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Proceed To Article Using Electronic Mail For Patient Communication
Electronic mail has now matured into a must-have communication tool. Using e-mail to its utmost takes time, commitment and organization. There are guidelines available to help practitioners use this method of communication to enhance the value of the provider-patient relationship. Does e-mail assist or complicate patient communication? More...

Proceed To Article A Look At The American Medical Transcriptionists Guild
Medical transcriptionists are an often unseen and unheard of portion of the health care workforce. The American Medical Transcriptionists Guild represents a dedicated core of transcriptionists who wish to preserve the craft of transcription. The Web site of the American Medical Transcriptionists Guild is an excellent place to learn more about this dedicated group of professionals.

Proceed To Article Descending From Seven
A geneticist from Oxford University claims to have found that all Europeans have descended from seven matriarchal groups. The researcher analyzed 6,000 mitochondrial DNA samples and found seven disctinct lineages. More...
Proceed To Article The Practice Guideline Clearing House
Insurance companies, nurses, physicians, university medical schools and libraries are developing collections of clinical practice guidelines designed to standardize medical care. Because the guidelines come from many different organizations, the National Institutes of Health have developed the National Guideline Clearinghouse as a place for institutions to submit and access an ever-growing library of these guidelines.

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