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Proceed To Article News From BMJ
The hypothesis that multiple vaccinations might be the root cause of Gulf War Syndrome failed to pass muster in a recent clinical trial. Also, intensive control of blood glucose levels in type two diabetes mellitus is cost effective in the long-term. Finally, paying attention to patient preference in the treatment for atrial fibrillation can mean fewer written prescriptions for warfarin. More...

Proceed To Article Misdiagnoses Of Tuberculosis Resulting From Poor Laboratory Technique
Eleven people in New Jersey received unnecessary drug treatment for tuberculosis, when their TB test results were positive as a result of laboratory cross-contamination. Through DNA fingerprinting of the TB specimens, CDCís National Tuberculosis Genotyping and Surveillance Network found that samples from 11 previously reported TB cases were caused by a strain of TB that does not cause the disease in humans. More....

Proceed To Article Why Monkeys Drink
Can future drinking be predicted by the response to stress during infancy? Just ask monkeys. According to results from the first study to determine if drinking behavior can be predicted, monkeys demonstrating a high cortisol response to stress during their infancies were more likely than their peers to drink alcohol as adults. Read Why Monkeys Drink.
Proceed To Article Herbal Remedy May Have A Legitimate Role In Treating Prostate Cancer
PC-SPES, a Chinese herbal compound containing eight different herbs, significantly decreases prostate-specific antigen levels in men with prostate cancer. While researchers admit they don't understand the mechanism by which the remedy works, they do laud the compound as promising. Read Herbal Remedy May Have A Legitimate Role In Treating Prostate Cancer.

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