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Proceed To Article New Developments In The Fight Against TB

Scanning electron micrograph of mycobacterium tuberculosis

A government agency and a drug company join hands in a new partnership to develop a new tuberculosis drug. More...

Proceed To Article Tuberculosis Fact Sheet
Tuberculosis (TB), a chronic bacterial infection, causes more deaths worldwide than any other infectious disease. TB is spread through the air and usually infects the lungs, although other organs are sometimes involved. Some 2 billion people — one-third of the world's population — are infected with the TB organism, Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Particularly alarming is the increase in the number of people with multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB), caused by M. tuberculosis strains resistant to two or more drugs. Even with treatment, the death rate for MDR-TB patients is 40 to 60 percent, the same as for TB patients who receive no treatment.


Proceed To Article FDA Issues Permanent Injunction Against Cal-Test Diagnostics, Inc.
The Food and Drug Administration announced that Cal-Test Diagnostics, Inc., of Chino, Calif., has agreed to stop making and selling its in-vitro diagnostic test kits until delinquencies are rectified. Cal-Test makes and sells numerous types of in-vitro diagnostic test kits, including several types of HIV, hepatitis and pregnancy tests. Most have not been approved or cleared by FDA. More...
Proceed To Article Hospitals And Insurance Companies Are Claiming A Larger Share Of Personal Injury Settlements
The July issue of SmartMoney may cause readers to examine the fine print in their insurance polices, looking for the word subrogation, a process that allows a health plan get reimbursed for its costs if members collect on personal-injury suits.More...

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