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Addiction Journals



Addiction Abstracts Online  
Addiction Biology  
Addiction Research and Theory  
Addiction Treatment Forum  
Addictive Behaviors  
Alcohol Alerts  
Alcohol and Alcoholism  
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Weekly  
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research  
American Journal of Addictions  
American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse  
Brown University Digest of Addiction Theory and Application  
Care Management Journals  
Drug and Alcohol Dependence  
Drug and Alcohol Review  
Drug dependence, Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism  
Drugs: Education, Prevention & Policy  
European Addiction Research  
International Journal of Drug Policy  
International Journal of Drug Testing  
Journal of Addictive Diseases  
Journal of Studies on Alcohol  
Journal of Substance Abuse  
Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment  
Journal of Substance Use  
Nicotine & Tobacco Research  
Psychology of Addictive Behaviors  
Substance Abuse  
Substance Use & Misuse  
Tobacco Control  
Trastornos Adictivos  


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