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Proceed To Article Fighting Asthma With New Vacuum Cleaners, Mattress and Pillow Covers
As part of an effort to reduce their asthma symptoms, new, filter-style vacuum cleaners are being delivered to 150 Detroit families in the first wave of Community Action Against Asthma. The project id funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the Environmental Protection Agency, and carried out by local agencies and organizations in partnership with the University of Michigan. More...

Proceed To Article Asthma And Its Environmental Triggers
Allergic asthma affects about 3 million children (8 to 12 percent of all children) and 7 million adults in the United States at a cost estimated at $6.2 billion a year. Asthma episodes, or attacks - with tightness in the chest and difficult breathing - often can be managed with drugs delivered by small pumps that patients carry, but they sometimes strike with life-threatening severity requiring emergency hospital treatment to forestall death. More...

Proceed To Article A Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy Of A Different Kind
A higher percentage of cancer patients than previously imagined are taking alternative medicines in conjunction with their conventional treatments. The problem, according to ABC News health reporter, Robin Eisner, and the Journal of Clinical Oncology, is that the patients are not discussing their use of alternative medications with their physicians, and their physicians aren't asking any questions either. The result is an odd, unspoken, don't ask, don't tell policy that may result in patients getting hurt. More...
Proceed To Article Pain Free Tattoos
Two companies in Atlanta, Georgia are currently seeking a patent on a new way of using tiny explosive charges to deliver drugs and/or remove blood. The system uses a blunt probe tipped with a pyrotechnic mixture. An explosion produced by the probe creates a tiny opening in the skin through which fluids-including drugs or tattoo dyes-can be delivered. More...

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