bruce Dan of the University of Florida. Health care providers, pay attention to this one. Dr. Dan includes current screen shots from AOL to Web MD familiarizing a novice or a pro to how each service looks and feels.

The lecture is adequate. It points out the perils and pitfalls of using the Web for physicians and patients. Nothing extremely new here. Just a jumping off spot for learning more about the 15,000 plus medical Web sites that are vying for your attention.

The module meets the accreditation standard of the ACCME Essentials. Physicians taking the course can claim 1 hour of category 1 credits toward an AMA Physician's Recognition Award. The University of Florida is responsible for the content, quality and scientific accuracy of their modules.

This is probably one of the best CME sites available. However, finding the modules, using the service, getting your credit hours are not quite as easy as they first appear. If you have real audio and some expertise, you'll be fine. But if you don't have a sound card and have never heard of real audio, you will want to stick to the paper CMEs that you can find in professional level journals such as JAMA.

Take the Medicine in the New Millenium -- Nothing but Net CME and see for yourself, or try another of the University of Florida's Continuing Medical Education Modules.

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