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Shorter AZT treatment effectively reduces maternal-child transmission of HIV.

Proceed To Article Shorter AZT Treatment Reduces Mother To Child HIV Transmission As Well As Longer Treatment But For Less Cost
A shorter course of AZT therapy than currently prescribed for HIV-infected pregnant women may allow women in developing countries to afford the treatment that can reduce their babies' chances of contracting AIDS, but at a much lower cost, according to a study in the October 5 New England Journal of Medicine. More...

Proceed To Article Prescribing Information For AZT - Currently Known As Retrovir ® (Zidovudine)
AZT has undergone a name change by the company that manufactures the drug. The name is now known as Retrovir® and it is produced in many forms by Glaxo-Wellcome. Get the complete prescribing in formation in today's Vidyya More...

Proceed To Article New Direction For HIV Therapy/Research - Boost The Immune System, Take The Patient Off Medication
Bruce Walker, an immunology researcher and AIDS treatment specialist from Massachusetts General found himself on the cover of the Wall Street Journal this week when the journal reported the results of his 8-patient study. The study has big research ramifications. Dr. Walker's group treated a group of very recently infected HIV patients with drugs. The drugs were stopped when the virus was held in check, and the immune system of the patients developed a vigorous response. In most of the eight patients, the virus remained under control-without benefit of medication. More...

Proceed To Article Silicone Breast Implants Are Not Linked To Breast Cancer Risk
In one of the largest studies on the long-term health effects of silicone breast implants, researchers from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Bethesda, Md., found no association between breast implants and the subsequent risk of breast cancer. The study is published in the November issue of Cancer Causes and Control. More...

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October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Mammography Screening Day Is October 20
National Mammography Day, the third Friday in October each year is National Mammography Day, first proclaimed by President Clinton in 1993. On this day, or throughout the month, radiologists provide discounted or free screening mammograms. In 1999, more than 2,200 American College of Radiology (ACR) accredited facilities took part. To help provide you with additional information regarding mammography screening in the community, Vidyya is pleased to offer this report, Reaching Women for Mammography Screening: Successful Strategies of National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). More...

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