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Volume 1 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    26-September-2000      
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Man & scale
200,000 individuals will take part in the largest prospective study of weight and health ever undertaken.

Proceed To Article Major Prospective Study Of The Relationship Between Weight And Health Gets Underway
Yesterday, the start of the largest-ever prospective study of the relationship between weight and health got underway. The study will be tracked through a clinical registry that will eventually contain weight, health, quality of life and lifestyle information on up to 200,000 people across the country. More...

Proceed To Article Risedronate Reduces The Incidence Of Gastric Ulcers In Healthy Postmenopausal Women--Relative To Alendronate Sodium
A McMaster University endoscopy study found in the September issue of Gastroenterology shows that risedronate sodium reduced the incidence of gastric ulcers in healthy, postmenopausal women relative to another osteoporosis therapy, alendronate sodium. The research demonstrated that gastric ulcers developed in three times as many participants treated with alendronate as those treated with risedronate. More...

Proceed To Article Teens, Women, And Whites More Vulnerable Than Others To Becoming Nicotine-Dependent
An analysis of the data from the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse interviews with 22,292 smokers showed that adolescents, women, and whites are particularly vulnerable to developing nicotine-dependence symptoms, according to the researchers who published their findings in the September issue of Nicotine and Tobacco Research. More...

Proceed To Article Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment: A Research-Based Guide
A variety of scientifically based approaches to drug addiction treatment exists. Drug addiction treatment can include behavioral therapy (such as counseling, cognitive therapy, or psychotherapy), medications, or their combination. More...

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Prescribing Information - Actonel (Risedronic Acid)
Actonel is indicated in the treatment of established postmenopausal osteoporosis: to reduce the risk of vertebral fractures. It may also be used in the prevention of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women with increased risk of osteoporosis and to maintain or increase bone mass in postmenopausal women undergoing long-term (more than 3 months), systemic corticosteroid treatment at doses of 7.5mg/day prednisone or equivalent. Get the full prescribing information...

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