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Volume 1 Published - 14:00 UTC    08:00 EST    03-Jun-2000      
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Proceed To Article Healthy People 2010, Includes Vision Objectives For The First Time
For the first time, vision objectives have been included in Healthy People 2010, a national disease prevention initiative that identifies opportunities to improve the health of all Americans. More...

Proceed To Article From Health People 2010 - Chapter 28 Vision & Hearing
Among the five senses, people depend on vision and hearing to provide the primary cues for conducting the basic activities of daily life. At the most basic level, vision and hearing permit people to navigate and to stay oriented within their environment. More....

Proceed To Article The Most Effective Way To Teach Reading?
In the largest, most comprehensive evidenced-based review ever conducted of research on how children learn reading, a Congressionally mandated independent panel has concluded that the most effective way to teach children to read is through instruction that includes a combination of methods. Read The Best Way to Teach Reading?.
Proceed To Article Why Children Succeed Or Fail At Reading
Most children will learn to read, no matter what method is used to teach them. But unless they receive special help, at least 20 percent of them cannot master this simple task that the rest of us take for granted. Their difficulty is painfully obvious when they try to read out loud. Children with reading difficulties stop and start frequently, mispronouncing some words and skipping others entirely. More...

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