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Volume 1 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    28-April-2000      
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Proceed To Article The Good, The Bad And Testosterone.
This summer, Androgel, an easy to apply testosterone ointment, will become widely available to the more than four million men who need testosterone replacement therapy. Men with testosterone deficiency will finally get to leave the injections and difficult to apply patches in the medicine cabinet. Not all of the news is good. As it turns out, there isn't enough known about the actual physiology of testosterone. More...

Proceed To Article Testosterone, Brain & Behavior
Not much is known about the influence of male sex hormones on central nervous system functioning. A study at the NIH currently seeks volunteers to help examine the effects of testosterone on the brain.

Proceed To Article Androgel ® Prescribing Info
Androgel ® promises to become a heavily prescribed medication. Because patients will have questions, Viddya presents information from the drug's US distributor, Unimed. Androgel's package insert contains important data on the clear, odorless gel. You'll find everything from pharmacokinetics to prescribing information and more.
Proceed To Article The American Hospital Directory
Health care administrators, information specialists, medical product manufacturers or anyone engaged in business with hospitals should know about the American Hosptial Directory (AHD). The AHD provides online data on most hospitals in the US and includes everything from patient utilization data to costs and charges. More...

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