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Proceed To Article Genetic Information And The Workplace
Recent advances in genetic research have made it possible to identify the genetic basis for human diseases, opening the door to individualized prevention strategies and early detection and treatment. These advances hold much promise for improving health. However, genetic information can also be used unfairly to discriminate against or stigmatize individuals on the job. More...

Proceed To Article Twenty Questions About DNA Sequencing
These twenty questions (and their answers) help to get to the heart of what is meant by "DNA sequencing." The questions cover everything from a brief definition of DNA to the cost of the Human Genome Project. More...

Proceed To Article Chronic Myeloid Leukemia - An Example Of The Findings From DNA Studies
Complete set of chromosomes from a leukemia patient
Proceed To Article Medicare To Be Dropped By HMOs
At least 711,000 elderly and disabled Americans would be jettisoned by HMOs planning to close their doors to Medicare beneficiaries next year, an industry group says. HMOs say Medicare payment limits and regulations enacted by Congress in recent years have made serving senior citizens cumbersome and unprofitable. More...

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