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NIH Funds Women's Health Research
The NIH Focuses Its Researchers On Issues Of Women's Health

Proceed To Article DNA Blueprint Of Deadly Cholera Bacterium Unveiled
As reported in this week's issue of the journal Nature, scientists have determined the entire order of paired chemical building blocks that make up the DNA of the deadly cholera bacterium, an ancient infectious foe. The comma-shaped microbe, Vibrio cholerae, causes a severe diarrheal disease that has been endemic in southern Asia for at least 1,000 years. More...

Proceed To Article Information For Patients: Frequently Asked Questions About Cholera
Although cholera can be life-threatening, it is easily prevented and treated. In the United States, because of advanced water and sanitation systems, cholera is not a major threat; however, everyone, especially travelers, should be aware of how the disease is transmitted and what can be done to prevent it. More...

Proceed To Article Federal Funds Support Expansion Of Research In Women's Health
In a major new effort to stimulate women's health research across a variety of disciplines, the National Institutes of Health announced it will fund 11 awards to support development of new research in women's health. The NIH seeks to increase the number of researchers working on women's health issues and to mentor junior researchers in an interdisciplinary scientific setting by pairing them with senior investigators. More...

Proceed To Article More About Women's Health - Facts About The Women's Health Initiative (WHI)
The WHI is one of the largest studies of its kind ever undertaken in the US and involves more than 40 centers nationwide and 162,000 American women, ages 50-79, about 18 percent from minority groups. Enrollment in the study began in 1993 and ended in 1998. The first results from the WHI should be released in 2005. More...

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FDA Issues Final Guidance On Reuse Of Single-Use Medical Devices
FDA today issued final guidance on the practice of reusing medical devices intended to be used only once. The guidance is designed to protect the public health by assuring that the practice of reprocessing and reusing "single-use" medical devices is based on good science, while ensuring that the regulatory requirements are equitable to all parties. More...

Get The Guide - Enforcement Priorities for Single-Use Devices Reprocessed by Third Parties and Hospitals

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