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Volume 1 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    05-May-2000      
Issue 22 Next Update - 14:00 UTC 08:00 EST    06-May-2000      

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Proceed To Article US Prescription Drug Markets May Yield To Foreign Price Pressures
HR 1885, a bill pending in the US Congress, is bi-partisan legislation that would open up the business of FDA-approved prescription drugs to the competitive market. It would allow Americans to purchase prescription drugs at the same prices as the people in Canada, Mexico, Europe and throughout the world. More...

Proceed To Article Hepatitis C - Prevention & Control
Vidyya's focus on hepatits in conjunction with Hepatitis Awareness Month continues with a look at Recommendations for Prevention and Control of the Hepatitis C Virus. These recommendations are intended to serve as a resource for health-care professionals, public health officials, and organizations involved in the development, delivery, and evaluation of prevention and clinical services.

Proceed To Article HTLV, HIV & Hepatitis Test Kits
The widespread availability of viral test kits for HIV, HTLV and hepatitis is relatively new. In some cases, practitioners may not be familiar with the various types that are on the market. Keep this Vidyya as a reference.    More...
Proceed To Article Dear Doctor Letter - Genentech Inc.'s Herceptin
Genentech Inc.'s announced on Thursday that it was sending "Dear Doctor" letters to physicians concerning its breast cancer drug Herceptin. The FDA believes the drug to be safe despite reports of 15 deaths linked to reactions to the treatment. Read Dear Doctor...

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