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Volume 1 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    24-October-2000      
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Protect patients from infectious disease with a handout from the CDC, available in today's Vidyya

Proceed To Article FDA Approves New Implanted Hearing Device
The FDA today approved a new brain stem implant designed to restore some hearing in people who experience total hearing loss when the removal of tumors damages their cranial hearing nerves. More...

Proceed To Article Insurance Coverage Does Not Guarantee Access To High-Quality Health Care Services
Ensuring that Americans have insurance coverage will not necessarily ensure that they have access to high-quality health care services. AHRQ Director John M. Eisenberg, M.D., and Elaine J. Power, M.P.P, now with the National Forum for Healthcare Quality Measurement and Reporting, identified seven obstacles to guaranteeing high-quality health care. Find out what they are in today's Vidyya. More...

Proceed To Article Program Of Comprehensive Follow-Up Care Reduces Life-Threatening Illnesses And Improves Outcomes For Inner City High-Risk Infants
Implementing a program of comprehensive neonatal follow-up care after hospital discharge for inner city, high-risk infants reduces life-threatening illnesses and appears to reduce costs. More...

Proceed To Article State Primary Care Scholarship Programs Play Major Role In U.S. Health Care Safety Net
State-sponsored scholarship, loan forgiveness, and similar programs now support a primary care workforce comparable in size to that fielded by better known federal programs such as National Health Service Corps. More...

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Information For Patients - Facts About Infectious Disease
Get this brochure from the CDC for your patients. The information details seven steps that individuals can take to protect themselves from infectious diseases. More...

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